Chapter 70: Would anyone want a secret hot-spring where reaching it might kill you and the way back will give you an after bath chill?




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Day 30? – The Faraway Labyrinth, 90F

Wraith-san left us a magic stone and a wonderful item 『Elemental Necklace – Magic Affinity Up (Greater), Magic Defense (Greater), Magic Absorption (Greater)』. It is covered in a dense layer of salt though. This will be helpful in magic combat and in simply defending from spells as well. It also might give a buff to 「Mana Wrapping」, so I really want it……But the design is too gorgeous. It’s not even about being unable to wear it as a highschool boy. Unless you are a gorgeous celeb from a high society you won’t be able to wear it. It clearly looks like a women’s accessory for a serious party. Decorated with all kinds of jewels, it then has a conspicuously large gem in the middle of it. Is that a diamond? Is it? It’s too lavish! I never went to any parties, have no such plans, and don’t expect anyone to invite me any time soon? I’m staying at the inn with a suspicious name on a credit.

Okay, this will be my offering to her.

When I pushed this thing onto Skelly Pres, who was still staring at me, she excitedly put it on. Yup, since she is happy, it’s fine. And she is ex-lich, so she might be able to use magic. However, don’t I just keep giving tributes? No, as the one who tamed her, it might be reasonable to properly equip her, but? Silver armor, a mantle, and on top of that a ring and a necklace? Am I a simp? No, I called this an offering, so I’m probably a worshipper. Though worshipping a skeleton sounds like some kind of an evil heretic cult, I’m not particularly bothered. The god here is that useless old man anyway. I might lecture him, but there is no way I’ll ever worship him. Absolutely.

Finally, 80’s floors. Well, it’s still only 89F so the road ahead is still long.

Opening a hole, as usual, I saw a monkey peeking from there. Ukii?

「Hanuman Lv 89」, a godly ape. Wasn’t there a god with the same name somewhere around Indonesia? Where was it? I’m sure it is somewhere in Asia? The outfit was pretty oriental?

Since it’s a monkey it’s probably pretty agile. Finally, it happened, An enemy I can’t defeat by dropping it through a hole or poking it. Level 89. It also has intelligence and on top of that they are bunching up. They are moving in packs.

Since it’s a godly monkey, they are probably smart? Isn’t it impossible? And while thinking that, I threw paralysis mushrooms at them.

They began to fight for them, and after eating it, dropped, paralyzed……… So they were just monkeys after all.

No, fighting them might be impossible, but this is a dungeon in another world, isn’t it? It’s not some pest removal? Right? While grumbling so, I finish off hanumans. Well, they have more than 800 SpE and Dex, in addition to「Extraordinary Strength」「Swiftness」「Cooperation」「Magic Reflection」, so if we fought I’d be more than just in big trouble, but paralyzing them with poison and then killing? What impression does it give? Don’t I look completely like a bad guy here? From the general point of view? What will happen if my affection rating goes even lower?

Pulling myself together, 88F. The level of monsters is 88 as well. I just hope that it is not an aircraft or something. And while I thought that 『Fire Unicorn Lv 88』…… Is it from the Area? A horse? It probably would’ve been very strong if it was a merc instead. [1]

And so I dropped all of them at once.

How unfortunate for them that they are not pegasusses…… Legs are a weak spot for those virgin obsessed horses. Or rather, for horses in general. If they break a leg they are out. It’s basically a monster begging to get dropped down a floor.

Skeleton-san, who was supposed to be quite rich in emotions, is showing only a flat gaze as of late. Well, she is helping with finishing them off anyway.

「Oh, a chest! There are quite a lot of them, huh? Well, no one probably reached this place, so it makes sense that they remain untouched?」

Gloves. Even I can equip them, and Skelly Pres actually shows no interest in them. Well, she is in full armor after all.

Hmm, what do we have here? 『Gauntlets of Contradiction – Left: Negate Physical/Magic Attacks on Contact, Right: Negate Physical/Magic Protection on Contact 』? Well, they do have metal parts here and there, but still, gauntlets? Even though more than half of these are leather?

So in short, the left one is a shield, and then the right one is a weapon? I’m ambidexterous though……? Well, I guess I should say thanks that I’m not left-handed, they would’ve been very hard to use in that case. I immediately fuse them with 『Leather Gloves?』.

They turned a bit more gauntlet-like? They now have some metal on them? Even though 『Evergreen Staff?』and『Mantle?』didn’t change their appearance? Ah, but 『Leather Boots?』did change a bit? It’s hard to tell, but when I fused them with 『Boots of Acceleration』they became a bit tighter? I think? If they change their appearance based on what I put into them, then maybe I should collect cool looking items? At the very least I should avoid fusing them with anything weird.

However, negating magic on contact, is it that? Sticking out the left hand in front of yourself and going 『KuuH!』? That something Breaker? But since actually doing that might get me in trouble, I won’t…… Even though I practiced for that before, around the second year of middle school. However, a nun falling from the sky is one thing, but a horse……… I might not be cut out to be the hero of this story. I didn’t catch a single falling horse after all. [2]

「Now then, the horses disappeared. It’s 87F next, right? 」

Opening a bit of a hole, I gaze through it. Why doesn’t this world have sexy monster girls? Peeking at horses from a low angle is no fun at all.

And this one wasn’t fun as well…… 『Lightning Bee Lv 87』, just going bzzzzzz, preventing neighbors from sleeping. They are so noisy, they might be even more annoying than mosquitoes. Super annoying!

Fumigation it is.
From time to time, there are bees going at super high speed. Are they not affected by fumigation? So while swatting away bees we keep exterminating them. But they are really fast. Like, crazy fast. They feel faster than a baseball incoming at 150km. How can this staring armored person cut them down so easily? Even though I’m struggling so much? Just barely making it? By the time I notice their presence they are already in my face.

However… After smashing so many of them, it’s still only about half? Or even less? How many of them were here? 400? 500? Maybe even more? Is it a half now? Even collecting magic stones is real hard work! This is unjust! What about the worker protection laws! I’m a NEET though. Just how much overtime do I have to put in before I can go home?

「Wouldn’t I be a real rich man if I manage to sell all of this? I’m certain I will be. This will cause a huge drop in prices on magic stones. Will I finally be able to lead my shut-in NEET life in peace? Maybe I should make a residence here? 」

But well, if I am to remodel this, then I should start from the first floor. Even if I make a huge bath on 100f, reaching it might kill you, and going back might give you a cold, so no one would go there. There is also an option of going directly there through the pitfall, but how many will be able to return to the surface after that? I should test this on the geeks. With some boulders flying after them!

If only the dungeon really had a cliff, I’d be able to easily climb out with Air Walk… Should I just make one and after climbing out drop the geeks from it? I think it is a nice idea, but if I had so much magic power I wouldn’t have any trouble like I do now. No way lv 12 can do something like that! I probably level up, but creating a cliff is impossible. So if I want to drop them, I will have to use the pitfall. Yup, let’s do just that after getting back.

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