24. [Altora] Life’s Biggest Chance/Middle (3)

The fact that “Divine Silver Sword” was made possible by Marge lending an extraordinary number of skills was something that was hard to believe. But looking at Altora’s abominable state, no one could deny it.

At this point, Gordon clearly realized that this was an abnormal situation, and shouted to Tina at the back.

「Tina! Use to heal Altora!」

Tina trembled and timidly held her hands to the front.

「, activate…!」

Nothing happened. Altora’s wounds, which normally would have healed completely in a second, were left exposed.

「, activate. Activate! No… my angel power is gone after all… O’ Heavens, what sin have I committed! Aaaaaaahhhhhh…」

Tina collapsed while holding her face.

「T-This is not the time to be crying! Altora is…」


Several times the flew in the wrong direction and fell at Eria’s feet. Eria crouched down and looked at Altora, who was covered in mud.

「E-Eria… use ancient

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