The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 4 Chapter 12



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Volume 4 Chapter 12

「It’s time to go…….」

Everyone stood up in a quick fashion as if they had been waiting for me to speak.

「Finally. My first dungeon」

Al with clenched fists and with glistening eyes, declared.

Well, I guess I’ll just have to apologize…… Later……

I sighed and walked in the lead to the dungeon.

At the entrance, soldiers from the Lunette Empire and Generate Kingdom were tenting, watching for any monsters coming out of the dungeon.

When Lunette Empire soldiers noticed us, they adjusted their postures and saluted us.

「Take care of the entrance 」

「Yes, sir! Not even a single monster will escape! 」

I nodded and led the way into the dungeon. The dungeon was oddly well-lit. This was only for the first floor and starting from the subsequent floor we had to secure our own light. Fortunately, three of our members could use magic.

I was in front, with Char and Natalie walking right behind me. Liese and Myra were walking behind them, and Al was in the rear.

Al’s strength will be enough to respond physically to any attacks that might come from behind. Liese, being a swordswoman as well, could have been in this position but the difference in ability between her and Al was significant.

She looked doubtful as to why she was being protected by Char and everyone, but she was persuaded by Char with a shake of her head.

That is the difference in status between royal and noble daughters.

Liese and Myra, who have been here before, are probably going to open a map and guide us along the way in an attempt to be useful. But there is no need for them to do so.

I followed my memory and turned around a few corners.

「Touya, you’re going the wrong way! The stairs should be this way……. 」

「Just follow me. I’ll explain later 」

We arrived at a dead end. In front of us was a fixed wall.

「The map also shows this is a dead end. Why did you come this way…….? 」

I went toward the wall and slowly placed my hand on it.

My hand was sucked into the wall —- and disappeared.

— as I had expected…….

I walked through the wall until I came out the other side, where I saw a spiral staircase.

When I came back through the wall, they all looked horrified.

「Touya……. What the hell happened……? 」

Liese was the most surprised, I guess it’s because she’s been in this dungeon many times and never knew about this.

「It appears as a dead end but there is a hidden passage here. We’ll go down this way 」

Once again, I slipped through the wall, and everyone else followed suit. They all salivated at the sight that unfolded when they came out.

「It’s real……. There is a place like this……. 」

「I can’t believe it. …… 」

「Well, Touya’s strangely been less than surprising for some time now……… 」

Liese and Myra were dumbfounded, while Char and Al looked somewhat understanding.

「Where does this spiral staircase lead to……..? 」

In the game, this is right near a guardian’s room on the tenth floor. I can’t really say that now, since I’m not entirely certain.

「I don’t know yet, but I’m pretty sure we’re ahead of the Generate Kingdom’s party already 」

I took the lead down the stairs.

The route was free of monsters. I need to ensure this feels like a team effort despite knowing I can make it to the bottom on my own. The only monster that might give me a challenge might be the Dragon Hydra, if it’s the one guarding the dungeon core…….

The monsters I’ve fought so far in this world are weaker than they were in the game. It is impossible in the game to defeat an Earth Dragon with a single, but it is possible for me here.

Unlike in the game though, once you die here, you can’t come back to life.

I guess that is what makes people more cautious, and therefore find it more difficult to raise their levels than in the game.

Twenty minutes or so after descending down the stairs in silence, we arrived at the bottom of the stairs.

「How do we get out of here…….? 」

I didn’t give an answer because I have no proof either. I just walked slowly towards where I assumed it was the exit.

I walked straight through the wall, which looked pitch black.

The place where we came out was just as I assumed.

「What, this is……. 」

「Like I had thought. Right there is the guardian room of the tenth floor 」

「Unbelievable……… This has been here the whole time………?」

I can understand her frustration. Normally, the only way to reach this point of the dungeon is if you’re a seasoned adventurer that has fought tough monsters to gain experience and have a reached a certain level. That is the only way you can stand a chance against a guardian.

However, we can’t waste time, my priority is to defeat the Hero, Larx, and outwit the Generate Kingdom in this raid.

I also want to raise my level, but that is beside the point.

I put my hand on the large door of the guardian room to open it. Inside, the room was built as an arena with a magic circle drawn in the center.

Once everyone was inside, the door closed, and at the same time the magic circle began to glow.

The tenth floor guardian is supposed to be the Orc general with some few orcs.

That is what Liese told me.

「Let’s get this done and over with……. 」

Just as Liese had said, a single black-skinned Orc general, two times larger than a normal orc, along with three orcs appeared. I ran toward the Orc general, whose attention was on me as it loudly bellowed.

I pulled out my Buster Sword from Dimensional Storage and in one instant it went through the Orc General’s neck. The battle was over in less than a minute.

「Even the general is no match for him. …… 」

Myra muttered quietly to herself, but I heard her.

「Ah, Touya! My experience! What are you doing killing him on your own? 」

Natalie was on a different page as usual. She was all about leveling up, and she was planning on leveling up in this dungeon as well.

「There are no shortcuts from here on out, so I’ll leave the next ones up to you 」

I picked up the magic stones left behind by the monsters and placed them in Dimensional Storage.

No shortcut means we have to be ready to face off hordes of monsters.

Everyone understood this as we opened the door leading down to the level where we found a passageway that resembled a rugged mining tunnel.

「The ones that come out on this floor are Rock Lizards. I remember having a hard time with them when I came here before……. 」

Liese laughed wryly. Maybe as a swordswoman she had trouble with them.

Rock Lizards are bipedal lizards with rock-covered bodies on their head and back; their backs being particularly tough to pierce. It attacks prey by squatting on all fours and pouncing on it.

They are not necessarily large creatures, only standing at about two meters. Their attacks on the other hand do pack a punch, making them troublesome opponents. However, they are weak against magic to the point where they are as good as sitting ducks against those with powerful magic.

「Al and Liese support Natalie, Char and Myra as they launch the main offense 」

Everyone nodded at my words and proceeded with caution.

I used Search which was limited to a range of a few dozen meters since we are in a narrow space. But that’s enough; as long as we don’t get caught by surprise our group will be able to handle any attack.

As Liese led the way, I immediately got a response.

「There are five of them a little further ahead 」

Liese is the first to react to my words.

「How….. Do you know? 」

Liese and Myra do not know about Search yet, the magic which Natalie and I sort of created from Natalie’s research material.

「I can use it too! I can’t detect as widely as Touya though……. 」

「…… teach me 」

Natalie puffed her little chest out and laughed cockily as Myra begged enviously.

As expected, five Rock Lizards appeared before us. They let out a painful cry when they spotted us, probably to alert the other Rock Lizards. They flicked their long tongues out with their eyes on us.

The Rock Lizards brought their front legs down to the ground and launched themselves towards us at once.

「Here they come! Attack with magic! Liese, Al, protect the three of them 」

The two girls readied their swords, and the other three shot magic at the Rock Lizards with unyielding force.

「Burn them up, Fire Arrow! 」

「Vacuum Blade Air Cutter 」

「Spirits of the earth, pierce through them 」

Myra can use shortened chanting although not completely chantless, while Natalie the Sage can do chantless casting. Only Char’s Spirit Magic cannot be chantless due to it being magic that asks spirits for magic assistance.

The five rock lizards were defeated before Liese and Al could intervene.

「They are strong…….」

「They are far stronger…….」

Liese was in awe of Char and Natalie’s magic, while Myra was astonished at the difference in power between herself and them.

The cheat ring items I had given the three have set them apart from normal people in terms of power.

It is also the result of….. their efforts.

Like the time we trained in that soggy forest.

The remaining five floors had monsters which ranked from B to A, but they were no match for Char and the others.

Liese and Myra also put up a good fight; however it was apparent that they lacked ability. Even so, they seemed to have raised their levels by fighting against stronger monsters. They were both in mixed-feelings when they looked at their cards.

It took us some time but we finally arrived at the last floor.



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