Chapter 45: I snuck inside because the gates were closed, and got scolded because the gatekeeper was there, but isn’t it a dereliction of his duties?




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

What an utter disappointment.

Slipping through the probabilities calculated by this Genius-kun I will stall him until he runs out of tricks.

Probability-wise it’s impossible, but I should be able to barely pull it off.

I nullified his secret weapon.

The only option left for him is to go all out, using all of his skills to kill me with 100% certainty. And if he wastes all of his cheat skills, he will have no chance of killing the president.

I’ll die, but it also will be the end of him. Checkmate.

Even though he stole enough cheats to kill me. Even though he has enough of them to kill me with a 100% chance.

He can’t kill me unless he uses them all. And I’m going to continue fighting until he does.

Is what I thought. I’m disappointed.

「Eehm? Yamamoto-kun? That’s enough. You disappoint me.」
[TL note: All of the names he used to call the other guy until now are among the most common surnames in Japan.]

「Who the hell is Yamamoto! You were saying my name correctly until now!」

Oh? Looks like I got it wrong. Well, I don’t care anymore, so it doesn’t matter.

「Good grief, this is the fight to the death between side characters, but your greed prevents you from becoming even a side character. You understand that we are not the main characters, right? It was pretty obvious from the beginning. It is your last chance to shine, Yamakawa-kun, yet you are holding back, unable to become even a minor character. Farewell, nameless classmate.」

I resolved myself to death, put up my guard, intent to make him waste his skills, but this idiot disabled cheat class martial arts. He is holding back.

Did you really think that you can take me on with just debuffs and instant death? You are afraid of wasting the remaining uses of stolen abilities, huh? Using Swordsmanship MaX, or Perk of Spearmanship, or Perfect Evasion, seems like a waste here, right? You are terribly mistaken? You probably thought yourself to be a protagonist? How foolish.

「Farewell. Kawamoto-kun?」

Taking half a step forward, I cut him down. Aah, so I killed a person, no idea who that person was though?

Aah?! ………Uwwaaa, and this is after leaving the last words「Sorry for being an idiot」. What do I do?

Day 24 – Late Night, Omui Town

Everyone fell asleep, exhausted. Crying, sobbing, without any idea of what we should do next everyone wearied themselves to sleep.

Without even thinking about what awaits us tomorrow.

I can’t take it anymore. I’m going on my own.

I don’t care about being the class president.

I can’t take everyone with me.

Because there is no chance of victory.

I just want to go to Haruka-kun.

Dying by his side is enough.

The enemy is after my skill. Plunder.

So I will die before I get killed.

I will kill myself.

Then there won’t be a chance to steal it from me.

Then Haruka-kun won’t have to die.

That’s why he told me nothing.

That’s why he didn’t take me with him.

It might be too late.

But I’m going anyway.

To where Haruka-kun is.

To that cave.

That’s enough.

Sneaking out of the room I pass through the dining hall.

The place where we are always making a ruckus.

Scolding Haruka-kun all the time.

I pass through the entrance to the inn.

When he saw its name he tried to set the guild on fire, which we all collectively stopped.

Every day was one big uproar after another.

I pass through the town gates.

Haruka-kun was always getting scolded here.

Everyone always scolded him with a smile.

Even now, Haruka-kun is getting scolded.

Really, that’s what you get for trying to get into the town in the middle of night……… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHH?!

「I’m back? I guess? Kind of?」

I don’t know what to do anymore, I don’t know what to say, I don’t even know what is going on. But Haruka-kun is here. He came back. Well, first of all, a good scolding!

As expected, it turned into a huge uproar with everyone.

As expected, Haruka-kun was given a sermon.

As expected, complete chaos.

As expected, Haruka-kun got scolded.

As expected, everyone scolded him with a smile.

Welcome back.




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