Chapter 71: It’s infuriating to have others think that I only rolled around even though I was rolling around very seriously.




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Day 30? – The Faraway Labyrinth, 87F

「Only 87F, isn’t the dungeon too long?」

This is getting dull.

Where is the variety? After so much time in the dungeon, I don’t even know what day it is. And I also don’t understand if this is supposed to be a dungeon exploration or pest extermination.

Well, I lost interest only because I’m not fighting properly, but there is no way I can fight monsters over lv80!

It seems we are about to be done with the bees soon. But do I really need more magic stones at this point? Though just leaving them also feels like a waste? The item bag is full of magic stones, though it’s still not as bad as with mushrooms. Am I actually a hoarder? But not picking them up when the staring armor is picking them up feels kind of weird as well? But what’s the point of getting rich in a world that has no book stores?

Well, now I don’t have to worry about money, but perhaps increased chances of compulsory deposits also known as confiscation…… I might die any moment now, but at least I don’t have to worry about my funds for retirement.

「Oh, there is another hidden room on this floor? Hm? But isn’t it too big? A giant treasure box? Riches and treasures?」

I must go, the treasures have to be saved.

I shouldn’t have come here. It was a huge bee queen. I fumigated the room but it doesn’t look like it affected her at all. Is it because it is too huge? One after another, large, about the size of a big Boston bag, 『Lightning Bee Lv 87』 , are charging at me at high speed wrapped in electricity. Do they have a resistance to fumigation? Smoke resistance? No, most of them are on the floor, so there must be some kind of individual differences.

The bees are large even at the size of travelling bag, but 『Lightning Queen Bee Lv 87』is just HUGE! About the same size as a small truck. No wonder the room is so big. And that huge bee charged at me, which I dodged by jumping to the side. Was it trying to sting me? Or to ram? Or rather, isn’t the stinger thicker than my arm? Or even my leg? Hey, do you even need lightning? Ram and Sting are all the moves you need! Any enemy would be long dead before they feel the shock!

Armored Pres also was attacked, but she avoided the attack at the minimum distance, and with that movement slowing into spinning once, followed it up with a horizontal slash. Meanwhile, I’m rolling around beside her……

Since it was very vexing, I spam Water Ball, while still rolling around.

「So it doesn’t like water after all? Is it afraid of getting wet? Because it’s a queen or something?」

Drenched in water the Lightning Queen Bee fell to the ground, and only flapped its mouth, seemingly unable to fly back up. It might’ve short-circuited? And then, its head was chopped off in one slash. Of course, it was Armored President who did that. By the way, I’m still rolling around.

「Hmm? As expected, there is nothing I can do when the enemy overwhelms with SpE? Should I have went with long-range magic attacks? Wait, come to think of it, Lightning Queen Bee had no magic resistance? I could’ve just taken care of her with magic from afar?」

Ah, my bad. I got used to hitting things with a stick lately, but it’s not like I have a close combat job. Or rather, I’m jobless, I have nothing, no job at all!

However, in just one step she managed to dodge the attack, prepare for the attack, and finish the slash…… By the time she finished that one step, she already completed the attack. All in one continuous motion. That is 「Kyojitsu」. My step in and attack cannot even begin to compare. A completely different thing. All movements, dodge, attack, are all finished in one movement. All other actions are omitted, leaving only one, the fastest, the shortest, and the most effective motion. That is the real 『Kyojitsu』. Yeah, and it’s not the time for me to be rolling on the ground, I should get up. My back is starting to hurt.

「Yahooo! A treasure chest! Though it’s of a normal size despite the room being so big… The enemy was so huge, but the chest is normal…… Rather, it even looks small to me now.」

What a letdown. After so much trouble, a normal treasure chest? Well, even though I was just rolling around? I was rolling for my dear life… I’m amazing for dodging that! That is what I thought, but someone beside me also managed to slash during the dodge. Compared to that, I just look like an idiot, rolling around. Of course, I’m going to roll more from frustration. Though I was just rolling around…

Actually, since I have 『Gauntlets of Contradiction – Left: Negate Physical/Magic Attacks on Contact』, on my left hand couldn’t I just stop it with my hand? It probably would’ve looked super cool? But it was so scary! A charge from a minitruck sized bee! Its stinger was extremely thick! Well, even if I did catch it and negated the physical damage, I probably still would’ve been sent flying from the collision, so it’s fine I guess? I still would’ve been rolling on the ground in either case.

Should I respond to the one-spin slash by creating my own rolling slash? Though I’d hate it if it became an actual skill. Rolling around the enemy while attacking…… Let’s not. This move is too dangerous both in terms of looks and the possible effect on the favorability rating.

Sulking and pouting I open the box. Just open it…… What’s even the point of that 『Magic Key Lv Max』? Why does this world raise so many useless flags?

Hmm? 『Blessed Bangle, Alleviate Curses and Misfortune (Can be Equipped only Once)』Will it work on the curse of sermon as well? What about the misfortune of scoldings? 「Silver Armor」that Skeleton?-san is currently wearing has「Cursed: Fuses with Flesh」, while she claims that it is fine, and she has no flesh, it is indeed a curse, and then, there is also the matter with that darkness when she was on the lowest floor. Heavy, deep, abysmal darkness. A grudge? Hatred? Sadness? Suffering? That was something way different! That also could be a curse. But well, there is no doubt that it was a form of misfortune? Though right now the darkness is gone and she appears to be a very lively? Skeleton? Eh? Is that even a skeleton? But anyway, it doesn’t mean that things will stay this way forever? And there is no way to confirm what that darkness is really gone. And it also seems that the item can’t be reequipped……

「Here. It’s better to get a blessing? Probably? You had it tough until now? It seems?」

She stares intently at me. There are no eyes though. Respectfully taking it with both hands, she then kneeled down on one knee and put the bangle to her chest like a very precious item. There is something knight-like in those movements. She should’ve retired from being a dullahan though? Well, if she likes it then it’s a good thing. It was another gorgeous item, so it should suit her. And also, the blessed part makes me wonder if that god is involved, which gives me nothing but a bad premonition…… I don’t remember that old geezer doing anything good.

「Now then, next is 87F? No, wait, this is 87F. Above us is 86F. Right, 86F…… Out of 100 floors, we only passed 14……」

I wonder how the people that subjugate dungeons do it? Steadily and slowly? Diligently planning ahead and advancing through honest everyday effort? Why do such people even turn to adventuring in the first place? This world is so mysterious.

Ehhm, a fluffy yellow fur with black stripes? It’s a tiger!

『Mirage Tiger Lv 86』, huh. It must be using illusions or phantoms? So I have to defeat tigers that are strong even without any illusions while being under the effect of illusions? And there are probably more than 30 of them? Even though the tigers are considered the strongest among the mammals? Fight the illusion-using tigers? Can’t those be just cats? Please? I will tame them.

Since it can’t get any worse anyway, I created a bunch of boxes on 86F with Earth Magic. Time for dinner. Let’s have a fish.

After consuming the fish I check on 86F with Detect Presence…… Yes, they were cats after all. I guess a small comfy box was too alluring for them. Everyone got into the boxes…… They might be big and ferocious, but they are still cats…… I close the lid on them.

……Okay, let’s go up.




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