Chapter 144: I’m in the clothing industry every night, so no matter how shocked I was by the loss of the clothing industry, I’m innocent.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 49 – Nighttime, White Weirdo Inn.

Kakizaki-kun’s group and Haruka-kun are trying to push a very insect-like themed armor called『Battle Shell Armor』 that was left by the dungeon master, onto each other. Yup, that’s gross! Kakizaki-kun, who almost had it forcibly put on him, is escaping by crawling around, so he must really hate it. The girls are also completely creeped out. Other items from that dungeon seem to be dubious as well. Who could’ve expected that all of them will turn out to have an insect-themed design? Is that a bug leg spear? Please don’t pull something like that out in the dining hall?

And then, the report.

「Since everyone except earthworms died, the identity of the dungeon master that was residing on the 47th floor is unknown. Also, while it was an insect dungeon, the 46th floor above it had weapons lying beside the magic stones. Since it had spiderweb, it probably was a spider-type monster, but since they all were annihilated by then, we don’t know what it was.」

「That’s just a scam, isn’t it? Putting earthworms into an insect dungeon is basically a betrayal to earthworms? For real. But the insecticide herb from the general store works really well, you know? On middle floors, it can take out anything except for roaches? It seems? And if I meet a giant roach I’m instantly scramming! Absolutely!」

Looks like he’s done it again. The dungeon was killed, but the identity of the dungeon master is unknown, monster distribution is unknown, simply adding to the pile of unresolved cases? Last time it was drowning, and now poisoning? And to think of it, in the Great Dungeon, it was an abduction!

「「「The weapons lying on the 46th floor, was there nothing else?! Was there no armor?!」」」

Hm? For some reason, Oda-kun and others jumped at some weird point? Is there something important about it? Oda-kun’s group is the most knowledgeable on the matters of this world, so there must be some deeper meaning. Everyone listened, holding their breath.

「Yeah, just weapons. Swords, spears, and also shields of standard size? Is there a problem?」

「「「Aaaah, it could’ve been Arachnes. And they all were annihilated, dead before you even saw them…」」」

Oda-kun’s group is wailing? Arachnes? Is that some kind of valuable monster? Perhaps good monsters? What is going on? Even Haruka-kun seems to be deeply shaken?!

「Arachne you said? That arachne?!」

「No, there was no armor! There was none…」

「Haruka! What color is your blood!」

「Seriously? But are arachnes… Bugs? Would they really be in an insect dungeon? Ah, NO AAAAARMOR!! WISH I COULD SEE THAT!!!」

All of the boys are in uproar! This is huge! Ah, but Angelica-san is watching them with a flat gaze. Does she know what is going on? Let’s ask her.

Uhhh…? So it’s a spider woman? The upper part is that of a woman… No armor? Aa~ah, that’s GUILTY.

(Sermon in process. Please wait for a while.)

「「「You are the worst! Just what are you seeking from bugs?!」」」

Yeah, that turned out to be the worst. Arachne-san is a 『Spider Girl』, apparently well known as typically having a woman’s torso and the body of a spider below the waist. And they were armed, but without any armor, in other words, topless. A sexy-type monster girl, or so they say. They need a good scolding! How indecent, bringing up such a thing during a meeting!

Haruka-kun, in his usual fashion, is the only one refusing to admit his crimes. According to him, Arachne-san is a human woman that appeared in Greek mythology, who was so good at weaving that could rival even Athena, who governed over it. A very skilled weaver.

「Everyone keeps ordering custom-made clothes, right? I’m getting swamped, you know? And Arachne-san can handle it from the weaving stage? Fully custom-made, fabric included! A spider girl-san can make yarn? Even threads can be an order-made, full custom! And she has a lot of hands? Right, when I’m so short handed it will be a wonderful addition of 2 arms and 8 spider arms! See, it’s very important! I was simply shocked by the damage to the clothing industry, lamenting the loss! I mean, I am in the clothing industry every night? If I tamed one, we could’ve had mass production of attires as well! The variation would increase while prices get low! See? I’m innocent?」

That is what he is insisting on. Those words caused a big disturbance among the girls, stopping the sermon, after all, a large cloth variation at a low price is a clincher. A splendid argument. Hitting the opponent’s weak spot while simultaneously justifying his own claims, a knockout clincher. A very logical defense that left no failures to exploit for a counterargument.

But you know? Weren’t you the one shouting『Ah, NO AAAAARMOR!! 』? The presence or absence of armor has nothing to do with the clothing industry, does it? That’s as good as a confession? This decides it as a monster girl peeping attempt, okay? GUILTY!

(Additional sermon in process. Please wait for a little while more.)

Aside from the sermon part, the meeting progressed smoothly, but there were two groups that turned back on floor 49 of their respective dungeons, judging that the Floor Master is too dangerous. We are the same, so that’s three floor master battles. Tomorrow we are going to attack floor masters together and also have Haruka-kun search for hidden rooms, so it’s going to get very busy, especially for Haruka-kun.

While Haruka-kun couldn’t be bothered to report to the lord, so much so that he bribed the Stalker Girl with sweets, sending her there in his stead and staying to bum around, he is actually very busy.

He must need help with production, but even though we have a few in possession of the Alchemy skill, Haruka-kun is the only one who can use it on a practical level. For everything else, we are of no help at all.

Haruka-kun seems to be the most skilled in clothes making and also has a good fashion sense. Even if we tried to assist, sewing by hand is one thing, but there is no one who can help with his mass production through magic. Even searching for materials is a task that only Haruka-kun can do.

Food too, we can’t search and process ingredients the way he does. After all, making food is one thing, but there is no way anyone knows how to make ketchup from scratch, not to mention cooking by using magic.

He is also getting requests for civil engineering. We have other Earth and Elemental magic users, but none can do construction or architecture work. First of all, they can’t read blueprints.

Additionally, he is helping with stocking the general store and the weapons store, as well as teaching them management, financing them, giving purchasing instructions, and producing merchandise for them. That’s impossible? How can he do all that?

That’s why he is so busy.

Since he doesn’t have a combat job he might as well go into crafting, but it’s always Haruka-kun who is killing dungeons. Be it insecticide, flooding, or metal dissolution, others can’t do that.

And he is also the master of our greatest combat asset and tutor, Angelica-san. She also seems to be against acting independently, so she is sulking a bit at the moment.

That being the case, from dawn Haruka-kun acts as if he has a combat job, killing dungeons on his own, and at night is supporting the whole town’s economy working as a crafter? That’s absurd, but he keeps doing it day after day?

And yet, despite being so busy, he takes time to make equipment for everyone as well.

Rings, bracelets, and even normal clothes before that, all had various effects added. He even sold dungeon weapons cheaply. He is supporting everything all on his own.

But even so.

You can’t go for Arachne-san!

Even Angelica-san is angry?

Shimazaki-san and the others look like they are about to bite?

This is developing into a hierarchy problem among the tamed?

If you tame one anyway, you have to make her wear clothes!

Uugh, a huge variation of clothes at a low price.




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