Chapter 314

Chapter 314: It has been said since the olden times that one can rise early thrice, but it is the one-hit sure kill which is important.

Day 76 – Morning, the Capital Souvenir Store Orphanage Branch

A refreshing morning. Even ancient proverbs say『Early riser can do three people』or『Make fortune come while it’s still asleep』. [1] Yeah, I’ve paid them back twofold for yesterday. Well, since there are two of them, it’s actually 1.5fold? Probably?

And in such a refreshing morning there are two peerless beauties with blush on their drool and tears and other fluid-covered beautiful faces with wide open eyes staring into an empty space, or rather, pretty much completely rolled back? Their mouths, twisted in something resembling a wide smile like they are out of their minds… have their tongues sticking out? Tehepero? Their beautiful and luscious bodies, soaked in sweat, are weakly convulsing, as they are lying on top of the bed in no condition to even speak anymore. Yeah, yesterday they did something even more crazy to me? So Vengeance Is Mine, or rather, I had plenty of right to retaliation. I won.

「Now, it’s a refreshing morning, but certain someones are lying with rolled back eyes, or rather dilated pupils, or rather the eyes wide open and out of focus, or rather the focus totally lost and missing on the way to heaven, or rather someone who went all the way to seventh heaven? Putting that aside, such a refreshing morning and awakening calls for a healthy breakfast, but it seems that someone might need mushrooms before they will be able to eat, so here you go.(*Nom/Nom*)」

I’m sure payback will be insanely crazy, but for now, victory is victory. I’m sure I won’t be allowed to escape with my win and day after day is going to be filled with combat, but there is no end to Highschool Boy’s battle. Yeah, conflict is a cruel thing.

Now, while there is a colossal downpour of some amazing Flat Gaze in the morning, the weather is great, I guess loud screams in the morning were a problem? How improper of the young ladies, what do we even do with them?

「「「「「Having fun in the morning, huh!」」」」」

Power up effects from the Staff of the World Tree were terrific. I’m currently wearing it transformed into a ring. Its powers instantly rendered the two of the Dungeon Emperor class into a writhing, out of their minds, mess. Mastery of 『Tentacles』has reached its utmost limit, and with the application of 『Lewd Arts』and『Sex King』with『Magic Wrap』synergy produced unimaginable results.

(((This.. .Isn’t alright? Isn’t it?)))

(I thought… I’m going, to die? I went, insane, and died, but undead?)

(…The most terrifying Sex King. The Demon King of Lewd Arts has descended. Forced invitation… to the hell of superb Lewd Arts.)

(((…Sex King has gotten even stronger!)))

For some reason, a girls-only meeting started in the morning, with the girls falling down while holding their noses? Aah, they must be impatient for the ball to begin. They had lots of fun, practicing like crazy since yesterday. Their faces are all red too?

 「「「「Good morning.」」」」

The orphans have also gathered after washing their faces. Coming to the dining table in a big crowd they are now awaiting the food. Therefore, it’s time for me to show my new power!

Instantly cooking, and shaping rice into rice balls inside the space controlled by『Holding』I put them on the table. New corn potage has also joined the party, lining up and raising steam from the plates, followed by sizzling bacon and eggs that jump on everyone’s plates as soon as they are done, with a rain of cabbage and mushroom salad, minced by Magic Hands, pouring into a bowl. As I thought, I’ve gotten remarkably faster at this.

「W-W-What is this ultra high-speed cooking! It’s even faster than before.」

「Ha-Haruka-kun’s girl power is… I-Impossible to measure?」

「And he has got even better at cooking on top of that?! W-what kind of a monster is he?!」

「「「「Looks delicious! Let’s dig in!」」」」

A short while ago the orphans have finally started to eat food normally. They finally stopped crying even when they had tasty food every day. They finally began to think of this as normal, but they still remain big crybabies.

Until now, they were eating while going『Is this a dream?』or『I can’t believe』in tears, and according to the girls, they were also crying from happiness in bath.

After all, they were living in extreme poverty the entire time, relying only on each other to survive. Such a little bit of happiness is only natural, entirely expected, and so obvious that it’s totally not enough? It seems like the orphans are yet to understand the true path of ripping off, but they can learn it later at the Frontier. Take back everything that was taken from you, and then also take excessive profits and additional interest, and while at it take everything else, claiming that it’s a commission fee, plundering anything and everything, that is the proper way of ripping off. That’s why this much is not enough at all.

And the souvenir store is closed today. Adjustments will be required before the ball. I’ve finished adjusting the clothes, so it’s time to readjust my own abilities. Having thought so, I head to the large underground hall, and for some reason, Armored Pres-san and Dancing Girl-san tagged along with very delighted smiles. Yeah, they look happy… Looks like the chain of revenge is going to continue!

Slowly adjusting my breathing, I then relax, and envelop myself with『Magic Wrapping』, making it one with my body. The sensation is clearly different from before. I can sense and understand detailed changes and abilities. In other words, when I move, I get an alert screaming that it’s dangerous. Well, no other choice but to probe for the ways to cope by accumulating information and experience while getting destroyed. Ah, that one snapped?

「Then, I’m coming, please go soft on me? Why are you shaking your head so hard even before I finish? Just how much do you hate the softness!? A bit of softness wouldn’t hurt, or rather that soft squishiness holds the key to a dazzling wonderland, with the land of beauty lying on the other side of those wonderful thighs… Guwaaah.」

Battle started.

Looks like they were outraged by the surprise attack this morning, and were waiting for the opportunity to give me a good beating under the name of sermon. Their over motivated eagerness is giving me chills. Yeah, looks like to go to the dance party I first will have to survive the dance of death. I mean, even Dancing Girl-san is warming up?

As I pour mana into the staff and spin it around, my body immediately begins making creaking sounds. Even so, I need this power… Without it, I will be overwhelmed and ravaged again, just like yesterday!

The body begins to move, obeying my will. Synching my body, mind, and magic power to match my breathing, I’m reborn.

Stepping forward with a breath, the flow of the world becomes heavy, dense, and viscous. Time axis has shifted, and the world is becoming slower than myself.

She is smiling… Armored Pres-san is smiling with delight. Yeah, there is a smile on her face, but her eyes are scaring me!

Both of us swayed, and following that, vanished, without leaving even an afterimage.

Just like a mirage, if you can see her, she is not there, I can’t react in time if I rely on my eyes, so instead of that I Observe.

I observe what I see with my eyes, what I can’t see, future possibilities, everything at once. Wrapping『Magic Eye』,『God Eye』,『Future Sight』,『Wisdom Eye』,『Imitation』all at once I observe.

Optimally controlling the body, as if I’m swimming in heavy water depths, I operate it with the utmost accuracy. I accelerate simply striving for the fastest, most optimal, limitlessly close to ideal course of motions.

With『Limit Break』removing their limiters, the skills are rampaging, destroying and restoring my body, as I’m steering back under control mixing and blending them with each other. Like in a weird merry-go-round they keep rushing about in circles, stirring, transforming, and reacting with each other.

Repeatedly slashing, hacking, cutting, and cleaving, I just keep going through a slash after slash after slash. Dancing, making a circle, hopping, making a circle, we are hopping in a dance, making a circle.

It makes sense that Armored Pres-san is that good at waltz. That was simply a swordless sword dance, and now it’s a waltz with a sword (beating).

Powerful slashes flicker and sparks scatter, moving like in a dance we slash at each other. A series of ultra-high-speed attacks transforms into an elegant dance in slow motion of accelerated thought, with slashes repeating one after another like in a dance performed in a fully transparent water.

The deadly dance continues without end. The dance shows no signs of slowing down as attacks are endlessly flying around. Well, in other words, I’m getting the hell beaten out of me the very moment I’ll stop moving? Yeah, my 『Future Sight』 can see infinite possibilities of beating awaiting me in the future. Potential possibilities spread infinitely like a kaleidoscope, presenting an infinite, rich and boundless possibilities of future beating… Yeah, there is nothing but beatings?

(*Thud Thud*!)

(Jiggle Jiggle!)

I’ve fully and utterly lost the sense of time. While the beating felt like an eternity, it also felt like a brief moment between one instant and another. Well, I’ve been getting beaten for an eternity-like moment. I’m definitely exacting my revenge tonight!

「Next is me.」

Dancing Girl is still level 1. So since accidentally hitting her might be too dangerous I had her pull out 『Ancient Sarcophagus』and equip it, but then… She became a heavy armored great shield knight? She seemed dissatisfied with that, so she went to Armored Pres-san and began adjusting the design of the armor while looking at 『Silver Plate Armor』… Well, it’s a lewd armor now. It transforms before my very eyes into a lovely armor that reveals the body line.

「Preparation. Complete. Coming.」

Hiding behind the greatshield she is swinging her sword up and down, left and right. She is wielding a sword with a peculiar scythe-like curve, khopesh, and aiming to utilize that curve to its utmost, she is dancing while hiding behind her shield, while swiping with it at me, trying to grab or hook my weapon like with a talon, making for quite a nasty technique.

With a diverse and extremely varied footwork on top of high-speed movement, she is using her sword in a fluid and unrestrained manner. I didn’t expect a high-speed, irregularly-moving evasion-type tank with a greatshield!

On top of that, the greatshield is spinning. Before I could figure out if the greatshield is spinning by itself or if the Dancing Girl is making cartwheels with it, a sword slashed at me from a weird angle, appearing from where I least expected it.

This is already troublesome as it is, but there are also chains and another sword on top of that. With her super irregular high-speed attacks from behind the shield it’s like fighting thousand-armored Kannon in full armor. There is no opening at all.

And even if I were to use 『Air Walk』 to jump over her, she instantly closes the distance and pushes me with the shield. And at point-blank range I can’t see her behind the giant shield at all, which messes with predictions from 『Future Sight』.

But it’s about time.

「Then, I’m coming~, no complaints later, okay? I mean, it’s a troublesome skill already has tons of claims filed against it? Or rather 『Random Attack』?」

Instantly zooming towards the shield I simply swing my staff horizontally. Halting for a brief instant, Dancing Girl then immediately looked back, and turning the shield launched a few dozen chains in a counter attack. Splendid… But attacks made from Random Attack evade interception by『Teleporting』to make a direct hit. Yeah, that one can’t be blocked, you know?

「Cowardly, cheating, unfair!」

Dancing Girl-san is dissatisfied? Well, no one would be able to accept it. However, even in her current weakened state, being level 1 and all, she almost managed to defend from an attack launched from behind after『Teleportation』. From my instantaneous attack from『Teleportation』, despite having 5 times less SpE stat, and seeing it for the first time.

Random Attack is going to lose it’s effectiveness very soon. As I thought, I can’t beat Dungeon Emperor, even if they are level 1. After all, that『Ancient Sarcophagus』serving as her shield and armor is a super cheat among cheaters that was undamaged even after taking my Dimension Slash at maximum power.

「Or rather, it’s almost noon, so how about changing clothes and going into the town after a meal? What was the original plan? Kill time until evening and then kill the King? Well, since we were called we’ll see once we get there, or rather let’s go.」

Well, once the ball is over we are going to return, and we should be able to raise Dancing Girl’s level even on the way to the Frontier. There were 32 of us when we left the Frontier, but we are going back with a quite larger crowd.


[TL Notes:
[1] The first one is Haruka’s mutation of 「早起きは三文の徳」, which is the English counter-part to “The early bird gets the worm”.
The original proverb for the second one is「果報は寝て待て」, roughly means “Fortune comes to those who sleep and wait”.

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