28. Wolf’s Hidden Village

Where is Shizuku? Our daughter.

She must not come back. The will of the “enemy” is at work in “The Farthest Ends of the Blue”.

No, I can’t die. Not until I tell that girl the name of the one who devours everything.

The name of the enemy is――.


「A long time ago, the werewolves who were chased away in a war.」

As the surrounding scenery changed from grassland to a forest of shrubs, Shizuku began telling us the history that her parents taught her.

「The men, the old, and the sick all fought and died. Those who fled were women, children, and small tribes unfit for battle. Some fled far away, but… werewolves can only live in this land. Due to that line of thinking, my grandparents were the ones who remained.」

「To the mountains, huh…」

Endemic skill . For these people, whose skill is rooted in the land, this land has more meaning than a

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