Chapter 54 Part 2 – The second princess of Hydrangea, Margaret, invades.

The Meteor glanced at my disappointed, disgraceful behavior and showed her teeth. I’m sure that she just sneered at me just now, the damned pony looked triumphant ……!!
I actually lost to a pony in terms of female attractiveness. My ranking as the heroine is now at the very bottom.
My maiden heart has been torn to shreds in many ways ……

By the way, the name of the girl in the maid outfit is Bradd.
In fact, he is not even a woman, but a man. He is an extraordinary cheat-like creature who, due to a certain course of events, cross-dressed as a maid in order to protect us and has settled in our house ever since. And he still continues to cross-dress. He doesn’t have any girly desires, but for some reason he likes the maid uniform. At a glance, he may look like a cheerful girl, but he is a master of some scary martial arts and is capable of doing things such as reading an opponent’s thoughts through the blood flow or manipulating blood to stop the opponent’s heart.

And he is also one of the five heroes who 「previously killed」 me.

Yeah, my heart ached just a little bit not because Bradd didn’t treat me like a lady, but because of the humiliation of being helped by someone I have a grudge against. Yes, that must be the reason.

「Ah, how frustrating. What a disgrace to be helped by my enemy. Huhuhu ……」

「You know, you’ve gone overboard with the exaggeration and you sound like an old hag. …… Also, even if you refer to me as your enemy, I don’t have any memory of ever doing that.」

Bradd tilted his head to the side in confusion as I expressed my regrets in tears, as if I were doing a play on stage. He was right. In fact, Bradd is the one who saved me from many dangers, including the attack of the demon dog Gallam three years ago. But it is also true that I have been killed 「multiple times」 by him.

…… Actually, I’m not just a toddler.

For some unknown reason, I am experiencing a loop and have repeated my life as Scarlet 「108 times」.
I’ve taken not three steps forward and two steps back, but three steps forward and three steps back.
Like the needle on a broken record that jumps and keeps playing the same part over and over again ……

But every time I went back in time and was reborn, all my memories were reset, and I was completely unaware of the loop. I don’t understand why I was forced to go up and down the platform again and again without even knowing it.

By the way, my looping life only had one pattern, where I was always called a ruthless queen and slaughtered by one of the five heroes ……!!
God of Fate, are you crazy!? What is this!!
He lets me attain the top position in the kingdom and then suddenly drops me from the glory to the abyss, his actions were just like a devil!?
Don’t take the liberty of putting people on a roller coaster to hell every time.
Who would have ascended to the throne if they knew that the only ending was to be slaughtered by the people in revolt?

…… Since that’s the case, just like any other girl, I want to change the course to a love story!!
I want to love and be loved just like the heroine of a passionate love story.
I no longer want to be burnt to death ……!!
And I want my life to not have a bad end of being slaughtered with mourning bells ringing, but a happy ending like a bride with blessing bells ringing ……!!

But, thinking back, I’ve been single in all of my previous 「108 times」. Because the duties of a queen made me too busy …… I’m a career woman who has given my all to the kingdom. I’m a bureaucrat. Instead of a corporate slace, I’m a kingdom slave. And yet, at the end of the day, I was abandoned by the kingdom and its citizens …… What the heck was my life all about?

The only men that approached me were the heinous four princes and other scumbags, who I never even want to have loitering within a two-kilometer radius from me!! No matter how beautiful they are, they are so trashy on the inside that flies and mosquitoes are much more likable.

I felt depressed. Why am I so unlucky with men in spite of my beauty, which was praised as the Jewel of Hydrangea?
No, that title is definitely not self-proclaimed. Please believe me ……
And I’d definitely die at the age of 28 …… This must be what it meant the saying that the beautiful die young ……

But after accidentally falling down the stairs in my 「108th time」 and self-destructing, I realized the fact that I was going around in circles my whole life. Then I realized that I had repeated my life 「108 times」 just to be murdered again and again. I was stunned and dismayed, then I fell down and cried sorrowfully.
And then I was born again and became a baby that can only say ,’Owaah owahh’
Afterwards, I wasn’t able to turn back from my face-down position and nearly suffocated to death as a newborn.
For a newborn, even turning over is a serious life-and-death problem ……
What!? You’re saying that a baby does not have the right to break down crying and gracefully weep like a maiden. That’s racism. I don’t agree. I’m going to file a complaint about this with the baby union.

And then I made up my mind.
I’ve had enough of the life of a queen. I’m going to escape from this blasted circle of fate.
From now on, I will use my abundant knowledge and memories of the future as my weapons, and I will stand up magnificently and then fully enjoy my time as a beautiful shut-in!!

After all, my gray brain is filled with 「108 times」 worth of information, including the information gained from the duties of a queen.
Mission!! Make good use of my shining knowledge and avoid the dangers that leap out at me!!
In this life, I will never be involved with the five heroes who killed me, nor with the Maiden of Salvation Alisa, who was behind it all!!
I will be an isolationist.

Because, you know, in all my previous 「108 times」 I have ascended to the throne of the Queen and got slaughtered by the five heroes. It’s too strange, isn’t it? It’s like a curse.

My royal bloodline is so far from being even a collateral line that normally there is no way I could ever be a queen. It’s obviously weird that in each and every one of my loop lives I ended up ascending to the throne ……

I can only think that there is some kind of force at work, trying to lead me to the same life course every time. And it’s also seriously strong ……!!
Perhaps this crazy fate cannot be avoided by any foolhardy means. The force that draws me to that accursed fate is devilish.

And so I made up my mind.

No matter how much of an asshole fate is, if I don’t have anything to do with the nobility, it should not be able to force me to go on the queen’s course. And if I don’t mix with other people, I won’t be resented by the five heroes. If they don’t resent me, they won’t kill me. Yes, what a brilliant theory. I must never gather the same factors as in my previous 「108 times」.

So, I’m going to be a shut-in in our house ……

I have said this again and again because this point is really important. Full force toward the back!!

…… And that is why I’m working so diligently and desperately to become a NEET!!
You see, after the winter of hardship, there will be a spring of being a shut-in!!

I clearly remember every natural disaster, new invention, and resources discovered in this kingdom that happened during the 28 years of my life in the previous 「108 times」. There is plenty of information in my memories that I can utilize as a source of money to fund my perpetual seclusion. Although I may not look like it, I was an industrious queen. I am secretly proud of my great memory. I used to confront my opponents with the statements they made in their dark history period and also to backhandedly screw them over when they were proud of their victory. They never imagined that they would be counter-punched by something they had said in the past, making them all flustered.

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