Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 3 Part 3


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



[Kuh, ahh…… Hot, so hoot!? Pussy, my pussy is…… it’s burning……!!! Ugh!!!]

The small tentacles ravaged the inside of her breasts, wriggling around and causing Sui’s pussy to become hot. As her love nectar leaked out, her nerves began to pick up more and more sinful pleasure all around her body. Occasionally there were gold and white sparks flying before Sui’s eyes. Together with her leaking honey, Sui’s blood was boiling.

[Yah!! Noooooo, aaaaaahhhhhh!?!?]

There was something expanding and swelling inside of Sui, her body tightened and twisted. Sui felt a sudden need to touch herself down there, to stick something long and hard inside of it, to quench this burning sensation.


The volumes of thick love nectar spill from inside of Sui. After getting outside of her genitals it leaks down her thighs and perineum, tracing a wet and sticky line all the way towards her butt.

[Hehe, it looks as if you’ve wet yourself.] [It looks so pitiful. Here, let’s plug it with something so that it won’t leak anymore.]

The grinning men picked up some long objects from the ground with rounded tips. Said objects also had flat wooden handles at their bases, so it was most probably an ice-cream candy. At least both thickness and shape would indicate that.

[Angh!? Uuugh!?]

When they rubbed the ice cream against Sui’s nether lips, it felt so cold that it almost hurt her. And there was also that smell…… it was so raw, like a dried squid or a grass after a rainy day. As the men raised Sui’s legs a bit, she could feel waves of disgust creeping over her.

[This is the special semen popsicles we’ve made especially for you, Missy.] [S, sem……!? No, please, stop it, don’t!] [No need to feel frightened, look.]

Sui tried to escape from the horrifying objects, but the men gabbed her hair and arms firmly, pulled on her hair and held her in place.

[Nmuugh, mmh!? Auugpfgh!? Nnh!!??]

The men pressed the hard and cold mass of semen right against Sui’s lips and forced it into her mouth. The horrifying candy touches Sui’s tongue and her whole mouth starts to feel numb from the smell and taste.

(W, why!? How could something like that happen!?)

As soon as that morbid taste began to spread around Sui’s tongue, her eyes filled with tears while opening wide, and she was overcome with a tremendous gag reflex. It was that kind of awful smell that was penetrating her nostrils and the inside of her mouth, making her head spin.

(How!? Just how!?)

Lamenting over why this was happening to her, Sui’s lips were forced to contract on the smelly treat. As her tongue began to wrap itself around it, Sui felt as though she wanted to scream in agony.

[How is it? Delicious, isn’t it? If you accept our semen into you, Itohiki-sama is going to be pleased and your fever shall stop.] [We have prepared many more, so don’t worry. You can eat as much as you want.] [Puanh!? Nnh, uuh, mmnh!?]

Another ice cream were rubbed right against Sui’s cheeks. As the cold mass starts to stick to her skin and melts, Sui could feel new waves of suffocating odor penetrating her. While they rubbed it all over her face, drops of stinky candy got tangled up in Sui’s bangs and dripped down her cheeks. The odor that was sticking to her whole body now was tickling Sui’s nose in a bad way.

The whitish drops of semen ice-cream were no smeared all over Sui’s face. It was all over her eyes, found its way into her nose and filled her mouth. Her mouth was also contracting around the candy that was forced into her, causing threads of semen ice-cream mixed with her saliva to drip through the corners of her mouth. Right now it was dripping so badly that even Sui’s cleavage was beginning to be covered in it.

(Stop it, stop it…… It’s, so dirty…… Ah!?!? Aaahhh!?!?)

Next ice-cream were pressed against her boobs, supporting them from below and lifting them up. Cold nightly air mixed with insufferable odor. When the ice-cream traced all the way towards Sui’s sensitive nipples,

[Nnh!? Naah!? Nuaaah!?]

A tremendous electric shock ran through Sui’s breasts, travelling all the way through them and then reaching her spine, causing her to twist her body in a violent fashion. Her sweat and saliva dripped onto the futon and her pussy’s lips quivered, as if they were inviting the men towards them.

[Look, see how wet your boobs are becoming~.]

The drops of semen from the melting ice-cream were now dripping all over Sui’s body. Her erect nipples were hurting as the drops of milk were about to spill from them. They dripped down Sui’s breasts and stomach, eventually gathering up inside of her belly button, staining her white skin like so sort of sweet syrup on a delicious dessert.

[Now, let give your lower mouth a taste of this delicacy as well.]

Some men took the ice-cream from Sui’s breasts and traced them all the way down Sui’s body, eventually going through her pubic hair and stopping right next to her gaping pussy.

[Fuaah!? No, nooo, eeehhh!?!?]

Sui’s pussy was pierced by a sudden ice-cold needles. The tips of the ice-cream were rubbing against her entrance, which was wet and deep crimson in color from all the excitement it was feeling.

[See how hot and bothered your pussy is? It’s as if it was on fire, won’t you agree?]

The men didn’t try to insert the ice-cream inside of her right away, but instead tortured Sui by rubbing the ice-cream against her entrance over and over again. The ice-cream slowly begins to melt, causing its cloudy threads to merge with the droplets of love juices that Sui was spilling from within herself.

(Uuh, aah…… Noo, please, stop it…… feeling it…… I’m starting to feel it, ugh……!?)

The contrast between the cold semen juice and her own secretions was too much for Sui to handle. Even though she was against it, her nether lips overflowed with her love honey, causing the men to smile creepily and Sui’s cheeks to be dyed deep crimson. Her eyes also started to fill with tears.

[That’s it, that’s the face. Maybe you will feel even better if we insert them all the way? What do you say to that?] [Nnh, gah….. Ahh, aaahhh……!!!]

The men gradually put more and more strength into their hands, causing the ice-cream they were holding to press against Sui’s entrance, pushing her wet lips aside. Feeling the coldness pressing itself deeper inside of her, Sui reacts to that with a short shriek.

Melting and slowly moving, the ice-cream mixed with Sui’s love nectar, creating something of a unique lubricant that was coating her pussy.

[Fueah, ahh…… Fuah, ahhh…… Nnh, muh, uuuhhh……!!]

The ice-cream finally push her flesh petals wide apart enough to fit inside of her completely, piercing the hole that was yet to receive a man inside of itself. Sui shook her head in an attempt at resisting, but her aphrodisiac-influenced body was receiving the murky liquid with joy and anticipation. Her waist was no longer trying to escape the incoming sticks, instead moving alluringly, as if inviting them to insert themselves into her faster.

[Here, this will make you feel better for sure.] [Eeaah!? Ngh, noo, no, no, don’t, don’t to dissss……!!!]

A small lump of ice cream was then thrusted right inside of Sui’s cute pussy.

(No, stop…… This is my first time, my precious first time……!!!)

It was her precious virginity that once taken would never come back to her.

It was a special moment, a special occasion that occurs only once in your lifetime.

But even despite that fact, Sui’s body was no longer trying to reject the foreign objects, instead inviting them. As waves of pleasure crushed her chest, Sui felt as though the murky semen ice-cream were starting to cloud her judgement as well.

Aiming towards her hymen, the ice-cream mass was heading further and further inside of Sui’s cavity. Before it would only experience Sui’s own fingers, but now it was accepting something foreign, longer and thicker without any problems, stretching and opening up willingly. Pressing itself against Sui’s hymen, attacked it with much strength, causing a sharp pain to shoot throughout Sui’s abdomen.

[Nnh!? Kuh…… Aaaggghhh!?!?!?]

The cold ice-cream stick was slowly making its way through Sui’s insides, penetrating her belly. Her thighs shook violently, her flesh folds contracted on the cold stick, only intensifying the sensations she was feeling. The excess amounts of ice-cream were melting away, lubricating her up even further.

(What…… is this!? It, it feels…… good ––!!)

The cold semen-liquid soaked into Sui’s insides, causing her to feel as though her insides were shocked by electricity. Were the youmas that were still inside of her body trying to get to the delicious sperm after feeling it up? The sensations Sui was feeling would surely indicate that.


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