The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 1 Chapter 27



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Editor: ryunakama

ch 1 ep 27 The Assault

I woke up to the morning light shining through the window.

This has become a common occurrence since I came to this world.

I rise up together with the sun, lie down together with the sun. Since the cost of light sources from magic items will pile up quickly.

Naturally waking up together with the sun has become a habit of mine.

「I can’t believe I actually woke up at this time……」

I equipped myself with my equipment that I took out from storage and left the room.

Lumina was already having her meal when I came down to the dinning hall.

「Good Morning, Lumina-san. You are quite early today」

「Oh it’s you, Touya. Because after I finish my meal, I have to go to the merchant guild. Wearing my equipment is going to take some time. So, I have to get my food early and do those earlier.」

If I remember correctly, Lumina was in casual clothing after we reached here.

As you expected, she was not always in the usualーーーbikini amour.

It is quite a shame but I will save the feast for my eyes later.

I sat on the seat beside her and took my breakfast too.

As I was eating, Dai and the other three woke up after us.

After we greeted each other and finished our food, we gathered in front of the Inn and headed towards the guild for our return trip.

There were four wagons in the middle of being loaded one after another in front of the merchant guild.

Lumina went into the guild as our representative while the remaining members decided to help out the loading process.

「Thank you for helping. This is going to be quite the amount of payloads. Putting that aside, you’re a magician right? You have quite the strength huh? 」

As I was loading the payloads from the merchant guild, a middle-aged man talked to me.

Even without considering that I am a magician, there is a difference in level compared to a normal adventurer. I am not going to give him any explanation but, I responded with a smile and continued to carry the payloads.

Due to an increase in the number of people loading, the loading process was finished fast.

Then, the person in charge of the caravan came forward.

「Please take good care of us on the way back too. Well then, let’s head back」

Lumina and I led from the front, leaving the town of Dumbler behind.

The returning trip was also fine and we reached the campsite for the first time.

As the tents were erected and the time for dinner preparation also started, for some reason attention was gathering on me.

And then Lumina sat down beside me.

「Touya,ーーーof course you still have that right?」

She had eyes full of expectations. As I looked around, Dai and the other three were also looking at me with the same expectation.

I took out a pot with soup after I sighed heavily.

「It seems this was unavoidable……. Please at least use your own bowl」

「Nice one Touya!! You are very considerate~」

Lumina grabbed my head towards her, burying me in her chest.

The sensation of the bikini amour was…….painful actually! Ouch! The sensation behind the single sheet of clothing must be something soft but, the covering clothing was something stiff.

The escorting party had their dinner around the fire while I was handing out the soup.

Dai’s attitude was getting soft on our way back which had saved me a lot of trouble.

After we finished our dinner, the order for the look out was also decided one by one similar to the way we came.

Same as the way we came, I was on the second phase with Lumina.

Then our turn came, Kokuyou came towards me when I was chatting with Lumina surrounding the fire.


Kokuyou neighed…… and bit softly on my head.

「C, come on. What are you doing…….」

「Hahaha. It seems you are also loved by the battle horse.」

While Lumina was busy laughing, as I wiped the saliva on my head with my sleeves, Kokuyou’s head was facing towards the forest.

「Kokuyou……Is something coming towards…….us?」

There was no movement yet on my search.

There was nothing showing in the 200m search range.

「But, you probably did sense something…….」

Lumina took up the sword leaning beside her and stood up.

I stood up too and focused my search towards the forest.


The search range increased slightly as I focused my search on a single direction.

ThenーーI saw movements in the tens. On top of that, they were heading straight towards us.

「There are signs of creatures! The amount is in the tens! Heading towards us!! 」

「What!? Wake up everyone!! The creatures are attacking!!」

Hearing the voices of Lumina and I, Dai and the others jumped on their feet and prepared their equipment.

The merchants also nervously came down from the wagons and followed Lumina’s instructions.

Maybe because of habits, the merchants’ movements were in order even though they are nervous.

Gathering in a single wagon and hiding inside it.

「I will lead in the front. You guys are in a party, get in your formation to protect the merchants! Touya, you are a priest right? Please support us in the back!」

I shook my head to Lumina’s instruction and stood beside her.

Then I took out theーーtwo handed sword from my storage.

Lumina looked at the sword with the length about my height with her eyes widened.

「Touya! Can you even use that!?」

「Yes, I am used to this the most」

「……Ok. You are the only one with recovery spells. Please don’t push it too far」

I nodded to her and checked the distances from the creatures. The distance between the forest from here was around 100m, we should be able to see them any time now.

Then, the creature in the front shows itself.

The creature had an obese body with a pig face holding a club in its hand. It’s height is around 2m, a height I have to look upwards.

An omnivorous creature who eats animals and other creatures. Of course, humans are not an exception.

On top of that, orcs even kidnaps female humans and had a habit of using them as a seedbed.

One of the natural enemies of humans.

「A group of orcs!」

I put up my sword after Lumina’s voice.

Dai and his party were holding in their formation, bracing for the impact.

And then, the orcs who found us let out a strange noise as if they were asking for reinforcements.

Responding to the noise, groups of orcs were swarming out from the back.

「No way…….This much……」

「We have never faced this large amount of creatures before……」

Dai’s party was trembling in fear due to the orcs sheer numbers, while the orcs more than 30 in strength were grinning as if they had found their prey.

Then, one of the orcs in the pack roared and they rushed all together at the same time towards us.

「Give everything you got!! Don’t you dare die by yourselves!! 」

Lumina’s voice echoed and the battle of 6 to 30 started. 



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