The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 1 Chapter 7



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「Phew… I should go back… Kokuyou must be waiting for me….. 」
I took a deep breath while putting away an orc, a three-meter-long pig-faced monster that I have killed, into Dimensional Storage.

I have wandered around in the forest for two hours, defeating a number of monsters that I came across.

I made my way along the path of trees I had marked, towards the forest exit, and within half a minute, I arrived at the entrance.

Freed from the dark lit forest, I stretched my back and looked at Kokuyou as the sun shone down on me.

Kokuyou looks a little happy to see me.

However, at Kokuyou’s feet – quite a number of monsters are scattered around.
「…….Kokuyou…. Where did these come from…..? 」

Kokuyou gives me a proud face of「 What do you think? 」and kicks the empty tub of water up at me.

I can’t help but chuckle. I use my life magic to refill the tub with water and place it near Kokuyou.

With a satisfied expression, Kokuyou begins to drink the water.
「Okay, okay, so monsters still come out to the entrance 」

I look around, patting Kokuyou’s neck as he lapped the water, thinking I would spot other monsters. But there is no sign of any other.
「I’ll have to deal with these guys too….. 」

I cut out the subjugation proof from the monsters that were sprawled around crushed as if they had been run over by a dump truck. The number of goblins that I cut out their ears is over thirty.

Once I was done with that, I gathered all of the monsters’ lifeless bodies together in a pile and used life magic to set them ablaze.

I took a loaf of bread out of Dimensional Storage and casually bit into it while watching the burning monster carcasses.

I was already planning to leave after defeating enough monsters, but not before I checked my status.
『Status 』
[Name] Kisaragi Touya
[Race] Human
[Gender] Male
[Age] 16
[Occupation] Recovery Priest
[Title] Summoned One
[Level] 35
[Special Skill] The Divine Eye, the ability to use magic for all attributes, and the ability to acquire all skills
[Skill] Swordsmanship
「Ohh!!! 」
My level has risen by this much already?

It is in the thirties, which means it is equivalent to that of a B-rank at the Adventurer’s Guild. I grinned like I used to in my haijin days.
「I’m sure I will get to 100 in no time if I put my back into it…. 」

Looking at the experience enhancement ring on my finger, I wonder about the possibilities that await me.
「At any rate, I’ve got some money and an inn where I can stay with Kokuyou, so I’m sorted for the most part….. I’ll have to raise my adventurer’s rank a bit though and get some information on the surrounding countries. I need a map….. 」

In my head I sort out what my next course of action should be.
And Kokuyou as per his habit was chewing on my contemplating head sweetly. I climbed on his back and rode back to the city.

Kokuyou’s back has no saddle, I note this as his unhorse-like speed almost throws me off. I desperately fight to stay on and I somehow safely make it to the city, where I will have a saddle made for him.

We arrived at the gate and I stepped down from Kokuyou when we got to the entrance, and I walked in with him after I displayed my guild card to the guard.

It actually is free to enter the city as long as I have the citizenship card or guild card. I head to the Adventurer’s Guild since that is what I think I must do before anything else.

As I open the door and enter the guild, gazes focus on me for a minute, but quickly disappear. There are a few receptionists at the reception area today, and Milia is also there. I lined up in the queue and my turn came in a few minutes. When I stood in front of Milia, she looked up and smiled when she noticed it was me.
「Nice to see you again, Touya-san. Are you taking orders? Or making submissions….? 」
「It’s a submission please. By the way… There is plenty of it… 」

I said with a wry smile, and as I had hoped, she led me to a private room.
I sat down across from Milia, and she was the first to speak.
「After what happened last time, I suspect this will cause a commotion. So… how much… is it this time…? 」
「I’d say it’s about two hundred goblin ears and ten orcs. And wolves – 」
「Wait a minute! 」

Milia interrupted my explanation, with a raised hand.
「That’s how many you killed since yesterday?! You are reckless. There is a limit to how far you can go! Especially for you, Touya-san… You have no party. Right? 」

I continued to nod over and over again at Milia, as she lectured me.
「—So please use common sense. But, are you really a Recovery Priest!? I would totally say you are a Berserker. Seriously…… 」
「Milia…. There is a job title of Berserker!? 」

I ask Milia, excited over the mention of the job of my main avatar.
「It’s more of a legend really. It is said, it’s more than just being a warrior… It’s a warrior beyond…. level 100, even though that is said to be the limit… 」

My mouth drops a bit making Milia to tilt her head at me questionably.
(I might manage to do it with this ring… I’ll change my job at level 100)
「All right. Thanks, that was helpful. So where I do I put the monster materials….? 」
「Ah, that’s right. I will guide you to the dismantling area. By the way, Touya-san you’re empty-handed, did you leave them outside? 」

Since she’s the guild girl who has been taking care of me until now, I risk taking the bag of goblin ears out of Dimensional Storage in front of her.
「…..!? Touya-san, you have Dimensional Storage? That makes sense. But… don’t show it to people too much, okay? It’s a rare skill, after all, and as adventurers, they will be down your throat. There are many people who will want it for their parties. If they knew….. 」
「I don’t want that! I need to be solo for a little while. Plus, I’ve got some things I want to check out, so I don’t want to go hunting everyday 」

I cannot display my haijin play in front of other people. Moreover, I am not even capable of playing the role of a Recovery Priest if I was in a party.
I was thinking this while I followed Milia into the dismantling area.
The place I was led to was about the size of a gymnasium and several people were working on the dismantling of monster materials.
Milia approached the person who seemed to be in charge.
「Darok-san, I’m bringing in materials, where do you want me to put it? 」

Darok is a human male in his late thirties, who is a bit stocky and thick, and is wearing an apron.
「Oh, Milia. Why don’t you just put the stuff on that table over there? You’re the one who’s bringing it in, kid? 」

After I was provided with a placement for my monster materials, I slowly took out materials from Dimensional Storage, and placed them as I was told.

I had already taken out ten orcs and more than thirty wolves when I was abruptly told to stop.
「Hold on! We can’t process it all at once! We’ll do the rest later. You have Dimensional Storage it won’t hurt the material if you keep them for now 」

When I was stopped, there was a small mountain that had already formed, and the staff dismantling some other materials had stopped their work to look on.
「All right. I’ll bring the rest to you later since I won’t be going hunting anytime soon……」
「If you bring this much every time, I won’t be able to do any other work. But still, kid, you don’t look as high ranked as you are….. 」

His eyes widened when Milia standing by his side told him,「Actually he’s E-rank 」.
「A good greenhorn on our hands? 」
With a wide grin Darok gave me a mighty smack on the back.

I returned to the reception room with Milia, who explained that the assessment on the material would be done by tomorrow.
「Touya-san, please come back tomorrow afternoon. I think the assessment will be done by then. And……. Maybe you’ll be promoted in rank as well. Because if Touya-san is at E-rank, that would be an imbalance in the ranking 」
「Yeah, all right…. I’ll leave that to you. See you tomorrow 」

After leaving the guild, I walked to the inn with Kokuyou. On the way, I bought the usual skewers and walked the road snacking on them.
「I’m back」
「Oh, Touya-san, welcome back….. 」, she replied but her expression was dull for her words. I ask her if something is wrong and she answers,「Well… actually… The other guests’ horses have been frightened of Kokuyou and complaints have been coming. So… sorry, can you stay here only until tomorrow…. 」.

Coming back from the hunt, exhausted, I am confronted with the fact that I will be out on the street tomorrow.



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