Chapter 65: Rolling while walking is very difficult, but no one understands my hardship




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 29? – The Faraway Labyrinth, 97F

97F was littered with magic stones. Must be from all the venom moths that burned here. The magic stones are mostly concentrated around the hole on the floor.

Skin contact or breathing these scales probably better be avoided, so I burn them as I walk.

Skelly Pres is collecting the magic stones behind me, while giving me a stare. Ah, how nice.

Of course, I then opened a hole in the ceiling.

Caterpillars poured down from there.

Did the venom moths grow from these?

『Venom Crawler, Lv 96』, yup, no doubt.

Looks like they can spit strings of toxic mucilage that also can give other debuffs. Considering that they also have 『Adhesion』, one will probably be stuck in those threads while suffering from poison and other abnormal status effects. Can it get any worse?

But dropping them one by one sounds like a chore. Or rather, I’m too lazy for that. Those are caterpillars. They are huge, but caterpillars. Their thread is dangerous, but they are still caterpillars.

And if so?

We climb to 96F. Skelly Pres is in the vanguard. Let’s buy her a cloak when we get back to the town. This armor is too lewd.

I feel like it might even give me some kind of abnormal status effect. It would be a disaster. Well, though at the point where I feel something for the skull in armor, it’s already quite abnormal. A serious disaster.

Reaching 96 I put my hand on the floor and using earth magic I create a roller. A huge one. I matched it with the size of the passage, so about 8 meters in width? And the height is about… Two meters? Well, it should be enough as long as I cover behind it.

And so, I walk while rolling it.

The floor is a maze, so every time the path splits I remake a roller and roll on. Making the corners was a huge pain.

And while I was at it, caterpillars kept dying, squashed by the roller. Behind me, the Armored Stare-san is gathering magic stones. She also seems to be giving me a refill of flat gaze.

I also can’t step into the mess left by the squashed caterpillars. It’s a glue! And a venomous one at that.

So while rolling forward I work on fixing the floor.

「Phew, 96F was unexpectedly difficult. Hard win? Hard work? Or rather, isn’t this a construction work?」

Whoa, amazing flat gaze, she might be a good match for the president. They probably can have a flat gaze duel.

I don’t know what time or day it is, but the rest can probably wait. I might be rushing too much, but I’m worried about the worrywarts up there.

From 95F comes an amazing aura. Is it only one monster? But it’s probably very strong. Opening another hole here is not a good idea.

Though the floor is now nice and even due to my efforts, but, it is all covered in venomous glue. It’s not a good place for a fight.

It would be better to fight on 95F.

「Looks like a strong enemy? The presence is crazy? What kind of crazy monster is waiting over there?」

As I say that we are climbing the stairs. For some reason, the Skelly Pres, that leads the way, seems to brim with motivation? Well, she probably was too bored since she didn’t get to fight properly?

Hmm, I have to buy her a cloak as fast as possible. But why does armor have to reveal the bodyline so much?

Now, it’s 95F.

『Living Sword Lv 100』, eh, hey! Why is it not level 95? Are we back to the lowest floor? Is it 100F again? Read the mood! Set it to level 95, dammit.

Living Sword. A flying sword? A living sword? A lively sword? For starters, there are ten of them, stuck into the ground. Seven thin silver swords, two black katanas, and in the center a huge silver sword. Ten in total.

They are giving off a super scary aura. If only the Bitches were here, I could’ve set them on the swords.

Skelly Pres is also giving off a scary aura? Eh? What should I do?

As the Skelly Pres approaches the swords in a calm step, they float up in the air, one after another. Illusion? Are they going to perform the Impaled trick? It’s a skeleton in that armor, so it probably won’t hurt her even if they fail. Though I don’t think it is possible to even hit her in the first place.

And finally, at long last, a real fight is going to start?! ……Probably? ……Most likely?




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