Chapter 64: Combining 2D thinking with vertical thinking got me a flat gaze




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 29? – The Faraway Labyrinth, the Lowest Floor.

In the end, it seems there were 100 Mino-sans. Since 100 of them fell down here.

Weapons, armor, and magic stones from each of them should bring huge profits, but the guild is so far away. And I doubt they are going to do a business trip to buy everything from me. If they could come here they’d have no need to buy a thing from me.

But 100 Mino-sans and the Living Armor-san? The great horde of 101 monsters? The hell were they doing bunching up like that?! No one will be able to beat a Lv 100 Living armor after getting through a hundred Lv 99 minotaurs. People would run away the moment they hear about something like that!

Now, there is no one at 99F anymore. Everyone fell down here.

New monsters might spawn if I idle here too much, so let’s hurry onto the next floor. Climbing up the stairs I reach the hole-riddled 99F. Hmm, aren’t there more holes than floor?

「Isn’t 99F close to crumbling? Turns out staying below it was pretty dangerous. Damn it.」

Grumbling, I pass through the floor. It’s so difficult to walk here with all those holes in the ground. There are so many of them that I don’t even feel like using earth magic to change the terrain.

But it’s such a mystery. There is only a skull and a helmet. So how does she manage to give me a flat gaze with that? I can clearly feel it on my back. To think I’d get replenishment of Flat Gaze on the lowest floors of the dungeon from the previous boss of that very dungeon. You just never know what might happen in life. Much appreciated.

99F has a low ceiling, so even if I drop someone here it won’t cause a lot of damage. Just in case I tried to open a hole where I felt a presence, but nothing came falling.

I got a glance with『Appraisal』, and it turns out that it’s a Lv 98 lich. Since it’s floating, it’s only natural that it isn’t going to fall.

Liches are spectre-like monsters that despite having physical immunity and high resistance to all types of magic aside from holy, have the highest levels of mastery in all magic except for holy. And since I can’t use holy magic, I can’t attack them, but since『Evergreen Staff?』was effective versus the darkness of ex-lich Skeleton?-san, it might have holy attribute. Well, I will find out if I poke them with it.

There is a hole beneath it, but the lich isn’t trying to come down or attack me? Two-Dimensional thinking?

That being the case, I use my vertical thinking, and reaching out with『Evergreen Staff?』 poke the lich from below. Oooh! It’s super effective! It agonized for 2 or 3 seconds and then disappeared, even dropping a magic stone. The stone fell all the way to the lowest floor…… Was I supposed to catch that?

Even so, the liches aren’t coming down, and make no attempts at attacking me. Do they have problems with three-dimensional thinking? Are they too caught up with existing logic and theory?

After that, I kept endlessly repeating the process of opening holes and poking liches through them, open a hole, poke, open a hole, poke…… Why am I doing such a thing in a dungeon?

Each of the falling magic stones was gracefully caught by Skeleton?-san. All while giving me a reproachful stare. How skillful of her. Looks like we are spared from having to go down to pick them up. One did fall down, but it’s fine I guess. There are probably a hundred of them here.

As I munch on mushrooms we head to 98F. It seems like Skeleton?-san decided to take the lead, climbing the stairs before me. However, I couldn’t tell when she was just a skeleton, but this armor really emphasizes her figure. Long legs, slim waist, why am I having trouble with where I should be looking even though it’s just an armor? Did I actually have armor fetish? Or is it a certain high-school-boy-type something beginning to run amok? Yeah, I was looking for a suspicious establishment open only at dark hours, but what I got here is a suspicious dungeon of darkness. What am I even supposed to do here?

97F are moths. I was wondering why nothing is falling down but turns out, these are moth-type monsters.

Naturally, I confirmed it by opening a hole.

『Venom Moth Lv 97』, it seems they can give poison and other debuffs by scattering the glowing dust off their wings. If I open too many holes it might get onto this floor.

But these are bugs, right?

Shooting a fireball at the ceiling, I then suspend it there. Pouring more and more of my magic power I increase its size.

The presences of the monsters of 97F gather at the fireball, and then disappear, one after another…… Yup, those are bugs, no doubt.

「That’s all of them it seems. No signs of life left.」

Uwaaaa, what an amazing flat gaze. Even though it’s just armor. Even though inside it’s just a skull, how does she manage to give me such a look? I guess this world has no concept of light traps for insects?

I mean, there is no way I’m going to waltz into the swarm of bugs that scatter poison and debuffs? It’s a deathtrap for newcomers. Unless you have prior knowledge of this, it’s a guaranteed annihilation even before the fight even starts.

I climb the stairs to 97F while basking in a flat gaze. Let’s call her Skelly Pres from now on. Before long I might even start adding sama to that. Even though I’m the master here?




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