23. [Altora] Life’s Biggest Chance/Middle (2)

「We will now be unveiling the combat skills of our hero, the “Divine Silver Sword”. Please display the special skill that captured the “Abyss Where Evil Comes From”.」

The man in black, who is said to be Duke Abiku’s butler, began the ceremony as such

Even if the custom is to slay monsters in the audience of a noble, there is no way a noble would venture into the dungeon. It is instead customary to deal with monsters captured and brought in by A-class adventurers.

Considering Altora’s current situation, the ideal situation would be to have all the important monsters gathered in one spot. For example, there are enemies such as the four-armed magic ape and the great magic orangutan, which can be defeated with a single blow of the sword landed on a vital point. Even if he can’t see anything, he’ll probably be able to cut them down depending on

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