Ruler Vol 2 Prologue


Author: Anit666

“Damn it!”

I shouted at the top of my lungs and threw the glass I was holding to the ground, thus smashing it.

Negotiations had once again failed.

Why? Why does this happen to me? This is the fifth time, and yet I once again failed. How long would this continue? Would I ever be able to fulfil the promise I made to her?

I actually had a chance this time. He was ready to listen to me. But I…… But I still failed. What went wrong? I don’t understand.

Looks like once again things would proceed in the same way as they did last time. I will die, unable to accomplish anything.

All of my efforts would once again be meaningless.

“Don’t give up hope yet, O pitiful child.”


I hurriedly turned around to the source of the voice and drew out my sword.

A young man was sitting on my bed, leisurely sipping something from the glass he held in his hand. But it was the same glass that I had smashed. No, perhaps ‘man’ would not be the right term. He was donned a black military uniform. His face was shrouded by a veil of darkness, and protruding from his back were two jet black wings which seemed to be carved from darkness itself. They were not proper wings per se, it was just a black mass shaped to look like wings.

Bathed in the light from the chandelier, he looked like the grim reaper who had ascended from Hell to pass judgement.

No, before that, just how did he enter this room? There should be guards outside, and I had deployed my presence detection magic to sense any intruders that might try to come in. Are you saying that he bypassed all of that to come into this room?

“Who are you?! How did you get in?!”

That man snickered after listening to me, and spoke in a pitying tone.

“You don’t have to worry about that. I have come to convey something to you.”


Exactly what does he want to tell me? Don’t tell me that he is a messenger sent by that fuckface.

“Yes. My Lord wishes to meet and negotiate with you.”

Lord? Negotiate? Then… is he not the messenger of that bastard? Whatever, I don’t need to negotiate with anyone. There’s no meaning in that anymore.

The man, as if having read my mind, spoke.

“What’s the harm in just meeting him? You’ve already lost all hope for this life, haven’t you?”

Huh? This life? He’s speaking as if……

“My Lord knows what you truly wish for. And he’s offering it to you. In fact, your goal is very similar to his. You certainly won’t regret it.”

He knows my true wish? And he’ll fulfil it for me?

How is that even possible? This man is clearly lying.


But what if he isn’t? What if the Lord that this man speaks for really knows about what I want? Then, wouldn’t it be the height of foolishness to reject his offer?


Fine, I’ll accept. I’ve already lost all hope for this life anyway.

I put my sword back in its scabbard as a sign of acceptance.

“Very well. I’ll accept his request to meet me. So? Where is he?”

I could feel the man smiling. It was only then that I realised. It was not that his face was covered in a veil, it was just that my own brain was refusing to understand it. I could see every part of his body, his face too. But my consciousness was refusing to register his face, making me see darkness instead of his face.

A moment of thought revealed to me just why my consciousness couldn’t register it. It was because of the primal fear that had set in. The man’s mere existence had driven dread into my very soul.

And that’s how I met the messenger of the Devil. Little did I know, this meeting would change everything.



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