A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 3



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Editor: Weasalopes

We went past the Explorer’s Guild. Heh, from now on I won’t need anyone to be my substitute reader, so suck on that, guild clerks ripping illiterate people off!

[I want to apologize in advance if I’ll be of not so much use. If we had met earlier I would have probably learned much more, but there was only so much information I could learn in five days.]

[Hm? So you learned Brahim in the Slave Shop throughout those five days I had to get all the necessary money?]

[Yes. When I heard you and the shop owner were talking in Brahim, I thought learning it myself might prove beneficial to you, and that’s why I decided to learn it myself.]

So he could actually do that much for her, huh? Normally I would say that it was quite nice of him to do something seemingly so selfless, but that was probably one of the strategies to elevate the value of the slaves he’s selling. It wasn’t an act of goodwill, but a pure business move. After all, a slave who can read and write will always be seen as more competent than the one that does not have those skills, but precisely because of the his/her price can be that much higher.

[The place we’ll be staying at is just over there, see?]


Since Roxanne has her luggage there’s no sense in us doing any detours, so we just headed straight back to the inn. On our way there, I noticed that a surprisingly large amount of guys (some of them even with female companions on their own) were staring at Roxanne with envious eyes when we were passing by them. I know, right, she’s a real cutie, there’s no doubt about that. Knowing that I have such an eye-catching slave filled me with a sudden sense of superiority. But let’ make one thing clear though: I’m fine with others looking at Roxanne, but if anyone of those guys tried to make a move on her I would have cut the bastard down without a second thought. The only one who’s allowed to do any dirty stuff to her is me, her rightful owner, and no one else. And if anyone has any objections to that, they are going to get their assholes really well aquainted with the business end of my Durandal!

We entered the inn, or perhaps I should call it by its proper name: Veil Pavilion, now that I know it, and approached the reception desk.

[I would like to rent a double room this time. You have any of those vacant?]

I said to the Innkeeper. 

[We sure have. So, a double room for you this time, huh?]

He replied, eyeing Roxanne with a look that was curious, but not in a malicious or mocking sort of way.

[Right. Also, add dinner for two to it.]

[Double room with a dinner for two, that would be 380 Nar, but with your special customer discount it will be 350 Nar per night.]

[Coming right up.]

I placed the money, 3 silver coins and 50 copper coins on the table in front of him. I have to say, that 30% Reduced Prices is a really handy Skill, although I still don’t fully understand the mechanics behind how it works and the total extend of its limitations. For now the most important thing is that hanks to I can have lodging and meals at 30% cheaper prices, but I wonder what other services can it affect? Oh, and on a side note: 30% Reduced Prices is another one of my Skill that I have set up During that Character Reset I’ve done on our way here. Just as the name implies, it allows me to buy items and pay for various services 30% cheaper. You know, just a handy little lifehack. 

[Okay then, can you show me your Intelligence Cards?]

Oh, so now he wants to check them? Well, I don’t really mind, but I don’t understand why would he need an additional confirmation when it should be clear that Roxanne will be coming with me since we came here together. Maybe he thought she was actually a prostitute I hired to make my evening more entertaining? In that case, I wonder what’s his reaction is going to be when he’ll see that she’s my very own slave! I extended my left hand to him, and Roxanne did the same right after me.

[Double room are on the 5th floor. Allow me to guide you there.]

Much to my chargin, the Innkeeper did not comment on our Intelligence Cards in any way. Maybe it is because commenting on thigs like having slaves is actually considered as rude, or maybe it is a straight up intrusion of privacy? Whatever the case may be, I grabbed the keys he handed me and proceeded towards the stairs.

[Your luggage. Gimme.]

I asked Roxanne to hand me her case once more. Now that we are inside an inn where we’re safe, there’s no need for me to constantly think about defending us from potential attackers, so I can allow myself to me a bit gentlemanly.

[Th-Thank… you.]

Roxanne stuttered a bit and her cheeks flushed, but she followed me closely to the upper floors.

[Before we go any higher, you might want to grab your things from your previous room.]

[Oh, right. I completely forgot about that.]

When we reached the 3rd floor we stopped at the room I have been using up until this point, room 311. The Innkeeper unlocked it with his key, and I handed the case back to Roxanne and went inside. I quickly proceeded to pack all of my belongings into the Item Box, leaving the jersey from the closet and a pair of leather shoes from the lockable shelf for last. When I was done, I left the key on the shelf next to the door.

[Alright, that should be all.]

[Then let us continue to the 5th floor.]

The Innkeeper locked the room with his own key and we resumed our climb to the 5th floor.

[Want me to take it again?]

I said, pointing at Roxanne’s case.

[Thank you, but I’ll be fine now.]

If she says she’s okay with carrying it the rest of the way, the I have no reason to distrust her words. There are only two floors left for us to go, so she should manage without any issues. On the other hand, I could really use an elevator right now. It’s a damn shame that it’s way too early for this world to even think about creating those. Climbing to the third floor was not that big of a deal to me, but two additional sets of stairs really started to make a number on my legs. I was beginning to feel as if someone took my kneecaps and capped them with a spiked baseball bat. For a second I thought about going there by using Warp, but then it occured to me that I have never been to the floors higher than the third, and that it would certainly raised a lot of suspicion if someone who was supposed to be a simple Explorer.

[Fifth floor is where the rooms for two guests are located. The inn’s topmost floor is where the special double rooms are located.]

The Innkeeper explained as if he heard the complaints in my mind. To be honest, I couldn’t really wrap my head around such reasoning.


I could only reply to him in such a way.

[And this is the room the two of you will be staying now.]

He stood in front of the second doors to the right after we arrived at the fifth floor.

[This room, huh?]

I went inside. The room’s furniture was kept to the bare minimum here as well; it contained only a large double bed and a desk in the back, and two simple chairs. Is it called a double room because of that bed for two people? Anyway, I placed all of my belongings on the desk. Size-wise, this room wasn’t all that different from the room 311 I stayed in for the last few days, the only difference being that is was a little bigger and didn’t have a closet, but that could have well been just my imagination. And then…

[The closet is built into the wall on the right. The shelves below it can be locked, but just like last time, I generally wouldn’t advise you to keep any valuables in here. Go on, try opening it yourself.]

Urged by the Innkeeper I walked to the wall to my right, which turned out to be a sliding door. The inside really was just like a closet, and a pretty spacious one at that. So I guess that really makes this room bigger than room 311. After that the Innkeeper gave me the same explanation he did when he brought me to my previous room, handed me the key and left, finally leaving me alone with Roxanne.

Oh, that’s right. We’re finally alone.

I sat on the bed, which was softer and comfier than the one in the previous room, but when I looked back at Roxanne, she was still standing at the entrance, visibly nervous, and maybe even a little scared.

Hoo boi, here we go.



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