The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 4 Chapter 13



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Volume 4 Chapter 13

Along the way we took small breaks. Liese and Myra were especially affected by the trail.

We came upon a door with a different aura to it, more threatening than the previous ones.

「Finally. I need a little break 」

「Yes, indeed…… Those were a lot of fights」

Liese and Myra were out of breath. Char and the other two seemed to be fine, however there was less chatting amongst them now, so perhaps they were a little fatigued.

We faced more monsters than we had expected. Monsters would just show up amidst our ongoing battles.

I dealt with them as they came, so we were never in a pinch but we were fighting all day.

「Then what about we take some break and eat? We’re making good progress 」

I took out the tent out of Dimensional Storage.

Once it was outside, I placed the four beds in the tent and exited.

「I’ll keep watch, so you guys can get some rest. I’ve prepared the beds for you; feel free to take a nap after you finish your meal 」

I pulled out a table and chairs from Dimensional Storage, set down a small bowl of soup on the table and began to serve the meal.

The girls gathered around and started to whisper to each other as they watched me deftly prepare the food.

「He’s more organized than we are, isn’t he……. 」

「He prepared everything all on his own…….. 」

Liese and Char let out a sigh.

I pretended not to hear them, proceeded with the preparations and called out to them after I had laid out the meal on the table.

「It’s ready. Let’s eat quickly and take a break」

「「「「「 Yes」」」」」

Everyone took a seat and dug in.

I couldn’t imagine eating at a table surrounded by five women such as these when I was in Japan.

I felt a tinge of nostalgia for my life in Japan, however I am still aware that there is no going back.

I am ready to spend the rest of my life in this world, where I have the status of an adventurer and a noble.

Besides, I live a better life here than I did in Japan. There is no television or technology like I was used to, meaning for things such as information, I have to ask people directly to get it, but that is nothing to fret since I have gotten used to it.

「I wanted to ask, where was Touya born…….? You’re so strong, but up until recently we haven’t even heard of you 」

Liese asked casually.

Char and the other girls’ faces froze up even more than mine.

They know of my peril. They are aware that I was not born in this world, and they know how I came to be in this world.

She is justly curious. I do have a number of items that could be considered divine artifacts whose make-up is not of this world.

Not only that, but I was also recently knighted as a marquis.

Nobles went out of their way to form connections with me. Desperately, they offered their daughters to me as their concubines despite me already being betrothed to Char, the Princess.

「…… Well, I lived in the Salandir Kingdom. But after meeting Char and Al, I moved to the Lunette Empire. …… 」

I have avoided going into much detail, but not to say I lied.

I’m not ready to trust Liese and Myra with my identity yet. So far, the only people who know of the truth are the royal family and Al’s family.

I am a foreigner in this world, just like the summoned Hero.

No, I’m kind of different as well to the Hero. Unlike the Hero who was summoned with his original body and abilities, I have a number of cheat items.

When I arrived in this world I was a mere level 1, which got me repatriated from Generate Kingdom.

Wonder what would have happened if I had been Berserker, the level 700+ warrior.

I think I would have had a whole different response in Generate Kingdom. I would have been put on the front lines in a heartbeat.

The levels of the human race are all low in this world. I can’t imagine the heaps of corpses I would have made with just a swing of my sword.

It is probably a good thing that I was summoned as this Mage character.

Perhaps sensing that my words were a bit stilted, Char explained on my behalf.

「Touya-sama saved us from monsters and also from soldiers of the Generate Kingdom while we were heading to the Kingdom of Salandir to look for Natalie-sama. He has been with us since then 」

「I see ……. So that’s why your name didn’t reach this city 」

Liese seemed to be more satisfied with Char’s explanation.

After finishing their meals, they each crawled into the beds prepared in the tent.

I’m certain they would have liked to take a shower; sadly the tent does not come with one.

Being able to sleep in beds is a luxury as it is, right now.

As I lay outside the tent, my mind drifted to Larx and his party.

I doubt the monsters will give Larx trouble. I bet by the time they get here, his level would have risen even higher.

If I had to guess, I’d say I am stronger than him. However, Larx being a Hero his stats are probably higher than mine.

I’m sure he can exceed the level 100 limit as well.

Well……. It doesn’t matter right now.…….

I closed my eyelids to rest my body for the next battle.

—- Three hours later, after taking a nap and recovering from exhaustion, albeit barely, the members of my group gathered.

「The next one is sure to be the guardian of the dungeon. I don’t know what will come out, so I’ll be on the front. I’ll be looking to you guys for support 」

「Mhmmm……. I’d like to fight too…… If it’s a strong monster, I’ll be able to raise my level 」

Natalie has been obsessed with leveling up since she heard from me about the requirements to becoming a true Sage.

「You can assist with a few magic attacks, but be careful not to become a target. Natalie, Liese, please cover Char and Myra 」

「Okay 」

「Understood! 」

When we were ready, I put my hand on the door where I thought the guardian would be.


The door opened, and what came to view was a kind of arena.

However, I could not find the dungeon core that should have been present.

I was taken aback.

「Is this the lowest level ……? Surely the fifteenth floor should be the lowest …… 」

I thought back to my gaming days. This dungeon should have 15 levels for a beginner’s raid. And the guardian is supposed to be a Dragon Hydra.

「Let’s proceed with caution 」

As we all entered the room, the door behind us slowly shut. As soon as the door closed with a thud, a magic circle spread across the floor of the arena.

「Ready everyone! 」

The magic circle, more than 10 meters in diameter, radiated light beneath our feet, and a monster gradually emerged from it.

Its body was covered with rocks all over its back, and its height was about 10 meters. It looks like an Earth Dragon but with a far larger body.

「No way, I can’t believe …… it’s a Rock Dragon 」

Liese gasped. She and Myra were shaking in fear.

「I didn’t really believe there would be any……. S-ranked monsters here. There’s no way we can win 」

They both seem to know about this monster.

「Liese, Myra, do you know about this monster 」

They turned their frightened gazes to me.

「Yes, it’s called a Rock Dragon, and it’s a higher species of an Earth Dragon. Due to its rock hard body it takes less damage even to magic. If it got out, it could easily destroy a city or two……. 」

Rock Dragon……. Yeah, I recall it was in the game, one of this dungeon’s guardians ……. I did defeat it…….

—– Oh, I remember now. I thought of it as a minor obstacle.

「Listen, Al and Liese are of little use to us in this battle. So the two of you should protect Char and Myra when it comes to it 」

「Yeah, okay 」

「Also, Char, Natalie, and Myra, come over here 」

The three of them approached me.

「The three of you will —— 」

「If that is okay with you…… 」

「If Touya-sama says so, then ……. 」

「I get it. I’ll give it my all. 」

Everyone agreed to follow my plan.

After the summoning of the Rock Dragon, a small magic circle appeared, from which four Earth Dragons also emerged.

「All right, now. Let’s go! 」

They nodded at my command and we all started to run towards the Rock Dragon. It took notice of us and let out a growl. The Earth Dragons responded to that cry by aiming for us.

「These guys are in our way 」

I held the Buster Sword in my right hand and sped towards the Earth Dragons. With a single swing, I cut off the head of one of the Earth Dragons.

「…… Messed up…… 」

I heard Liese mutter to herself. The defeated Earth Dragons slowly disappeared, leaving behind magic stones in their place.

「Okay, are you ready? Now! 」

At my signal, wind magic flew from Char and advanced fire magic from Natalie and Myra.

The target was the Rock Dragon’s neck and around its feet.

The fire burned vigorously, burning the Rock Dragon from the neck to the bottom of its feet.


A scream-like roar echoed in the arena.

「Now all that’s left to do is …… this ……『Flaming Tornado: Firestorm』」

A tornado of flame, much larger than Natalie and the others’ magic, shot from my hand to strike the Rock Dragon.

Its screams filled the arena.

Just like in the game, the Rock Dragon has slow movements. If attacked with a sword, it will retaliate with its tail, bite, and rock gravel that it shoots from its mouth.

So we just had to repeat the process of burning it with magic from a little distance in the game.

After about 10 minutes, the Rock Dragon’s body fell apart and disappeared.

…… I never thought that this technique would work in this world. ……

I gave this trick the name of “BBQ” in the game.

Basically it means we’re barbecuing it with fire magic.

I walked up to the magic stone. The ground had not changed even after it was hit by high level fire magic.

All that was left was a single magic stone larger than the palm of my hand.

「Okay, that’s it」

I put the magic stone in the Dimensional Storage and turn around.


Char and the others were looking at me with inquiring eyes.

「…… Hmmm? Is something wrong ……? 」

I tilted my head and Liese let out a loud sigh.

「Now I truly understand……. Touya is not normal. I didn’t think there was a way to beat it……. Something that shocking….. 」

「I too…… feel like an idiot for being in despair in the face of an S-ranked monster……..」

Myra let out a big sigh as well.



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