The Loner Who Conquers the Other World Chapter 1 Part 1



Translator: Daoist Black     Editor: Ryunakama

Will the High School Boy who transports to Another World, Dream of a Deliveryman?

First Day – Classroom.

Reading a book.

It’s my usual routine during lunch break. Don’t call me a loner! Although, I won’t deny it.

I’m surprised, the normies around me ~ have so many topics to talk about, it’s impressive at this point. It’s a second-year-class but all I can hear from their conversations is ridiculous. Despite all of that there was still a guy who was fiddling with his phone, who seemingly has not made any connections. To top it off, he sat in the middle of the classroom so he was subject to sounds from all around him, also there seemed to be more people in the classroom than usual. Why are you all gathering in this classroom? Was there something interesting here?

I continued to read. It would be fine to say that I started reading when I was a child. It started with picture books and then became all sorts of books.

You would assume that if you read this much then your eyesight will get worse but it won’t worsen to the point where you would need glasses.

My eyesight got worse because I’m such a book addict? Mind your own business!

Regardless, it’s sad that I can’t focus on reading my book. In such a problem-filled class, why must a normal student like me be in it? Silence, be quiet, shut up you normies.

Huh? Something is…here?…Coming? What is this feeling? Wait…huh!

The classroom floor began to shine, a circle and words combined with some geometric figure looking thing emits light……wait, a magic formation? It’s a magic formation. Ah…this is that.

Without a doubt. On the contrary, if this was some surprise math test, I would be more surprised at my math teacher.

By the time that thought came into my head, my body was already moving. Towards the back door, it won’t open, I kick it but it does not break. I throw the chair near me at the window, it doesn’t even crack.

Indeed, so far it’s as expected. I rush towards the locker in the back of the classroom, I open the tall locker used to store cleaning supplies. At the top, there is an inconspicuous hatch made for inspection. I use my momentum to slam my body against the hatch, nice. Then I jump towards the ceiling.

The radiance of the magic formation increased and finally, the entire classroom was enveloped by the white light.

I crawled through the attic to get as far away as possible. Don’t like it? But~, who cares about transferring to another world at this point. These days, light novels, anime, and manga are all about transportation to different worlds. Just leave it there, don’t make real life about it too. Ah, just teleport the whole of Japan to a different world already. Ah, if a book about this was released then it would be interesting, I’ll buy it.

As things are like that, I continue crawling through the attic. I’m already this far away so I should be fine…huuuuuh~.

Uwahh, it actually happened. What a cliche turn of events!

It is a completely white room.

For it to be this cliche, this has truly surpassed my expectations. Don’t tell me this is a swords and magic world. Is this some twisted space war or Sci-Fi world? I wouldn’t want it to be a spiritual world or a horror world either.

However, with the magic formation, it’s probably not a Sci-Fi world? Then the world has connections to magic after all? No, no, that’s probably not it.

Because of how well-known the genre of Isekai is nowadays, if someone were to say they transported to another world, it would be extremely embarrassing. The cliche development would be for him to meet God and be told that he would be transported to a world of swords and magic(lol). No matter what, he’d be too embarrassed to say that right?

Was the magic formation a trap, and it was something scientific? What kind of world would that be? A math world? I really don’t want to go to such a world!!

Would the first enemy be factorization? I don’t think I could win.

Wait a moment, why isn’t anyone here?

Are they out? Then don’t summon me!

That’s basic equitique when inviting someone over……(Long text complaining)
[1. TL Note: This is actually what the author put. I’m not being lazy.]

I think I’m the type that takes my time reading. But it seems like I’m fast at reading as many ask me whether I’m properly reading it with how fast I flip pages.

If the books are light, it’s easy to go through 20 of them in a single day. As such, I am already on my 4th book. I’m going to eventually run out of books to read at this rate. Well, at least I brought my bag with me so I have books to read. In a quiet environment with enough light, that’s not hot nor cold. It’s the perfect environment for a reading addict like me. But man, nobody is coming, huh?

I wonder if I could buy any books somewhere here? I’ll have God foot the bill.

Hm, there’s a grandpa here? He’s looking over here. Is he lost? Grandpa, just because you’re lost, doesn’t mean you should come to another world. Don’t tell me it’s a story about a grandpa with dementia in another world!?

[Why are you here?]

Grandpa, I already ate all the food…

[No you haven’t!!]

Wait did he just read my thoughts!?

This is that, when you’re summoned into a white room, the man that appears, an old man with dementia that claims to be God.

[Why-! The last part is uncalled for]

It’s an old man with fragile feelings, soon his blood vessels…will pop?

[Don’t go killing me off!]

Ah, an old man that scolds me for joking around…

[Then stop fooling around! Listen to what I have to say seriously!]

No, but they say that the type of people that say they don’t want to fool around actually want to fool around, right? Well, I’m sure there are also those that don’t want to fool around as well.

[Enough! I’m not here to play games with you! Why are you here?]

Uwah~, the guy summoned me here without my permission asks me what I’m doing here? Old man with dementia confirmed.

To top it off, he’s listening to my thoughts without my permission and yelling at me.

[I’m done retorting!]

Huh, is he snapping back at me?

Is this an Isekai story of an old man with dementia that screws people over? The title would be the [Demon Lord is actually an old man with dementia], something like that~.

[Sigh~, can you seriously listen. The others that were summoned have already been teleported to the other world. Why are you still in this room?]

Well~you summoned everyone at the same time but I was the only one that you summoned to the wrong room?

[Well, I summoned all you as a group not one by one. Meeting everyone I felt that perhaps one person was missing but to think there was one person summoned to the wrong room. You were the only one that was summoned to the wrong room.]

[Because of a certain person, I was brought here against my free will~? I do however have an idea of what happened.]

[You do?! What did you…you escaped from the isolated space!? Huh, why is there an exit in the ceiling?]

Pupupu. The all-knowing deity of the heavens, our supreme and almighty God overlooked the maintenance hatch in the ceiling(LOL).

[How could I have known that-! How could I have known that rooms in your world have such an inconspicuous door in the ceiling. It would’ve been weird if I knew!]

More like, wasn’t I safe after I was that far away? You lost sight of me so isn’t that kind of cheating?

[Like I already told you. You were only all summoned because of the compatibility of wavelengths between you all. If you were to run away alone, of course, the results would turn out as such. To top it all off, you’re alone at the edge of the barrier and you don’t even try to call out to me or reach me, and you’re just reading books without a care in the world. Without paying either!]

Ah~, finally, you’ve even read my memory, huh? Can we summon a forest while we’re at it, for fun.

[Don’t summon something so large without permission. Moreover, if you do that each time a new volume comes out, a bookstore in that country will have to shut down. Consider how troublesome it is for the bookstore clerks!!]

It didn’t work, huh. Moreover, my mind was read too. Also, think about the troubles I have to go through as well! You’re only thinking about the troubles of the bookstore clerks, did you receive a coupon or something? I want one too!

[I apologize but you were summoned to another world because of the wavelengths that you and your classmates share. This is the logic of the world. I didn’t particularly choose you nor was I the one to summon you.]

Sh*t. I don’t know what ‘wavelengths’ you are talking about, but if the kids from other classes didn’t barge into our classroom, we wouldn’t have been summoned!?



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