38. Wolf’s Hidden Village -11

「Will you please be our king?」

For a moment, I didn’t understand what I just heard.

King? Me?

Of the werewolf race?

「Asagi-san, I am sorry for saying this, but… after almost losing your family and tribe, it is possible to have lost your presence of mind at the moment. I just arrived here today.」

「No, this is our collective will.」

The villagers around us kept silent, raising no objections. It doesn’t seem to be a lie.

「Marge-dono, do you know the law of the werewolf tribe?」

「Don’t use your power for your own sake, you should use it for someone else’s sake. I heard that from Shizuku.」

And Shizuku was putting it into practice. Even if she was forced to eat poisonous grass.

「You possess great power, yet you used it for our benefit. Not only that, but you tried to return the jewel to us generously.」

Asagi spread his hand and pointed to the people around. The

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