The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 1 Chapter 28



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Dai was not the only one disheartened by the position we were in, the other four shared his pessimism.
Lumina did not say a word but it was clear to see that she had also lost confidence in her survival against this many as she stood motionless. I suppose if it were a few orcs, these guys would have been able to defeat them with less difficulty, but today it was a horde of orcs, more than thirty of them.
Realizing that it was the only thing he could do to let the merchants escape, he drew out his sword.
— Among the adventurers there was one who was optimistic. Yes, this sight was all but too dull of a threat to a man named Touya.
What……? Are we just going to stand here? –-They’re only orcs……
I run out from the group towards the pack of orcs.
「Wait! 」, the voice behind me yells, but I don’t need to wait for such small fries of opponents.
I am in the lead as we go head to head with the orcs. I use Body Strengthening Boost for an increase in speed and strength and I jump over into the group of orcs and slash my sword to the side taking down my first orc. I cut down another orc beside the fallen one before it can react. With that, two orcs had crumbled down. A voice can be heard from someone back at the group, but this is not the time to worry about that. I speed towards the next orc.
……. This is only a handful compared to that orc colony. Now that was something. This is nothing……
I once found an orc colony three times the magnitude of this pack when I was hunting in the forest and eradicated it all on my own. In my mind that was just an efficient way of gaining more experience. That was the Touya of then, who was a soloist and did not know any better.
「Alright! Next! 」
I swing my sword, which is as long as my height and cut the head of an orc clean off. Then I shoot a Fire Bullet at an orc at a distance. The orc’s face gets blown off, and it drops to the ground with nothing but silence. Another orc comes from behind me swinging its club but I duck and bring my sword up, slashing it from gut to head. In just a few minutes, the number of orcs had been reduced to half. Kokuyou beside me was doing what he does best – using his big hooves to stomp the life out of the orcs. He neighs at me excitedly and I swing my sword more to decimate another orc.
Then it dawns on me.
……… Where are the other guys – aren’t they also fighting…….?
I jump back from the remaining orcs to look back at the guys. – There were Lumina and the others, their mouths were hanging wide, completely stunned.
「Lumina-san! 」
Lumina snaps out of the daze, puffs out her chest, and regrips her sword and orders the other escorts.
「There aren’t many orcs left. Let’s go! 」
Dai and the rest of his party followed her lead and ran towards the orcs. I was thrilled to see them at long last slash at the orcs as well. It was after a few minutes that the remaining orcs were reduced to nothing but carcasses on the ground.
「That’s about it…… 」
I declare to myself as I look down at the last orc to fall. I then wiped the blood splatter on my body with a cloth I had taken out and also wiped the sword before putting it away in Dimensional Storage. I looked around to check on everyone’s safety, and I found them all looking at me with wide eyes.
「Everyone is safe. Who would have expected orcs to appear in a place like this…….? 」
I say in a joking manner, but Lumina and the others aren’t laughing.
「…….. Touya……… You’re a Recovery Priest……. Right……? What was all that strength…….? 」
Lumina asks in an exhausted voice. Feeling embarrassed I scratch the back of my head and answered her casually.
「I was adventuring on my own for a long time……. So I had to be able to do everything 」
「I see……. But that still does not explain the amount of strength you have…… 」
Lumina was cowering a little from me, Dai and the others were no better either. They were so shocked that when I approached them, they shrunk back. I couldn’t help but laugh.
「You all seem to be doing okay so …… What should we do with these? 」
Orcs are stout and omnivorous, yet their meat is delicious. For subjugation proof, adventurers cut off their pig-like noses, but I actually would like to take them with me as a whole. But I found it troublesome to say, that’s when Lumina made a suggestion for me.
「Touya…… Since you have Dimensional Storage, can’t you bring them with you? The guild would pay more for them this way 」
I nodded at Lumina and stored away all the orc carcasses around us. Within a few minutes, there was not a fat-rich, pig-faced body lying around, only the orc blood remained as proof of the combat.
「All right, it’s all in, I’ll bring it back with me 」
My fellow escorts were all stunned once more at my effortless display.

Due to the foul smell of blood, the merchants vacated to a place further from it. They erected their tents in a different spot and took a rest there. However, everyone’s blood was still pumping from the battle earlier and could not sleep. I and sleep have never been enemies so I caught some shut eye.
The following day, Lumina and I were in the lead though the quiet road, making our previous battle seem like it was all a dream. Since last night, Lumina and the other guys have been acting distant towards me. I wonder if perhaps I went overboard.
「I can finally see the city! 」
The city of Fendi came into our line of sight.



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