Chapter 2 Part 2



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Day 2 Cave

In a single breath, I leap towards Goblin A and launch an attack from above. I land another blow while the goblin is still bent over. I continue by landing a blow from the side. This continues until Goblin B comes within range. By the time Goblin B arrives, even if Goblin A is not dead, he will not be in a condition to fight.

Goblin B rushes in while swinging its club, its swings are large, but unexpectedly hard to avoid. Avoiding the swing, I launch an attack.

The goblin’s attack is easy to read, and there is nothing exceptional about it. I continue dodging its attacks.

I continue observing its attack patterns.

When I’ve finished analyzing the goblin’s movements to the point where I can read it’s next action, I launch a counter-attack.

While fighting the goblin, I dodge its initial attack, then I swing at the goblin with my wooden stick, and then I back away before repeating the process. It’s a slow but steady method of attack.

Injured, the ferociousness of the goblin increases as it becomes irritated, and its attacks become more reckless. I screamed before starting to swing at the goblin from above. I landed a hit on its throat before dodging to avoid a counter, but the counter never came.

I move a bit of distance away to adjust my breath. I was able to get through this fight without any injuries. Although it wasn’t a beautiful win, it was my first battle. Killing goblins in a 1-on-1. That’s good enough for now.

Both goblins aren’t moving, but I hit them once each, as a safety measure. Then I take their clubs as my loot before washing my face with river water.

I was more tired mentally than physically. Near the end of the battle, I could clearly envision the attacks and movement of the goblins. I’m not sure about my physical state or my reflexes, but everything feels more responsive. This should be a good enough result for my first battle in another world.

There are many differences in this world compared to earth but getting used to it should be my greatest priority.

But is it my imagination that this is the first thing that I’ve done that seems to be proof of the fact that I’ve traveled to another world?

I went back to the forest to rest a bit. I then assemble a simple lattice door with the timber and vines that I had collected while munching on roasted mushrooms.

I picked up as much wood as I could in the forest so I had an abundant amount of wood remaining which I dried with temperature magic and stored. Thanks, Item Bag!

As for carpentry work, weight magic was especially convenient, because the weight of the timber is made lighter, there is no need for someone else to help. You can do it alone! Even a loner can do it! Let’s leave it at that!

I wipe off my sweat with water and wash my clothes. I’m not good at exercising, neither do I like sweating through my clothes, and I don’t like getting my clothes sweaty. This is a different world, but I’m not a different person. I wasn’t suited for the original world, but then again, is there even a need for a person like me?

Conflict is still difficult, and it is dangerous if there is no deciding factor. I can only choose to rely on magic since my other skills are completely useless.

The only magic that I can use is fire magic that I learned to use in this world. Gramps is seriously useless. I don’t know if magic can improve with practice, but if I can utilize it somehow in combat, then it will improve my combat ability by a great amount.

If it was possible, I’d want to settle all combat with long-distance attacks, but if my level does not rise, it would be impossible. To raise my level, I have to fight.

I’ll try a fire-like-spell with [Temperature] and [Fire magic], but with [Temperature] magic, the fire accumulates very slowly, fire magic can make fireballs but they are small and fly only a short distance, at most 2-3 meters. If you want the spell to travel, you need to concentrate a lot and it will be difficult to pull off in actual battle. That being said, it’s fun, so I’ll practice a little more.

It is quite difficult to make a wooden stick heavier, I try to make it heavier and shake it but it’s quite difficult to hold. If it’s this heavy the whole time, it will be difficult to swing, and if I try to make it heavy at the moment it hits, it will be difficult as well, perhaps I will end up just dropping it? For now, I will practice.

I try to wrap my wooden stick with packing magic. Is doing so a good idea if you do not understand the effect? I feel that something has changed, but I have no idea what happened. I’m not sure if it makes sense to pack a wooden stick with magical power, but at the very least, it will serve as experience for my cane arts.

[Movement] is difficult to understand because of [Walk]. It just feels like 10 steps worth of distance became 7 to 8 steps when I approached the goblins. The goblins seem just as surprised by my rapid approach as I was. Well, I killed them anyway though.

It’s hard to use [Movement] alone but when I use it together with [Walk], I faceplant into a wall. At this rate, I’m going to gain a [Klutz] skill or title, and eventually, end up charging into goblins making stupid sounds. There is probably a demand for such a scene if it was a young girl but nobody would want to see the same with a high schoolboy.

A random thought led me to try wrapping my body with [packing] magic. It took a bit of effort at first but I became faster at it until I was able to wrap my entire body within an instant.

If I try to move with my body wrapped in magic, then perhaps my body will move smoother and faster? The placebo effect? Sort of like that?

Is there some sort of physical benefit? Or maybe that’s because my defense and magic defense have gone up, regardless, I’ll need practice to even understand the effect. Wrap my body with magic, move around, and hit things with a stick…it’s a playground! Leave that sort of scene for little girls. There should be no demand for that type of scene with a highschool boy. How do I know this? Because I wouldn’t want to see it either.

In the end, it’s a trial and error, only after trying various things can I try to theorize carefully. I won’t know anything until I try it out in live combat. I’ll be able to tell if there’s some sort of effect.

Being low on stamina is affecting me a lot but the magical exhaustion is even worse. Time to go to bed.

Before that, [Appraisal]. Oh yea, I got that item from the goblin. I use [Appraisal] on the goblin’s item.

[Cudgel wooden club grade 10], what grade is my wooden stick? Which is why there’s no comparison, not that I could use it either way as it was too short and small.

I regain my bearings before checking my status.

Name: Haruka
Race: Human
AGE 16
Lv 02
Job —

HP 23 (13 UP)
MP 0/21 (11 UP)

ViT 22 (12 UP)
PoW 21 (11 UP)
SpE 25 (15 UP)
DeX 25 (15 UP)
MiN 21 (11 UP)
InT 25 (15 UP)
Luk Max (Limit Break)

SP 05 (5 UP)

Martial Arts 「Cane Arts Lv 2」 (UP) 「Avoidance Lv 1」 (New) 「Premonition Lv 1」 (New) 「Wrapping Magic Lv 1」 (New)

Magic 「Temperature Lv 2」「Movement Lv 1」「Weight Lv 1」「Packing Lv 1」「Fire Magic Lv 1」

Skills 「Health Lv 1」「Sensitive Body Lv 2」 (UP) 「Gymnastics Lv 2」「Walking Lv 1」「Command Lv 1」「Appraisal Lv 2」 (UP) 「Clairvoyance Lv 1」「Detect Presence Lv 2」 (UP) 「Magic Control Lv 1」 (New)

Title 「Hikikomori Lv 1」「NEET Lv 1」「Loner Lv 1」

Unknown 「Communication Lv 1」「Jack of All Trades Lv 1」「Muppet Lv 1」

Equipment   「Wooden stick?」「Basic clothes?」「Leather Gloves?」「Leather Boots?」「Cloak?」「Contacts?」「Soul Ring」「Item Bag」

Yay! I leveled up! My stats have more than doubled. The rate of growth is higher than I thought, it might only be like this at the start but more than doubling is better than expected. It should be much easier to fight with twice the speed and dexterity. With twice the speed, I can overwhelm my opponents with fast maneuvers.

Looking at how my speed and dexterity have doubled, am I perhaps speed-orientated? Is this a message to tell me that no matter how strong the enemy is, if they can’t hit me, it’s pointless? With a tad more stats I would have been triple what my original stats were.

Intelligence also rose, is this because of my efforts in practicing magic? Or perhaps because I used my brain during the fight? After coming to another world, I finally learn the benefits of rapid learning? Not that I’ve tried it.

Huh? Sh*t! [Sensitive Body] leveled up! I haven’t done anything weird? Seriously? I haven’t met anything but goblins? There wasn’t any dialogue between me and the goblins either. Why did it level up? Did I become sensitive? Is this fine? Perhaps my skin has become more sensitive?

I’ll just act as if I hadn’t seen it. Let’s see, oh! [Cane Arts] has leveled up, all I’ve done is hit things with a stick but it leveled up. Is this that? Is this the leveling system where you level up as long as you kill your target?

Now that I think about it, with my leveling debuffs, I didn’t expect to level up by killing two goblins. My status was so pitiful that I could’ve been killed by anything so leveling up after killing two goblins is also not too unreasonable.

Since the two goblins were Lv 8 and Lv 7, it could have also been the additional experience from the level gap. I don’t understand the parameters of the system. I want a deliveryman to bring me a book regarding knowledge of this world but I don’t know the name of this world. I think that gramps told me but I don’t remember. What a useless old man.

I’ve been skipping out on doing gymnastics so today would be the first day I try it out but. It already leveled up? Is gymnastics the first skill that I master in another world? As the skill levels up, will I be able to learn the legendary, radio gymnastics #2? If I master this skill, will I be able to become the legendary radio man?

Next is Appraisal, Presence detection, and Search. I’ve been using this quite frequently and they’ll be important skills in the future as well. I’m glad that they leveled up.

What I don’t understand is why I gained 「Wrapping Magic Lv 1」, and 「Magic Control Lv 1」. Is it perhaps because of practice? Or was it because I used Weight Magic in live combat? Well, I understand.

[Magic Wrapping]? Because it’s worn, is it connected to Packing, or is it an extension from my body to the wooden stick? Since I could wrap my body with magic, I thought that it would strengthen my body but nope. In the first place, what is the difference between Magic Wrapping and Packing?

Ah~I’m sleepy already. I’ll go to sleep now. Still, I wonder what the legendary radio exercise #3 is like.



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