The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 5 Chapter 1



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Volume 5 Chapter 1

After the successful battle in the dungeon against the Generate Kingdom and returning to the Imperial Capital, I was awarded with a medal decorated with a Spirit Stone, and a new mansion located not far from the castle.

…… And the said mansion has a House Spirit. This can be perceived as either an extra reward or an imposition, I am yet to find out.
Ferris in my opinion is more than enough. And I don’t see the point of me having two mansions, but I can’t just put the mansion I received from the Emperor up for sale.

I sighed as I looked at the mansion that was standing in front of me, more grandiose than the first.

「If I’m in a crisis of any kind, you’ll be able to assist swiftly」, that’s what the Emperor said. But it is honestly too big for one person, even if I hire servants. It is more than twice the size of the other one.

It so happens that Saya, Lumina, and the children are staying at the first mansion for the time being.

If it was up to me, I would have them live with me permanently, but as a rule, it is forbidden for commoners other than servants to live in the nobles’ quarter.

As a special exception, they are allowed to stay with me for a certain period, but eventually they will have to move to the commoners’ quarter.

It is unavoidable for security concerns.

As a new noble, I have a lot to learn. The Emperor introduced me to a courtier who was teaching me on a daily basis.

「…… But what I should do with this mansion? Eh, Kokuyou? 」

He just replied with a neigh and pushed me from the back with his nose, egging me on to enter the grounds.

「Alright. Time to meet with the House Spirit」

I opened the gate, which was a little rusty, a sign that it hasn’t been opened for a long time. I stepped inside the courtyard which had the remnants of a fountain in the middle.

The House Spirit is capable of managing the grounds if it has recognized a master, if not it can only do the bare minimum of maintaining the mansion.

It is unclear why this condition is the way it is, but asking a House Spirit, which is unlikely to answer, is useless.

However, there is Ferris, who when I questioned her about it, replied, 「I don’t know」.

This is not something that was part of the game’s system. So I don’t know either.

I put my hand on the door as I thought this over.

The door opened with ease. The inside was nicely kept in order and clean.

In the entrance hall, a white whirlpool appeared in front of me, and then the House Spirit —- a small girl.

She looked about 10 years old, with hair that reached down to her waist, the same as Ferris. She has blue eyes and a butterfly hair clip of the matching colour.

She stared at me and tilted her head curiously.

「I’m Touya, the new owner of this house. Nice to meet you」

I greeted her politely and smiled. The young girl, the House Spirit, tilted her head the other way, again looking curious.

「I wonder if Ferris can help here…… Ferris, please come out」

The Spirit Stone on my necklace around my neck glowed and Ferris emerged from it.

The small girl suddenly—- smiled at Ferris who just appeared.

In the same way, Ferris smiled back and held out her hands, and the young House Spirit embraced Ferris.

—– Huh? She can express emotion? Ferris can, but it was not this quickly.

Once the young House Spirit parted from Ferris, she looked at me again and nodded openly.

Apparently, I was now recognized as the master of this mansion as well.

The civil official who was with me to show me the mansion looked astonished.

「Amazing….. Two House Spirits living together in the same mansion……」

It is not unprecedented, I heard a long time ago a similar thing happened.

I mostly just want her to get along with Ferris.

And so, having successfully received the mansion, a new point in my life has been marked.



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