The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 8

Shopping at Zipangu Trading Company – Part 2

 The second floor is mostly ready-made women’s clothing. They also offer custom-made items. By the way, all the Amberlius’ family members, including me, call craftsmen and have their clothes custom-made.

「Let’s pick clothes for you two.」

「No, thank you. To begin with, we do not have the chance to wear clothes or dresses.」

「Yes. Me too, I have clothes that are practical and easy to move in, so that is good enough for me.」

You’re an assassin, after all, Mion. As I look around the section even while wondering if I should be satisfied with buying underwear only, I stumble upon astonishing clothes on display. It’s a sexy maid outfit.

「Y, you over there. About this maid outfit….」

「Yes. You have a discerning eye, sir. This one is the maid outfit of our newest work, with the length of the skirt being 20 centimeters above the knee. Sir, please take a look at the inside of the skirt.」

I bend down and peek inside the skirt of the mannequin dressed in the maid outfit. Amazing. It’s a pure white and revealing g-string. If you look closely, you can see that the maid outfits come in various types, such as cute type, sexy type, and also normal ones. This is a good way to display them. Even if you came here to buy ordinary maid outfits, you’re bound to notice maid outfits of various sophisticated designs nearby. And you would have no choice but to buy them.

But still, the Amberlius family doesn’t seem to have bought any. We’re talking about that father of mine and that chamberlain. I bet they would only buy practical ones. It’s a shame, but it’s probably for the best. I can have sex with almost anyone in the house. If I were to see the girls in these sensual maid outfits since daytime, I would most likely be shaking my hips like a monkey from morning till night, instead of practicing sword and magic.

「Alright, clerk. I want to buy this type of maid outfit, which is 20 centimeters above the knee, for these two. I want you to find ones with the right size for them.」

「Certainly, sir.」

「U, umm. Kars-sama.」

「What’s it, Alma?」

「Umm, no matter how you look at it, working while being dressed in something like this would cause some troubles, I believe.」

「Don’t get the wrong idea. This is for night attendance. If you wear this in front of anyone but me, I’ll never forgive you, okay?」

「?? For night attendance… Was it? Haa.」

Good grief, looks like you don’t understand the magnificence of this maid outfit at all, do you, Alma-san? Very well. I’ll thoroughly teach you about it tonight.

The price is three small gold coins per set, huh. If you convert it into Japanese yen, that’s roughly 300,000 yen.

The currency of this world is the same in all countries. That’s because the god of money has decided so. The material, size, and design of the money are all the same. It seems that those who try to create counterfeit money will receive divine punishment. In this world, one must never violate the domains covered by God’s power. Those who create fake medicines will also receive divine punishment. That’s because they’ll incur the wrath of the god of medicine. There is no divine punishment for murdering other or raping women. It seems that these are not the domains of God.

The value of the currency is, roughly speaking

Iron coin                     1 yen

Small copper coin    10 yen

Large copper coin    100 yen

Small silver coin       1,000 yen

Large silver coin       10,000 yen

Small gold coin         100,000 yen

Large gold coin         1,000,000 yen

Something like that. However, since the gap in wealth is terribly wide, most of the common folks have no money. On the other hand, nobles and big merchants have more money than they can ever spend. This is a world where averages mean nothing.

「Sir, while you are at it, how about taking these items with you as well?」

「Th, these are.…」

While Alma and Mion are trying on the clothes, the clerk brings over additional items for the maid outfit.

「Yes, a headdress and knee-high socks.」

「S, sold. White and navy-blue knee-high socks, two pairs each please.」

「Thank you very much for your purchase.」

Not good, not good. I end up splurging on one item after another as I remain in this area. When I go to the other areas of the floor, I see all sorts of things from sailor uniforms to bloomers on display. No, that’s too much, isn’t it?

◇ ◇ ◇

「Well then, at long last, let’s go to the third floor.」

「「Yes, sir.」」

Alma and Mion’s eyes sparkle. I’ve wanted to see these smiles.

The third floor is, simply put, a magnificent view. The shelves and walls on the spacious room are lined with countless lingerie. Even though it’s a weekday afternoon, rich-looking noble ladies are coming in and out of the fitting rooms. I even recognize some of them.

「All right, I’ll give you two 30 minutes. Choose whichever you want. Three sets of top and bottom underwear. Be sure to abide by the time.」

「「Yes, sir.」」

The two, who have already picked up some underwear and aren’t even sparing me a glance, simply reply in a mechanical manner. It, it’s not like I’m lonely or anything, alright?!

I go around the store. Amazing. The product lineup is incomparable to that of Japanese lingerie stores, you know? As the ladies from rich noble families and big merchants have too much money and time on their hands, they spend it here. I guess there are also cases where they never wear the clothes after buying them. By doing so, they keep the economy going.

「Thirty minutes have passed. Have you decided?」

「Huh, it has already been thirty minutes?」

「I, I’m sorry. Not a single piece yet….」

A number of sets of underwear are lined up in front of the two. Hmm. How should I put it, everything is too ordinary. It’s true that all products in this store boast sophisticated design, but the two of them have chosen only the safe ones.

「If you are at a loss, it doesn’t matter which ones you choose, no? Alma, take this one and this one, and Mion, take this one and this one. As for the rest, come and follow me.」

I go around the store and pick out the lingerie I’ve already eyed, one after the other. First, see-through lingerie dresses. White and pink. Then, g-strings. Two of them, white-colored and see-through with differing designs. Alma also looks good in sexy clothes, so I also add a black one. Mion has a Loli girl-like figure, so I add a micro-bikini-like underwear. None of these are things that they would choose on their own.

「I guess that’s about it for now. As for the rest, we can just buy them at Hinomoto trading company.」

「U, umm. Kars-sama. Umm, if we go with these, our hair will end up showing since they do not have much fabric, though?」

「Ah, you over there. Do you sell a hair removal set?」

「Yes. We certainly do. This one over here.」

「Good, I’ll buy two sets of these. Mion, make sure to shave all your hair down there. That’s an order. That’s all. Let’s go home.」

「Err, by shaving, do you mean all of it?」

I’ve given her my order. I have nothing more to say.

「Looks like it’s evening already. Let’s go home for today. We can visit Hinomoto trading company on another day.」

We head home. Despite what they say, both Alma and Mion look happy.

◇ ◇ ◇

 We get into the carriage with our shopping bags in our hands. They also have delivery service, but neither the girls nor me can wait any longer, so we decide to go home while taking everything with us.

「We sure bought a lot of good stuff, didn’t we?」

「「Yes, sir. Thank you very much. Kars-sama.」」

「Yup, yup. I guess I’ll have Alma as my attendant tonight. Alma, make sure to come in the maid outfit and the white see-through g-string we bought today.」

「Y, yes. Kars-sama.」

I put my left hand on Mion’s chin as she sat next to me and lightly turn her face toward me. Unlike with Alma, I take plenty of time. It’s to let her know that I am about to kiss her.

I slowly bring my mouth close to hers and kiss her. At first, I go *chu, chu, chu* as I kiss her lightly, and then all at once, I slip my tongue into Mion’s mouth and stir it around. Mion also seems to get the point, and after a while she begins to entwine her tongue with mine. Her eyes seem to be closed. I separate my tongue from Mion’s and give her an order.

「All right, Mion. Lift up your skirt as you remain sitting down. Lift it up properly so that I can see your panties.」

「Huh? Umm….」

I sit in front of Mion while she is puzzled.

「What’s the matter? Hurry up.」

「Y, yes, sir.」

Resolving herself, Mion holds the hem of her skirt with both hands and pulls it up. The panties that come into view are as tasteless as ever, but that, too, will end today. I put my hands on Mion’s panties and pull them down to the bottom all at once.

「W, what are you… Kars-sama?!」

「Lift up your skirt properly so I can see you better. Also, spread your legs.」

「Aah~, no way, no way, don’t tell me, please spare me from it now. Kars-sama.」

「No can do. That’s an order, you know? Yes, that’s it. And I won’t allow you to close your legs either.」

I bury my face between Mion’s legs. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, sniff, sniff, lick.


Mion reacts with a jerk when I run my tongue along the chasm. She tries to close her crotch for a moment, but then spreads it open again, perhaps recalling my order. It has a little pee taste to it. It’s slightly salty. But there is no unpleasant smell.

I continue to attack Mion’s chasm from left to right and up and down in the center. I don’t stimulate her bud and perineum, which are her erogenous zones. I start licking the inside of her chasm. It’s getting moist, but the nectar doesn’t overflow. My lovemaking partner tonight will be Alma, let’s properly make Mion feel good right here.

I put my tongue in the chasm and stimulate the inside of Mion’s weak point. It’s the inside of Mion’s clitoris and perineum.

「Hnn~, nn~, nn~, aahn.」

Mion’s lower body reacts with a jerk. Guess it’s about time to get into it. I pull my tongue out of the chasm and finally start to attack Mion’s small bud.

「Aahn, aaahn, aaaaaaaaaah~」

Little by little, nectar is coming out. Let’s finish this up, shall we? I continue to attack Mion’s perineum with my tongue, carefully and meticulously. Thick nectar overflows. It seems that this place is really Mion’s weak point.

「Aaaahn, aahn, ahn, ahh~」

Mion’s lower body shudders as she reaches climax. Overdoing it is not good, so I wipe her lower body clean with a handkerchief.

「Hii~, hii~, hahn, hahn, hahn. Haa~.」

Mion leans back limply. Tidying up her skirt and sitting beside her as if nothing has happened, I grab Mion’s chin with my left hand. Mion’s face as she suddenly draws it closer to mine is feverish and a little sexy. As it is, Mion and I intertwine our tongues together. And we continue until we arrive at the mansion.




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