The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 12



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「Is there any special reason that you need to stay in this mansion……?」

I ask Natalie while wiping the tea that I spouted out.

「This mansion is the best place to protect these two. There are a lot more reasons too……」

It is true that there are still a lot of empty rooms, and Ferris will not drive anyone out of the mansion as long as I am the owner, so there should not be any problem.
As I was worrying about different things, Char stood up and lowered her head towards me.

「Touya-sama, I am also asking for your permission to let her stay. Can you please let her stay in this mansion?」

At the same time, Al also lowered her head towards me.
I couldn’t help but give my permission by nodding because as a Japanese man, I couldn’t refuse being asked so politely by two girls.

「Ok……. The room should not be a problem since there are a few empty ones, but what are you going to do about the shop?」
「For now I will probably go to the shop from here. And then I will beーーno, I will let you know when everything is ready. For now you can think of me as the surveillance on you to not let you do strange things to the two girls」
「 I wasn’t going to do anything to them!」

I immediately deny Natalie’s accusations.
It is true that both of them are good looking. Considering my current age and theirs, some might say it would be a good match.
But……no matter how you look at it, Char looks like some nobleman’s daughter while Al says that she is a knight but, she might be a noble also.
Even though this is a mansion, it seems they will not stay in some random adventurer’s home for a long period of time.
I might even get into trouble again before they left.

「For now you can just make yourself at home. I going to take a bath」

I left the kitchen after I said that.

「Fuwaaaa……This feels good……」

Soaking in the large bathtub removes all my tiredness.
I think about what I should do next while soaking myself.

……It seems like I will not be able to return to the world I came from.
I murdered someone else with my own handsーー.
Even if I was able to return to Japan, that feeling will never fade away.
I might be exposing myself too close to ‘death’.

I sank into the bathtub up to my mouth while thinking about those things.


After Touya headed to the bathroom, the three girls left in the dining room were sitting face to face across the table with a serious expression.

「So……how are things in the kingdom?」

Both of them had a pale expression after hearing Natalie’s question.
Natalie’s expression gets worse and worse gradually as Al explained the events happened in the war bit by bit.

「ーーーーIs that so, Garrett passed away too huh……. He was quite a good and competent man. If there is anyone who could surpass him, then there would not be any problem now」

Natalie drank a mouthful of tea after letting out a big sigh.

「Father did everything he could to help me and Al and then instructed us to head to Natalie-sama’s place immediately. I also do not know the details……」
「I wonder what kind of person that “Hero” might be……. Iーーwant to get them back for what they did to my father」

Char gently places her hand behind Al and pats her back while she is holding her fist and shedding tears full of regret.

「I could not do much by myself alone. That said, this kingdom will probably not take any action about that. Things might be different if we have someone who has a greater influence and strength on our side……」
「ーーーーTouya-sama. If we ask Touya-sama to help us, we might……」

Natalie tilted her head after hearing Char’s words.

「Nothing much is going to change with just Touya’s help alone right? He is just a human after all. His help would reach its limit facing at most 10 opponents」
「No, even I can not tell how far his full strength is. During that fight, I could tell that he was still concealing his true strength」
「ーーWhat? Can you give me more details on Touya’s fight?」

Natalie pounced on Al’s praise.
Even Natalie also felt that Touya is hiding something in her own way.
He had a lot of knowledge that Natalie did not know about, especially knowledge about food.
Al started to explain what happened in the fight from her memory.

「ーーTo that extend huh, Touya……」
「Yes……. On top of that he said that he was just level 17 even with that strength. I could not believe what I had witnessed」

Remembering the fight scene from her memory and judging from a knight’s opinion, his fighting style did not match his level at all.
It is certain that the level shown on his guild card was low. Even lower than Al’s level. There was probably no one from the royal knights who could win a fight against him.
Moreover, it was common knowledge in this world that no one was able to fake information on a guild card.
But still after seeing his fight against the ogres and the soldiers, there is no way Al could believe that his fights match his level.

「It is certain that Touya-sama is very strong……. to the point even Al proposed marriage to him instinctively」
「?!……Th-that was because……I saw the way he fights……」

Char was smiling when she talked while Al was blushing to the point her face was completely red.

「He is that strong to the point where a demi human proposed to him instinctively huh……. Hm, that might be good for us. He is also quite a good and competent man. Even I could be the one who pulls him to our side but it seems that I do not appear attractive to the humans. Why do humans not get attracted to me……even though I have all this charm?」

Char and Al were trying back away from Natalie after hearing that.
Because they heard from their parents that she was old enough to treat their parents as “little children”.
But after meeting her for the first time after 10 years, their impressions were still exactly the same.

「That aside, I do think that Touya-sama is indeed attractive. He seems very mature for his age, on top of that he has strength. If I was not tied to the royal family even I will……」
「Ehーー!? Char too!? You did not show any signs about that though!」

Al raised her voice in surprise to the blushing Char.

「You two are getting ahead of yourselves. If Touya was to choose one, that would be me! By my charm as a adult!」
「「Not even a one in a million chance!!」」

The girls were having a blast while Touya was taking a bath.



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