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3 When the first earthling learned about their own stats and leveled up.

I was about to go retrieve a shield from the dungeon. But here I was right now, sitting down with my back facing the frosted glass of he shower.

Why had it come to this? I wondered.

「Sir Thor, are you there?」

「Yeah, I’m here!」

Ever since the mess with the shower, Ria would be afraid without me close by. And so, here I was sitting.

Japanese daily commodities were typically nothing to be afraid of. But to someone who only knew of technology from the Medieval Ages, they were probably terrifying.

That was why I decided to stay close by until she was done with her shower, if that would please her.

It’d be great if she could take her time in the bath and warm up her chilled body in the water.

「How’s the temperature of the showerhead?」

「It’s just nice. The soap for hair is also really bubbly. If I don’t use it wrongly, your artifacts really are the best aren’t they, wise sage?」

「Is that so? That’s good.」

As Ria soaked in the bath, we were having a conversation through the frosted glass.

It didn’t seem like I could go retrieve her shield right now.

As the thought suddenly came to my mind, I asked RIa.

「Ria, what monster struck you with the paralysis poison?」

「It was goblins. I thought that I had defeated it but a blowing dart suddenly hit me」

「Ah, so it was goblins, as I expected」

Maybe the tone of my voice made it sound like I thought that goblins weren’t all that strong.

「The goblins in this dungeon are special!」

「I-is that so?」

「They’re probably nothing for you, wise sage, but there are rumors that these underground ruins of this ancient kingdom, the Dungeon of Yomi, are dangerous for any adventurer, you know?」

I see. So the dungeon connected to this apartment was called the Dungeon of Yomi.

I got that this dungeon was the underground ruins of an ancient kingdom, and that it was very dangerous here.

「Even I never thought that something like a goblin would attack me with a blowing dart with paralysis poison with its last breath. This dungeon really is special. The monsters here are quick-witted and smart…… 」

「Are they different in different dungeons even if they’re the same type of enemy?」

「I haven’t really entered many other dungeons before, but to say the very least, the monsters outside are completely different.」

I see. So it meant that this dungeon was an especially dangerous difficult dungeon. Curse the real estate agent. So this really was a super incident prone piece of property. This really was the most defective out of all the defective apartments.

「Even though I’m a knight, my agility stats are pretty high too. But in this dungeon, there are even slimes which run away immediately and I can’t catch up to them at all. And yet the rumours that the experience points you get here for levelling up would be good was fake…….」

「W-what did you just say!?!?!?」

「What Did I say something strange?」

There was a part in what Ria said that piqued my interest a lot.

Weren’t the slimes that immediately ran away and were uncatchable the really good monsters in that particular game? That definitely piqued my interest. But more than that!

「H-hey. I’m a wise sage so I have a special way to know my own status……but how do normal people like you know your own statuses, Ria?」

It was possible to know your own status in numbers. Maybe it would be possible to accurately know one’s affinity for certain skills.

To Japanese people, that was really juicy information.

With that information, we could take as many shortcuts to useless hard work as we wanted.

Although, there was a possibility that I might feel that my future was actually really bleak.

「What? What? Was there another way.to know your own status!?」

「There is, there is! There is so! Please tell me the way you do it Ria!」

「Y-yes. If I think about it in my heart, the stats appear in your head in numerical values right? I thought that that was just part of god’s divine creation…… 」

Bingoooooo! What an amazing divine creation it was!

「H-hm? Why wouldn’t my stats appear in my mind! Why?」

As I celebrated my new found knowledge, Ria was panicking that her status was not appearing in her head.

I knew what the reason was. I told Ria with a convenient explanation.

「I cast a spell so that you couldn’t check your status in the area I lived in. I think you’ll be able to do it once you return back to the dungeon.」

But in reality, it was probably because the way god made the world or maybe the rules was different because my room was located in Japan.

And if we went to the dungeon, we would probably…….

「That’s a relief.」

The sound of Ria showering stopped. And I think I heard her enter the bathtub.

「Oh yes. Ria, here was an iron door behind where you fainted, but would I be right to say that monsters won’t come in as long as that’s closed?

I was thinking that the reason there were no monsters in that large room in the dungeon was because that iron door was closed shut.

「I-I’m sorry. I closed that door when I was escaping before I fell because of the paralysis poison. It was so I wouldn’t get attacked by more monsters. There should be a switch in the wall.」

As I thought. That’s why there weren’t any monsters there.

「Ria! You know. When I carried you in, I left your shield in the dungeon. I’ll go retrieve it for you alright?」

「What? It’s alright! I’m already so thankful to you for just saving my life. I couldn’t possibly trouble you any further, wise sage.」

「It’s fine, it’s fine. There won’t be any monsters anyway right?」

「Y-yes…….I think」

「The-then, please enjoy your time soaking in the bath alright?」

At this point, retrieving the shield was not my sole objective anymore.

Rather, my main objective was to check my status!

I’ll check out what talents I have in the dungeon.

I put on the helmet with headlights attached on that I left on the dining table.

I held the pickaxe that I hooked around my belt on my hand.

I placed paper and a pen in my pocket.

If I could find out what my stats were, I was going to use the pen and paper to take down a memo.

I carefully checked whether there was any noise coming from behind the door before I slowly opened it.

I then stuck my face out and checked a countless number of times whether there were any monsters in the area.

「Nice! There doesn’t seem to be any.」

At this point, I barely felt any nervousness when stepping into the dungeon.

More than that, I was much more nervous about the stats that I was going to see when I checked later.

Could I check my status? Could I not?

If I could, then I wonder what my stats were……

Was my future going to be bright? Could I see what was beyond my current life? Or was everything going to be pitch black>


Before I checked my status, I couldn’t help but take in a huge breath.

Let’s go!

「Status open!」

I shouted out, as I thought in my head.

By the way, no one said anything about needing to shout out loud.

[Name] Suzuki Tooru
[Race] Human
[Age] 21
[Occupation] Unemployed
[Level] 1/∞
[Health] 19/19
[Magic] 27/27
[Attack] 114
[Defence] 45
[Strength] 10
[Intelligence] 18
[Agility] 12
[Skill] No maximum growth

Wo, woahhhhh!

「There it is…….it really is my status……」
From what I saw, I didn’t seem that strong or anything, but it really did appear as an image in my head!

No, everyone is probably weak at the beginning. Rather than focus on my status now, what was important was my potential for growth. That’s what I wanted to believe in.

As I took down a memo of my skill, I thought about how I was going to find out more about it.

Firstly, for my [Name] and [Age], there was nothing special to note.

My name and age were just factually written there.

What did they mean by unemployed under [Occupation]? I was properly supporting myself through my part-time job.

Maybe the [Occupation] was referring to the effect of my skill or the direction I was heading in gaining skills.

And what was the most eye-catching here was probably my [Level].

I could understand why it was currently at 1, but the denominator was infinite.

It was probably interlinked with the skill that I had, 「No maximum growth」.

This may or may not just mean that I could still dream.


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