Chapter 13: Looks like there is no BL part 2




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The kobold with cooperation is Lv 9 Kobold A, if I take it out, it should be easy from there. Perhaps even too easy. But let’s just do something, since they keep glaring at me.

I now had a skill Parallel Thinking. I guess I got it when I shot a barrage of fire bullets. Can’t be used right now. They surely will be angry if I just shoot a hail of bullets.

What I also want to test is Magic of Four Elements, which went up two levels, and Movement. I had enough Lightning Magic practice with fish, so it’s fine.

I didn’t use Movement at full power either today or yesterday. If I did it probably would’ve been the return of clumsy attribute. I don’t want to go 『Fugyauuh』in front of the girls. Though I don’t want to do that alone as well.

I’ll try to chase after Kobold A, how do you like the taste of being chased yourself??? Okay, I caught up. Catching up with it I poke it with a stick into the back. The kobold didn’t try to counterattack, and instead further raised its speed…… I also raised it, we still can keep going…… It raised the speed again, becoming even faster. I did the same, and so we ran around the girls in circles. Can I turn a kobold into butter like this?[2. TL Note:] Ah, I’d like to grill something with butter.

Kobold B and C couldn’t keep up with the speed, and broke the cooperation, finally getting caught by the bitches…… I should look, the bitches have those eyes again…… Let’s pretend I didn’t see that.

Suddenly, Kobold A stopped and thrust at me with its claws. Foolish, too foolish…… There is no way that I would stop.

Going just like that, or rather, accelerating even further, I dodged Kobold A’s claws and crashed into it. Tumbling onto the ground together. During the collision I struck it on the head with the staff?. Looks like it was a bad spot to be hit since it seems that it led to kobold A passing away. Kobolds B and C suffered a lot more, and then followed after it.

Everyone dropped to the ground in exhaustion.

「No, didn’t I tell you that they are fast and they bite?」

Going back to square one, we hold a strategy meeting. For some reason, everyone is angry at me.

「We can’t suddenly take on something like that!」

「How is telling us that they are fast supposed to help?」

「They bite, the hell is that? What kind of advice is that?」

「Why were you running around with kobolds?」

「What do you think about all the information being – they bite and they are fast?」

Eh? A barrage of criticism? But kobolds are fast and they bite, what else is there to them?

「No, all that I heard from the geeks was that they are blue, tall, thin, and dog-faced. That’s it. Isn’t 『They are fast and they bite』much better info?」

A huge uproar, I’m not even sure if this is a wild uproar or unrestrained arguing, truly, a pandemonium.

「Even if you want to raise levels, going upstream we might run into the boys, can you do it?」

Everyone went silent. Even geeks ran away, unable to deal with them.

Of course, they can’t resolve themselves.

Which means, I can’t allow them to go upstream.

It’s not like all of the boys went insane, but there is no telling who is normal and who will attack them, and we also can’t afford to test them.

Reaching the town without meeting them would be the best. They can’t pass through the depths of the forest. Even if they tried, it would require them to follow the river in front of the cave.

Block that place, and it’s almost guaranteed that neither the girls nor the geeks will ever meet them. Works fine as a temporary solution.

I’m not sure if I can kill someone, but I might just get pissed off enough to accidentally club them. And I won’t regret it, I will let the boys regret it themselves.

As a result 「For starters, only up to 2 kobolds, low level, if there are 3 of them or they are strong, immediate rescue. No playing tag with them.」is what we agreed on.

Continuing the kobold hunt after that, they got pretty familiar with it by evening, with one party being able to take down 2 kobolds with confidence. Their levels also seem to have risen quite a bit.

Our way back was also used for practice. I didn’t warn them about kobolds and goblins, so the girls scouted for enemies, remained alert, and fought all on their own.

They’ve gotten strong, my watch is over, they can fight well enough.

Returning to the cave I create beds and simple furniture for the new rooms. Though they won’t be needed anymore soon enough, since I welcomed them into my home, I will treat them with hospitality until the end.

On the riverbank, I got taught Ice Magic, well, though all I did was use packing magic again.

Eating dinner, I made a bath, this concludes the day.

Let’s enlarge the tent again. both single-person and 4-person sizes proved to be too small, surely, going for 8 person size will be too naive. Let’s go with a 12 person size. At this point, it is a dome.

Taking a dip, I return to the tent. Well, with Detect Presence, I already knew that someone was inside, but?

「Kyaa! It’s so huge!」

「Eh? Why does the size keep changing every time we come?」

「If only we had such spacious tents……」

「Welcome back, Haruka-kun. When I told everyone that your tent is so big they also decided to come.」

「Come in, come in, we have mushroom tea.」

Mushroom tea?…… Just why do the girls like mushrooms so much? Do mushrooms contain some kind of addictive substance? Is this the beginning of a shady party? Okay, let’s observe it from afar. I don’t have the guts to go inside.

I was grabbed the moment I tried to escape. No, I’m fine with just watching, okay? There is too much exposed skin inside.

「Eehm…… What is it?」

「「「After action review meeting?」」」

But why in my tent?

For some reason, I’m sitting right in the middle of a huge tent.

In front is the president, going 「Even if you say SpE 40」. As always, she is way too close.

Beside her, wearing shorts and sitting cross-legged Vice President A is looking at me with a mild glare.

Beside her, sat Vice President B, jiggling while nodding. Mustn’t look there.

On the right side rolling around were Vice President C and Nudist Girl. In skirts.

What? I’m guilty no matter where I look! A trap! It’s a trap!

On the left is Fish Girl and, who are the other two? Aah, now I remember, volleyball club’s noisy meathead girl A and B.

The bitches settled behind me. Just why are they always behind me?

Damn, I’m surrounded.

In addition, mobile units are prowling around me.

Just why do I have to go through such a thing, despite being a loner?

「So, I think someone has to stall them.」

President? Do you really need such a number for a review meeting? Those rolling on the floor 100% aren’t listening?

「And so, and then……」

Just what is a loner?

Day 13 – Night, The Cave, Girls Assembly

Project to detain Haruka-kun. Right now we are analyzing the information gathered during the reconnaissance in force that we just carried out.

「Yeah, he totally didn’t know where to look, so it’s not like he has no interest in girls. No BL here. Tch.」

「His eyes often went to chest or thighs, so there was no doubt to begin with.」

「But……… He, completely, ignored…… Me?……」

「No, it’s not like he could afford to stare at you. As one might expect……」

Coming here, coming to this world, all the time we spent here, all of the days…… We couldn’t even smile……

And finally. Everyone became able to laugh.

Even today, though it was complete chaos, in the end, everyone was smiling.

Everyone can relax because Haruka-kun is with us.

It’s not just because he is strong.

It’s fine even if he is weak.

As long as he is with us.

With that alone, everyone will be able to smile.

And so, everyone is desperately drafting up a plan to detain him…… Or so I thought?

「Damn, no BL?!」

「I think he is worried about that attack thing? Though wasn’t he pretty much always like that?」

「Is he from the boob faction? Or thighs faction? N-no, don’t tell me, a hybrid?! 」

「Rather than saying that he isn’t getting involved with girls, it’s more like he isn’t getting involved with anyone? Eh? Would he even care if we leave him here?」


Scheming on keeping Haruka-kun with us continued until late at night. Yeah, no BL involved it seems.

13th Day – Over?




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