The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 5 Chapter 2



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Volume 5 Chapter 2

I decided to hold a meeting with Dalish, my retainer, in the office of my new grand mansion. My top priority is to find a suitable home for Saya and the children.

I was confident that Dalish, despite being in his mid-twenties, would be able to provide valuable insights, as he is a capable person who possesses smarts and is very familiar with the city.

「Dalish, I plan to build an orphanage in the common district, and I’d appreciate it if you could assist me」

「For Saya-sama and the children? I believe there are already several established orphanages in the Imperial Capital. If possible, I wonder if they can join one of them. I heard that Saya-sama has experience managing one herself, and I think with some people to lend her a hand in case of emergencies, she will be fine」

I nodded in agreement, recalling my first time encounter with Saya. She was ill and needed assistance.
Having just one person responsible for the well-being of so many children would be a constant source of stress.

Dalish continued,
「If you want a registered orphanage, you should definitely consider making a visit to one. They’re subsidized by the country, after all」

「Yes, a registered orphanage would be ideal」

It is important to ensure that the staff are of good character, and that they will get along with Saya and the children. There is also a concern that there might be tension between the children already residing there and Saya’s.

A negative environment could have disastrous effects on the children and the facility itself.

「When you visit, it is best to go incognito, as an adventurer instead of a noble. If they know that you are a nobleman, they might be intimidated, and the managers may have their own reputation to uphold」

Dalish informed me that there are nobles who hold significant power and responsibility within the Empire’s orphanages. They do not only provide subsidies to each orphanage, but they also have the final say in all decisions related to funding.
With the recent war taking a toll on the Empire, the number of children in need of care has skyrocketed, which might pose a problem.

「Since there are many children affected by the last war, we need to confirm whether they will be accepted or not」

I nodded, remembering the dire state of Lunette Empire during the war. Many soldiers had lost their lives and countless children were left orphaned.

Some of the compensation received from Generate Kingdom is being used in the subsidies.

「Tomorrow, I’ll visit the orphanages, and gather information」
「I’ll have a map ready for you by then」

「Yes, thank you」

After the meeting, I headed towards my old home, eager to visit the children. At first, I planned to walk there, but Dalish strongly advised against it, suggesting that it would not be appropriate for a marquis to walk alone in the noble district.

「It’s not like I can’t handle myself……. I bet I can handle any danger that may come my way」

In fact, I am confident enough to take on any number of attackers.

「For once I’d like to be a normal adventurer……」

Gazing out the window at the opulent streets of the noble district, I muttered to myself.

◇ ◇ ◇
「It’s Touya-oniichan!」

The children’s excited voices filled the air as I stepped off the carriage and approached the house, all ready to welcome me.

「How are you all doing?」

The children all looked up, cheerfully, at me.

「Great! This house is huge and we get to eat lots of delicious food!」

「I’m so glad to hear that. Is Saya here?」

「She’s over there!」

She was sewing with a couple of small girls.

「Saya, I came to visit」

She stopped sewing, turned around to greet me with a big smile.

「Welcome, Touya-san」

She excused herself from the girls with, 「I’m going to leave you for a while」

The children were all playing in the garden now, as I and Saya sat facing each other in the reception room.

「So? How are you?」

「I’m still a bit nervous, but I feel safe here and I’m grateful to you. However, I know I cannot stay here forever……..」

It’s a delicate situation, to be sure. I would love for them to be able to stay here in the mansion.

Unfortunately, the reality is that their stay here is only temporary.

The strict rules of the noble district dictate that even a simple walk outside could lead to their arrest.

Because I am a marquis, some concessions were made, but I know that these privileges are not afforded to everyone.

My accomplishments in the Empire have earned me some leeway, but it’s not enough to please everyone.

There are some murmurings of discontent from some nobles.
I have to accept that this is how things are done.

After all, I am known as the “Hero of Lunette Empire” . I cannot very well be seen complaining about my problems.

「I’m currently looking to see if I should build a new orphanage for you or you can join one of the existing ones, so can you give me some time?」

「Yes, it’s fine with me, Touya-san……」

Saya’s demeanor around me has become a bit distant since she arrived in this country.

In the past, she would have greeted me like a friend, but now, her eyes seem guarded when we are together.

It’s not just because I have become a marquis, one of the highest noble ranks, I suspect it was also because of the abrupt change from being an adventurer she knew.

I have not had the chance to talk to her about my newfound status, but I am sure she has heard about it through the mansion’s servants.

After all, who does not know of the ”Hero of Lunette Empire”, who brought an end to the war between Generate Kingdom and Lunette Empire—-

It is understandable that she might feel intimidated to talk to me normally.

Thankfully, the children have not changed their behaviour towards me and still treat me the same way they used to.
Saya and the children seemed to be doing fine, I gave them enough food and money to get by, and before leaving I spent some time chatting with Saya.

「I’ll have to find them a place to live as soon as possible……」

With a sigh, I gazed out the window of the carriage as it slowly made its way down the road.



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