Chapter 303

Chapter 303: I love looking at leotards, but putting one and joining in is a bit much, or rather, there is no demand for that.

Day 73 – Nighttime, The Capital, Souvenir Store Orphanage Branch

It’s bath time, bath time. No, I’m not taking part in DANCE REVO?

I mean, I don’t have a leotard? I mean, I do have some in my item bag, but those are Armored Pres-san’s, so while I do have some, they aren’t mine, and I’m not going to wear one, or rather, there is no demand for that!

Certainly, it’s difficult to let go of the chance to see 20 highschool girls in leotards, with regrets crystallizing into a trial, if there was a paid spectator seat I wouldn’t be against purchasing a ticket, but joining them is impossible. Cheering them on from the bushes is better.

「Phaah~, taking a bath ahead of everyone~, wait when did you get here, Slime-san?! Ah~, if it’s jiggle jiggle then it can’t be helped, but since you regularly wash, you are constantly in a freshly cleaned state! Well, it feels good so whatever~?」

(Bounce Bounce)

They must’ve burned so much from really SUPER MANIAC to SSR (STEP STEP REVOLUTION) that even the cosmos was scorched. Dancing Girl memorized everything after seeing it only once. But that’s HELL Mode!

But during the training, Dancing Girl was only dancing, without playing tricks or attacking the girls, while the girls were pushed around in aerobic exercise until hitting their limit, and then collapsed after switching to high-speed anaerobic exercise, dropping in droves.

Even if they can’t learn those steps, they at least should learn the footwork and defensive body movements. A footwork allowing to trifle with 20 levels 100 as a level 1 has a new, different potential hidden within. I mean, even Armored Pres-san is learning? But with DANCE REVO being followed by belly dance it’s rather hard to join in? Outfit-wise.

And while I was once again beaten up by Armored Pres-san, the results were amazing. Until now I was getting beaten up without any idea what is going on, but now I’ve been reborn! I was able to get beaten up while having an idea of what is going on! Well, I got beaten up anyway, but this time my mind was able to keep up with the Armored Pres-san’s speed, and Rajingan provided the visuals, in other words, I was taking hits while thinking 『ah, that’s where this is going to hit』 or 『Ah, if I don’t evade this, I’m going to eat an entire combo』, it was a beating but one with comprehension. Is it my imagination that it hurts more this way?

The information is being analyzed with 『Wisdom』’s thought fragmentation and parallel high speed processing, which greatly boosted thought speed and data processing ability, plus the effects of new gear.

It must’ve been level up and a new item that I slotted into the staff 『Staff of Absolute Boundary – 30% UP ALL, Sorcery Mastery, Absolute Boundary, Seal, MP Increase』 and plus 『Wisdom』synergy, but 『Magic Wrapping』’s nature has changed. I felt more refined. I still can’t control it, but at the very least it’s now possible to predict what is about to happen. In other words, a possibility of controlling 『Random Attack』 has finally emerged, and the path to 『Kyojitsu』 also has opened. Well, trying to advance through that newly opened path got me beaten up and I even got a heavy debuff to movement from an iron ball that wouldn’t allow me to walk, but it hurts?

If I used even more abilities at once it would’ve put my body at risk. Let’s not think about what posed a greater danger, my abilities or the iron ball.

Most likely, 『Mana Mastery』-type that I possess and 『Sorcery Mastery』 on Staff of Absolute Boundary are of different type. Most likely magic-type skills like 『Teleportation』, 『Gravity』 or 『Atomic Manipulation』 were the cause of Magic Wrapping going out of control, and they now were brought under control, and being applied to 『Magic Wrapping』 with even better controlled 『Holding』 magic, a semblance of actual mastery had appeared. But all of that was possible because of 『Wisdom』 capable of processing all of it.

I can finally see the path ahead. With this I won’t end up losing the strength to fight. It doesn’t matter if it’s all just trickery, deception, or illusion, as long as I can fight it’s all good. I thought that if I can make Pres and others into walking Cheats all will be safe and sound, and I get to retire to the life of ease and comfort, but I was naive. The Pres and others are too honest and direct for this world.

(Jiggle Jiggle)

I’ve properly warmed up, Slime-san seems to have finished the 600 seconds countdown. Let’s get out.

Stepping out of the bath and trying some control practice named side job, it seems that my power has finally awakened. Infinite hands might not be possible, but I can now handle it without external aid.

Looks like the flow of the battle has changed! The divine wind is blowing for me!

The battle is not the numbers, the numbers are the battle! Fufufufu.

And looks like the Girls-only Gathering is over. Advancing from the flanks to encircle me, they must be aiming to overwhelm me using the time window when I’m not wearing the mantle.

Grasping the amber right hand, and white left hand, I tightly lock with them, that’s right, I can hold them!

Two tentacles grasped opposite hands of the two, checking and holding them back.

Then, as the long snow-white and amber legs are stretching to twine around me, the tentacles coiling around them instead. They don’t have the same versatility as Magic Hands, but that can be compensated with numbers!

Since I wasn’t wearing the black mantle they must’ve thought that they had won. Certainly, I can’t use 『Infinite Magic Hands』 without the mantle. But now, having obtained 『Wisdom』, even if upper tier 『Magic Hands』 are impossible, I still can use 『Tentacles』 even without the mantle’s 『Infinite Magic Hands』, controlling them from 『Magic Wrap』. Naturally, even after restraining their limbs, I still have lots of tentacles to spare, and this great lot of tentacles can fight freely squirming around and with a nice added bonus of Vibration Magic too!

While 『Magic Wrapping』 gave an overall boost to everything, control-type and perception-types received an especially great buff, giving an accurate grasp on a wide spectrum of information. An astounding cognitive ability capable of instantly processing the flood of information provided by Rajingan, sorting, quantifying and datafying it.

In other words, all of the Armored Pres-san’s and Dancing Girl’s weak points are being exposed. From the neck to the back and from the stomach to the waist, huh, from Inguinal ligament to Anterior superior iliac spine? What a maniac weak point! Let’s try play-biting a bit?

(Nibble Nibble)

「…Ah. (*Drop*)」

It is a weak point!

(Lick Lick)

「…Hya (*Drop*)」

Their number advantage was completely overturned. It’s fine to even call this one-sided. They are being overwhelmed in this battle. I mean, they have collapsed twitching? Let’s dig in?

And turning this into one on one I defeat them the moment they try to get up , intercepting them individually I engage in a series of skirmishes over and over again, preventing them from fully recovering, instantly making them go down as they come up. Finally, coming to another world, I obtained highschool boy power to defeat two Dungeon Emperor class opponents at once! Only at night, but I’ve got it? During the day I’m getting another beating?

And the name of that power is 『Sex King』. With 『High Sexual Vigor Lv MaX』 and 『Insatiable Libido Lv MaX』 they finally fused and evolved into a higher tier skill. Changing into 『Lewd Techniques Lv 1』, and in the titles appeared 『Sex King Lv 1』?

And they come with stamina, recovery, observation, and techniques bonuses? I guess the combination of 『Rajingan』, 『Wisdom』, 『Magic Wrapping』, and 『Magic Hands』 gave birth to a new power, wait, what the hell does this world even want me to do? If nothing, then why call me in the first place? Well, I’m glad that I came though, in more ways than once, no, I didn’t want to come? But this is a very good thing? (Rub Rub)

Now, let’s do some side job while they are still downed. I still have plenty of clothes I need to make for Dancing Girl.

She is probably lonely, being suddenly awakened and set free in a world that doesn’t have anyone she knew left. She is getting along with the girls, taking part in Girls-only Gatherings, but there is no way her uneasiness has dissipated by now. That’s why she keeps entangling me and pushing me down, she has no intention of having a talk.

But if I make tons of stuff for her, dress her up, and feed her tons of delicious stuff, getting her to have fun with everyone, her loneliness might fade a bit. Sorrow and loneliness can never completely disappear, what is lost won’t come back, hence comes substitutes. She needs something to fill the emptiness in their heart, even if in the end it’s all sham. I don’t want to see her with such sad and empty eyes.

That’s why I’m going to make it! Miniskirt nurse outfit, and miniskirt maid outfit must be necessary too, it surely will fit her. I’m looking forward to it?

Diligently making various outfits for Dancing Girl, I mass produce both clothes and underwear. I’ve been doing measurements since the day we met, measuring her over, and over, and over, touching and rubbing, and investigating, so this part is perfect. Her equipment is still a mystery to me, so for now it’s fine to prioritize clothes. Ah~, hairbrushes, a toothbrush, nail clippers, and daily necessities are also important. She seems to have taken a great liking to the body soap, allowing me to enjoy a smooth and silky skin one wouldn’t expect from an ex-mummy-san. Thank you for a treat?

She is already very popular at DANCE REVO and Girls-only Gatherings. She surely will soon become friends with everyone and forget about her loneliness. Well, it would be lonely not to have her cling to me anymore, but Dancing Girl’s happiness is more important. Well, even if she stops clinging to me, I’m sure I’ll still enjoy getting pushed down by her, so it’s fine?

Since I brought her with me I want her to become happy. I’m certainly happy about her coiling around me and doing such amazing things to me in such positions, but if she gets along with everyone, not just Armored Pres-san, she should be able to find the place where she truly belongs. It’s very soothing for me too, but a lewd figure has popped out from the blanket?

Pushing down Armored Pres-san who just got up I continue my work. Making Dancing Girl that just recovered surrender I continue my work, engaging in a fierce battle with Armored Pres-san who just rose up, I defeat her, and continue my work, slamming Dancing Girl that just woke up with my overflowing Highschool Boy and defeating her, continue my work. I mean, seeing those four beautiful legs sticking out of the blanket is too distracting? LIke, I’m staring at them non-stop? Even now?

「I guess I’ve made about the same amount of clothing as Armored Pres-san has? I don’t think she needs as many hats though, so the rest can be made after asking about her preferences. Yeah, naturally, I’ve already made all of the clothes that suit my preferences! I’m sure white cheongsam will look great with that amber skin, and of course, there is a mini version too! I want to see it~!」

That leaves accessories, but they also can be made after finding out what she prefers. I’ve made a ton in Egyptian style, so if we end up with extra they could be sold along with belly dancer outfits. But since everyone hasn’t been in dungeons lately, they are penniless. The overflown dungeons were pretty shabby, so they didn’t bring much profit. Well, I was the one who dragged them into this, so I’ll give them a discount… It’s the maidens’ war time! (bargain sale)

Now, I’ve finished with the side job, so… Oh no, I’m out of mana! And Armored Pres-san unexpectedly revived at the same time with Dancing Girl. I’m already being dragged into the bed, held from both sides, but I can’t bring out even a single 『Tentacle』! As I thought, prolonged fights are not for me. Or rather, putting away Item Bag with Mana Accumulator, I’d obviously run out of mana? As expected, revenge (lewd) breeds revenge (lewd), and now, a tragic payback is about to befall me. Eehm, please be gentle? Eh? Shake-shake? It’s a no, it seems! (Violation in process❤)

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