Chapter 246: A trial product that resulted from valuable study turned out to be a failure, but it still has a great worth

Day 61 – Nighttime, Murimuri Castle.

With the war about to break out, there is no such a thing as going too far with equipment which one will have to entrust their life to. If one’s fate depends on it, then no matter how slim it might improve the chances, I’ll still accept any order that might help to make that improvement. But this has nothing to do with it, does it? With the war I mean?

「I’m telling you it’s impossible, why would anyone demand amphibious functionality from a bra? That’s just a bikini! Just change your clothes? Why are you trying to live an amphibious life with nothing but one set of underwear? Were you not so secretly amphibian? But Fish Girl’s parents were fishes, so she should be a sea creature? Are you sure it’s alright to suddenly go out on land like that? Well, humanity also evolved from fishes that came to the land? So do your best? I guess?」

「「We are terrestrial! Just like everyone else!」」

I mean, for a bikini I’ll have to consider water resistance in calculations too, but more importantly, a highschool boy measuring girls in wet underwear is too crazy! And speaking of water resistance, wardrobe malfunction is a certain possibility too? Sudden exposure is a problem, but『Dripping Wet Underwear』by itself is a good enough cause for concern. Even if it’s for the sake of bikini development, getting two high school girls in underwear wet for the sake of it is already no good. Yeah, I’m pretty sure there is an issue? I wonder what Affection Rating is? Is it edible?

And while the Nudist Girl is fine, the Fish Girl is quite big, in other words, the water resistance is large too. Creating a prototype will be extremely hard. And a big schoolgirl in dripping wet underwear will surely make a highschool boy extremely hard too. Well, anyway, this can wait until after we are done with measurements and making bras and shorts. I mean, making them amphibious all of a sudden is impossible?

Well, I did want to eventually make swimsuits for those two. I did, but there are still no pools or sea, and the river is too close to the Evil Forest to be considered safe, although goblins aren’t coming anywhere near the river, and if it’s on the outskirts of the forest, being over level 100 they should be able to beat monsters of about level 5 even barehanded. But they will be too defenseless, and there is also a threat of wardrobe malfunction, and I’m sure if it were to take place they’ll surely rush to lecture me! That definitely would be gobs fault, but the one who will end up getting scolded is me?

In fact, swimsuit’s material is quite a mystery? I don’t quite understand the structure too, but the material is a total enigma. It wasn’t waterproof, and I’m pretty sure it’s not water repelling either. What was the purpose for which such material was chosen? Does it have to be non-transparent? And also stretching? But I also heard that if it absorbed too much water this could lead to drowning? So water repelling material might be needed? It might also be necessary for it to dry quickly to reduce chilliness, or have some sort of warmth preservation function. Let’s have Armored Pres-san participate in the trial manufacture, study, and experimental use. Definitely.

Would it be enough to apply magic stone dust coating to a cloth and add 『Waterproof』or『Water Repelling』? But elasticity must be important too. It might come off if it’s too loose. As for the design, since those two are going to swim for real, it should be either a competitive swimsuit or a school swimsuit. Thinking normally, competitive swimsuits should be just fine, but the order that came from the Nudist Girl was for a school swimsuit? Does she have some kind of obsession? The geeks certainly would obsess over this, but if asked for an opinion they’ll keep talking for three days non-stop, so it’s better not to. I mean, they are usually no different from air, but when knee socks came up they kept talking for 7 days straight?

Thinking such things I distract my mind from the information fed back by『Magic Hands』. For a highschool boy the tactile sensation called information is pretty crazy. And the 3d model created by 『Apex Thinking』-san through『Space Perception』is an issue too. I’m sure the craziness issue is about to explode tonight, which must’ve been prophesied as a great high school boy eruption. Not sure if it’s going to be the greatest one in history, since I’m not measuring or observing, but considering that 『High Sexual Vigor』is about to level up, it might hit the greatest level so far.

「Can’t you make something that would push up or make it appear bigger? Maybe pumping up with air? Rather, a magic-powered bra sounds so strong!」

「As a highschool boy I can barely forgive push up bras, but inflating or magic-powered bras are absolutely out of the question! Those are heinous and deceitful camouflage tactics that trample highschool boys’ pure and fleeting dreams! Kind of!」

Magic-power bra, huh… Sounds like it might be capable of transformation or gattai! But if bras from five girls were to merge into one big bra, then the remaining four will remain no bra? If they pull off something like that during combat all of the boys will be out of commission? Yeah, too dangerous, has to be banned! [1]

Now, it’s been five people already, with those two it makes it seven. By now it’s fine to say that I got used to this. Even if they go 「Ah」or「Hyan」or「Kya」or「Nmm」or「Ahhh……」or「Unm……」or「Mmm」or「Aun!」or「Ah, ah, ah」or「KYaan!」during the measurement, I’m already used to— as if it’s ever possible to get used to this!「Kyan!」is quite something, but「Ah, Ah, Ah」and「Mnm……」are really bothering me! Also, Armored Pres-san, could you kindly stop moving the fingers that cover my eyes at that timing? You are definitely doing this on purpose, aren’t you? I mean, the timing at which you are opening the fingers is too perfect every single time? That’s surely a trap to set me up for another sermon!

And like usual, when it came to the lower body measurements, the great hardships that can’t be expressed in simple『Kyaun!』had to be overcome, until we finally arrived at the correction and adjustments phase, but both Fish Girl and Nudist girl are bright red by now, faces and bodies alike, steam is almost coming from them? A steam engine?

「If no issues surface during correction and adjustments then we’ll go with this, okay? And since I understand the form now, I can make some swimsuit samples, if you are fine with trial products? I can do only racing swimsuits or school swimsuits, but I don’t know the design at all, so explain it to me, even if only in rough detail? 」


They are happier about this than the underwear. They had already sunk to the floor in complete exhaustion, breathing heavily, but one word about swimsuits and they fully recovered.

As I thought, they really wanted to swim all this time. This must be the first time in their lives that they were unable to swim for so long.

They were in water every day, spending all their time swimming. After all, even their parents are sea creatures.

For starters, I’ll try to make prototypes with the provided designs. No idea if this is a school swimsuit with open backs or a racing swimsuit, but I’ll give it a shot. Jersey knit lacks elasticity and will also stretch? A tighter knit~ hm, I guess this will do? It does kind of resemble a swimsuit?

「Try these on, I’ll get a bucket and water, try getting them wet too and tell me your thoughts? I’ve never made them before, so I have no idea how it turned out? Or rather, if a highschool boy had experience in making school swimsuits it would’ve been an issue worth reporting to the police, wait, and no I do have that experience! This is an issue! 」

The two immediately tried them on, and I diligently make adjustments with 『Magic Hands』. Since those are swimsuits the blindfold was released, so I confirm the results with my own eyes and the shrinkage rate might be too much? They stick to the body too much, revealing outlines of various parts… I wonder if the material was too thin? This might be a problem, but the person in charge of blindfolding is ignoring this?

「The size is perfect. Design is perfectly according to the order. I think it should be nice for swimming?」

「Looks great! I want to go for a swim in this already! Isn’t this fine already? It looks properly done?」

Is it? Making a bucket of about two meters in diameter, so both of them can lie down, I pour water into it. It’s not big enough to stretch the arms out, but that’s the most that can fit into this room, so it can’t be helped.

「「A pool!」」

No, a pool is too much. The room isn’t large enough for that?

The water rose to 50cm at best, but the two already got in and were lying down splashing around, checking how it would be to move in those. Those are swimsuits, so the blindfold was no more… But we totally didn’t think this through. I was taking swimsuits way too lightly, that’s right, those are swimming suits, so they are meant to be submerged in water! To plainly state the summary of the conclusion as it is… They become transparent and shrank, they are tightened, totally biting into the skin. So swimsuits become see-through as they shrink? Yeah, that was very educational… But it became a bit of a situation? For starters, let’s call back the person in charge of blindfold. I’m sure this is R-18 stuff, so it’s risky in highschool boy terms? Yeah, and when she keeps making gaps between fingers? Well, it’s a bit too late for this anyway?


(Currently being scolded)

I’m under a super heavy Flat Gaze. While being stared at I use the acquired experience to make another attempt. The Fish Girl is glaring at me with a flat gaze full of tears, but I’m super diligently working on using the accumulated experience. I mean, it’s Crying Flat Gaze.

The fibers became thinner by absorbing water, and with the addition of shrinking vertically, that outrageous School Girls in Dripping Wet See-Through Digging Into Those and Such Places Swimsuits Incidents took place. Then, it becomes necessary to add the waterproof property to the fibers themselves, leaving the material still perfectly elastic, but preventing it from shrinking from water contact. No choice but to make some samples and test their performance.

Making the fabric twice as thick to counter transparency and shrinkage, I try a few different knitting approaches to prevent shrinkage while still retaining elasticity, soak the samples in water, then calculate and memorize contraction rate for each one of them with 『Apex Thinking』-san. Could it be that school swimsuits actually were incredibly hi-tech? Combining a few different fibers of various elasticity I continue trial and error with『Apex Thinking』, searching for the most optimal one, looking for the perfect cross between the comfort of use and wear.

I guess this is the best one? Combining around five patterns in the fabric, I tried pulling and stretching it in water, but this seems to be the most suitable one as swimsuit material. Cutting it up, I sewed it into swimsuits.

And now, trying them on. This time, accounting for the possibility of failure I equip the standard Blindfold Pres-san. But it should be alright. The calculations gave pretty good numbers. I even employed mana coating technology, so I think the result isn’t that inferior to the ones from our world?

(Splash-Splash, Splash-Splash)

「It’s amazing! It’s totally fine even in water, this could’ve sold even in our world! You could become the exclusive supplier for swimmers!」

Exclusive supplier, huh, do you know just how tough those measurements are? Weren’t you on the floor, completely drained, after experiencing it first hand? Also, male swimmers are an absolute no! I refuse! I mean, butt-naked measurements? If a man showed up I’ll tear it off!

「Yeah, this looks amazing! It’s easy to move, and it doesn’t feel heavier from soaking up water? It might be even better than the material used for racing swimsuits? 」

Well, I’m pretty sure magic or skills are forbidden on racing swimsuits. However, those swimsuits should neither absorb water nor suffer from behind dragged by water current, inhibiting movements. Alright, now let’s make some for Armored Pres-san for the sake of our nighttime swim. Naturally, using the very first material? That, in a certain way, or rather, in a highschool boy’s way, was pretty amazing too! And coincidentally, there is a huge bucket awaiting its turn, so from a highschool boy’s point of view, I guess it’s finally lotion time! The War of The Bucket is about to begin!

I’m glad that both Nudist Girl and Fish Girl liked the swimsuits. I also can understand that they are so overjoyed at the thought of being able to swim again that they can’t help themselves, but let’s not horse around in wet school swimsuits in front of a boy? It’s pretty crazy? I mean, it’s really crazy in highschool boy terms. I’m rather serious. Well, they left while still happily wearing them, so it’s fine, I guess. But is it really fine to roam around the castle in wet school swimsuits though?

And the wet and slippery nighttime battle of the bucket with the shrinking and transparent racing swimsuit in the slimy lotion pool was absolutely wonderful. The paradise was here all along! And as was predicted beforehand, she was super mad afterwards. But I’m going to treasure this heavenly bucket until the next time!


[TL Notes:
[1] Gattai – Popularized by Japanese giant robot type shows, the term literally refers to the act of merging two separate entities. It is often interchangeable with similar terms such as fusion, combination, joining, etc. Just think of the combination sequence from power rangers.

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