Chapter 128: Treated like a highschool boy who stalked a petite girl, made her cry, and gave her sweets brought her to the inn with him where he got scolded.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 47 – Daytime, Streets of Omui Town

I delivered the lunchboxes to the girls and gave an allowance to Armored Pres-san.

But the money will soon return to me. After all, Armored Pres-san is reporting to me what everyone wants and desires. As such, I was working super hard in secret. Because I need money. Yup, when they found out that I’m staying in the inn on the tab they scolded me really hard and forced me to pay from my savings.

But the girls currently diving into the dungeon are earning very well, so if I were to make something aimed at them it would definitely sell. That’s because modern design clothes, which I have a monopoly on, will completely sell out. Right at this moment, the girls must be getting all their money ripped off them. Yes, this promises huge profits.

That’s why I’m currently on my own.

Luckily, since Armored Pres-san was taken by the girls, she can enjoy things to her heart’s content as well.

Simply following me around is not fun at all.

Or rather, I’m getting followed?

A tail? A stalker?

What’s fun about stalking a high school boy?

I don’t feel malice or bloodthirst from them, so there is probably no danger though?

They are trying hard, hiding their presence, and using Stealth, but since I can use『Space Perception』they are plainly visible to me.

With『Rajingan』I can even see what is happening behind me, you know? If it was a dude I would’ve burned him with no mercy, but judging by the response from 『Space Perception』it’s someone of a small build, so probably a girl?

Since there is no malice or bloodthirst, then what is going on? Ma-maybe, love? D-did my period of popularity come? Is this the rumored so-called fan club? Does she need my autograph? I actually practiced in the past, so I’m quite good at this. I have a total of 5 signatures, which one does she want? Does she have an autograph board? No, if she needs my autograph, I can even buy one for her! I’m serious.

But all she does is look? Is she watching over me? No, maybe observing? Could it be that she is not after an autograph? If she asks right now I’ll even add a handshake as a bonus? I mean, the one following me is most likely a girl? Well, there is also a possibility that it is a child, but I don’t think many children follow people around while erasing their presence and using 『Stealth』? So it must be a member of my club formed with the arrival of my popularity phase, awaiting the chance to press me for the autograph?

Well, unlikely. It would be a bit scary if that was the case. I mean, just imagine if fan clubs consisted of girls that erase their presence and tail people with 『Stealth』? All Idols would end up with nervous breakdowns. That’s too scary! Yeah, nope, no way.

Okay, no need to buy an autograph board it seems… Even though I have 5 signatures…

She just keeps following me around everywhere I go, but what is this? Is this an actual stalking? Or maybe orcking? Just kidding, no way an orc king can follow me around the town. Or rather, gatekeepers would need a serious sermon in such a case! How the hell can you just let an orc king pass!

「Heya, do you need something? Are you a robber or something? I don’t have any money though? For real, not a penny? If you want to rob me, go and tell them to give me more allowance! At this rate, I might rob someone myself! I was robbed even before I met any robbers. I guess that’s why I never have any money?」

No reply. Now I look like an idiot, talking into the air? C’mon, it hurts my heart… But if I were to chase after a stalker, won’t I become a stalker myself? Ah! A highschool boy stalking a petite girl! Whoa, that was close! That was a trap! My affection rating was about to disappear among the stars. Hm, but wouldn’t that count as a rise of affection rating? Even if it were to rise so high I can’t even see it? It kind of seems like it might disappear like a falling star, so let’s not go there. My Affection Rating is probably even more fleeting than a passing comet.

Well, there is no harm if she is just going to follow me around, but she’ll be in danger when Armored Pres-san comes back. She is very overprotective… Even in dungeons, she is just clearing the monsters in my surroundings. Those mass killings are just the results of her overprotectiveness… The stalker is in serious danger!

「Heey, do you want something? Are you a mugger? All my valuables were seized already, so there is nothing to take? For real?! Yeah, if you have a problem, tell that to Avarice-san. I might mug someone myself. No matter how much I earn, all my money just disappears as I tribute it to her… That’s why I have nothing of value on me… I’m quite serious. 」

No reply. Now I’m pretty much confirmed as a weirdo who talks to himself! It really hurts… But Am I going to be stalked by a petite girl who I’m stalking? What the hell is that! Why do I have to be branded as a stalker? At the very least, can’t it be an alluring lady instead of a petite girl?

「Hey, hey, aren’t you going to reply? Are you going to just ignore me? Talking all on my own hurts extremely hard… I’m bleeding my Affection Rating from this! Or rather what is this? Are you ignoring me because I have no affection rating? Without it, I can’t even get a reply from a girl?! I mean, my Affection Rating went peddling, it can’t be found even in a dungeon anymore? For real? Kind of?」

「…Errrr, how are you finding me even though I’m trying to hide? Why are you finding me and getting angry even though I’m hiding? And I don’t get what you are saying at all? At the very least you have to speak without fooling around, or I will have no way to reply? Also, I won’t lend you any money.」

Woow, Flat Gaze Stalker-san! That’s a nice stalker! I mean, she has a flat gaze. Yup? Flat Gaze indeed. I have plenty of things to say, but if she is going to stalk me with a Flat Gaze then she is more than welcome! I wonder how much this service costs? Are there coupons for Flat Gaze Stalking? If possible I’d like to pay with mushrooms or clubs.

「You don’t get it? I’m the one who doesn’t get it! Why my Affection Rating has to join the stars since I’m stalking a petite girl stalking me just because I chased after a stalker? Why am I getting ignored and complaints when I’m asking serious questions? Also, just because you are such a good stalker-san don’t you think I won’t buy stalking tickets! Oh, I will. For real.」

「Ah, enough! I want to go home! I can’t investigate such a weirdo! I don’t get what he is saying, yet the more he talks the less I understand! I was only tailing, and somehow I’m a stalker now! How are you going to buy tickets if you have no money?! And I don’t sell any stalking tickets!! UWwaaaaaaaah」」

The stalker suddenly broke down in tears? Looks like she wants to go home? Then why was she shadowing me instead? Was she just lost? Rather, isn’t it a problem for a highschool boy to stalk little girls, making them cry? Or rather, why is she even crying? Maybe she is hungry? Is she actually lost after all?

「Soo goood! Yummy, yummy yummy. Thank you, it was delicious! I never tried anything so good before, but I’m not lost, and I wasn’t crying because I was hungry or anything. But it was yummy!」

Sweet potatoes stopped her crying. But how I turned into a highschool boy who stalked a little girl to the point of tears and then stopped her from crying by giving her sweets… Somehow, it sounds even more suspicious now!

If I return to the inn for help I’ll end up as 『A highschool boy, who stalked a little girl made her cry, and then gave her sweets and brought her to the inn with him』, but at this point, it’s not a big difference. It seems this girl doesn’t understand me, so I’ll ask for a translator. Translator President probably already returned.

「The mystery of the stalker case somehow deepened instead of resolving, turning into a whole new dungeon! The mystery deepened, or rather dungeoned, so hard that it turned into a dungeon master before becoming a dungeon? But the dungeon master is a sweet potato and doesn’t sell tickets! What a surprise, right?」

Why am I getting scolded? Why am I being treated like『A highschool boy who chasing a stalker stalked a petite girl, making her cry, and giving her sweets brought her to the inn with him』? I can’t comprehend it.

「Soo, in short, there is a very dangerous person in this town, so there was a request to investigate if this person is a threat or not, but since this person is very dangerous, it was decided that instead of sending someone strong, it would be better to send someone who won’t be noticed, thus you were chosen, and you investigated him, but you didn’t understand what is going on at all and ended up crying?」



「How is that my fault?! I only gave her a sweet potato since she was following me? I simply thought that she is a lost child and is hungry. Look, I didn’t do anything. I’m innocent!」

「To begin with, you are the one who can’t be understood without a translation. And since when did I become Translation President?!」

How did it end up like this?

「I only spoke to the stalker that was following me and gave her a sweet potato? Not a fried potato, okay? What did I do wrong? After all, that obviously was the timing for a sweet potato. I mean, she happily ate it? Yeah, since it’s so yummy?」


Yup, it’s delicious? I mean, I did nothing wrong, after all?




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