Chapter 13: Looks like there is no BL part 1




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Day 13 – The Cave, Girls Assembly

「And, the last problem…… Well, it’s about Haruka-kun.」

For some reason, even coming to another world I’m still being called president, and have to organize everyone.

「His character, personality, and even nature are all questionable. But even so, I think we can trust him.」

Was that supposed to be a defense? The girl he calls Vice President A seems to be personally invested in this. Did the A part tick her off?

「That’s right, even though he was forced out because of me…… He forgave me…… For a fish?」

Chika-chan’s defense also turned weird with the last part…… For a fish……?

「That is, right…… He, completely, ignored, my, nudity……」

Fukunuki-san…… Are you trying to cover for him? It feels more like you received a different kind of trauma…… As a girl.

「He really pisses me off, but he saved us…… We can’t apologize if we die, he said. That it would waste their effort, that we should properly meet them, and thank…… He said…… Though he also tamed us…… And I’m still stuck with Bitch Leader for a name!」

So close, until the middle, it sounded pretty good…… Please, just remember their names? Ah, I also feel…… That he never called me anything other than the president?!

Everyone failed to properly cover for him, but everyone unanimously agreed to go along with him, no objection raised.

Though everyone had a lot on their minds, they still have trust, confidence, and gratitude towards him, or they should…… I think?

Yes, the biggest problem was Haruka-kun himself.

「No, no, no, after killing so many kobs the other day, I’m still level 7, even if it’s fine at the moment, I’ll soon become a burden to you.」

「Everyone said, that even if it turned out that way, they wouldn’t mind, everyone is grateful to you.」

「The geeks said the same, and I’m happy to hear that, but I can’t form a party because of「Loner」. And if I just stick with you, I feel like I might get「Kept Man」 [1. TL Note: ヒモ, A man, supported financially by a female lover] on my status, sorry. Thank you for the offer.」

Indeed, Haruka-kun’s status is low. He is incredibly strong for Lv 7, but he can’t raise his level. But, even so, everyone doesn’t want to leave him behind, why can’t he understand that?

When we were at loss, when we were overwhelmed by despair, when we were about to give up on everything, he saved us, both our lives…… And hearts.

After coming here, everyone finally regained their smiles.

Everyone was really despairing, disappointed, and didn’t even try to hold hope anymore.

And just one night returned the shine to their eyes.

For the first time, they thought that it would work out, that they could do something.

All that because we had him in front of us, he was living here like it was the most ordinary thing in the world.

He said「It’s just the basics of life? Having fun, living an ordinary life.」 , sounds like he was saying something obvious, he said that it was how things go.

Is there really nothing that can be done about this grim difference in stats? Why did God do something so cruel to Haruka-kun?「I bullied Gramps a bit and he snapped at me」he said, but why would he even bully a god? Hm, I heard that he even made him sit in seiza.

Even so, it seems that he will come with us to a town. There, we just have to come up with a way to prevent him from going back.

「Though my level-up speed is low, it’s not like I can’t raise my level at all. Given 2-3 years, I should reach level 20-30. With such a level I should be able to live in the city, so it will work out somehow.」

He said casually, but there is no way we can leave him alone in a cave for two or three years.

Suddenly being thrown into this world and ending up all alone because we relocated without noticing his absence. He had the weakest powers out of everyone, yet managed to survive here all by himself, and even came to our rescue. We absolutely cannot abandon such a person. Everyone agreed on this, so we absolutely, absolutely, cannot leave him on his own. In the worst case, he can even stay as a kept man!

Soon, we will reach Lv 20-30, who knows how many years it will take Haruka-kun to catch up to us.

From the god I already heard that in this world level difference cannot be overcome. Soon, even we will reach the point where we will be untouchable in fights against goblins and kobolds. But isn’t he already untouchable versus them, despite being only Lv 7, having no skills, being the weakest one, and being of a lower level than kobolds and goblins?! He is already fighting in such a way that it makes you wonder what is going to happen when he reaches level 20 or 30!

He is saying that it’s all very close, that he would die from taking even one hit, and he is just using various gimmicks to his advantage, but in that case, we can protect him, it’s all solved if we protect him.

Yes, just like how we were protected earlier and how we are being protected right now.

And so, today again, we are going to work on raising our levels.

I’m still afraid and disgusted.

Even so, I will fight, while being protected by Haruka-kun.

If Haruka-kun can’t get stronger, then we will. That’s what we together decided.

Day 13

The fish I had this morning was just as tasty as always.

Today as well, Fish Girl came to wake me up. So she is on the fish duty after all.

And today as well, the girls have been in high spirits since the morning. In very high spirits. I want to have deep-fried fish.

As expected, the thought of going to a town is a great motivation for them. Well, it’s obvious that 16-17 years old girls wouldn’t like living in a forest or a cave.

The geeks were also in incredibly high spirits, in a high school boys’ special way, when they set off for a town. The girls also seem to be holding frequent girls-only meetings. Are they aiming for wild beast-eared boys? I wonder, are they just like the geeks? Let’s summon a policeman when they begin shooting for shotas.

We are in the middle of the forest, pretty deep into it. If the girls act as a party, then even high-leveled goblins are no opponents for them. I provide support with Fire Bullets only in cases when they are about to get surrounded. I have nothing to do.

Let’s switch to kobolds after noon. Kobolds are a speed type, so they should serve as good practice. They also should be better experience-wise. And I’m bored.

While I have nothing to do, I begin preparations for lunch. Making a simple grill with earth magic, using fire magic to stonegrill fish and mushrooms! Just how much have I dreamed of this day. Fried wrapped in herbs, fish’s unpleasant fishiness is eliminated by their smell and slight bitterness, creating a complex flavor, of which one won’t get bored. With this I can last for a year. My love for fish is real!

The girls also liked it, but for some reason mostly mushrooms though. Even though the fish is so tasty?

After finishing lunch I search for kobolds. Suddenly starting with high-leveled would be dangerous, so I guess Lv 5 to 10 should be fine?

In a meeting, during lunch, I explained to them countermeasures for kobolds. They are fast and they bite.

Now, these are Lv 6, 8, and 9, just what we need. Real combat. For starters, let’s see how everyone will fare. Let’s kobold.

It was a complete disaster. Before they grasped the basics, they were already on the verge of being bitten and chewed.

Confused by the kobolds’ speed, they then were thrown into further disorder by their cooperation and feints. Even though there are 20 of them, they are being surrounded. By three enemies. Let’s panic?

The kobolds don’t even have 40 SpE. The girls are twice as fast, yet can’t keep up with them. Only the bitches are coping somewhat calmly, preventing them from complete collapse.

Hmm, it should have been fine though?

「Kyaa, stop looking and, do, something…… They are going to bite us!」

「Not there, here, here, ah, where?!」

「No, nope, no way, no, no, no, not dogs, dogs are impossible!」

「Oh my…… Ooh my?」

What with that weird confidence of the last person? Is she panicking? Is she jiggling? No, please stop glaring at me and look at kobolds. Does she actually have that much composure?

It doesn’t really look like they won’t be able to manage even if I don’t do a thing. But if I don’t do anything, they are going to be angry at me later, so I will get rid of one.




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