A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 1 Part 6



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

「Good morning….. *Yaaawn* mashter…..」

「Good morning, Sherry. And thank you for the good morning kisses, you two. You seem to be talking to one another for quite a long while yesterday night. Are you sure you managed to get enough sleep? Are you going to be okay today?」

「Uhm….. have we really talked for that long? I….. I hope we did not end up bothering you, master?」

「No, not at all. Actually, it sounded like a pretty nice lullaby to me, so I did not mind it in the slightest.」

That is good to hear. I do not no what I would have done if we end up being the cause of you not being able to get the good night’s rest before your quest for the Adventurer’s Guild.」

I think that it would not have made that much of an impact on me because there is no way that I would not be able to fall asleep with two beautiful girls like that sleeping in the same bed with me, but that is beside the point.

Since we were not going to the Labyrinth in the morning just like we agreed yesterday but we were all pretty much awake now, we had ourselves an early breakfast during which I disbanded our current Party from my Party settings menu, and then

I decided that this might be a good opportunity for Sherry to have a little training as a Master Smith, so I had her create another Misanga with her 「Item Fusion」Skill. Since she obtained the Master Smith Job only recently, then raising the Level of that Job so that she could create more and more items while not running out of MP like she did after her very first fusion of the Copper Sword of Obstruction was of the utmost importance not only for her, but for me and Roxanne as well if we wanted her to start making items, weapons and armors with Skills and Skill Slots in them for us. Today, she managed to create two Misangas in a row, but regrettably, neither of these two came with an Empty Skill Slot in it. It is an unfortunate result, but not the one that would be worth ripping the hair off my head for it, since it was to be expected that a complete Master Smith novice is not going to be able to create equipment with Empty Skill Slots in it right from the get-go. And when Sherry’s training of fusing items was done, it was about time to give the girls their allowance for the day.

「All right girls, here is your money. Here you go, Roxanne, five silver coins.」

「Thank you very much, master. So, after adding the costs of Sherry’s library admission, it is going to be three silver coins for her and two silver coins for me…….」

When I gave Roxanne her share of the money, for some reason she tried to divide her share of it between herself and Sherry with a two to three ratio.

「Uhm, Roxanne? May I ask what are you doing?」

「Hmm? Why, distributing our allowance between me and Sherry of course! What else would I be doing?」

「Uhm, no, no, no,  it looks like you are misunderstanding something here. You are not supposed to be splitting these five silver coins between the two of you. Each one of you is going to get your own five coins. You get five silver coins and Sherry gets five silver coins. That is how I said yesterday that we are going to handle your allowance for today, remember?」

We talked about how much each of them was going to get only a couple of hours ago and they have already forgotten? Maybe that was the effect of them staying up and talking for so long? *Sigh* Well, I guess it cannot be helped, right? I will just have to explain it to them all over again.

「Listen up girls: just like we talked about it yesterday, each one of you gets five silver coins from me so that you could buy yourself pretty much whatever you might want. Sherry gets five silver coins plus one gold coin for the library deposit, and you get five silver coins as well.」

「Eh? So much? Are you sure that it is truly okay to be giving us so much of your hard-earned money?」

So apparently they did forget what we were talking about and thought that they would have to distribute five silver coins between themselves.

「Yeah, yeah. I am absolutely sure about giving you that much money, and you do not have to worry, since that is not going to impact my wallet in any significant way, so you can just accept it without feeling any guilt. This is my present for you, and I want you to hold onto it. And just so that we are clear about it, I absolutely do not expect you to be giving any of it back to me if you are not going to spend it all today. This is your allowance now, and I want you to hold onto it.」

「I see. How generous of you, master.」

「Yes, thank you very much, master. However…..」

Sherry looked at me with a troubled expression.

「I would have been fine with just the money needed for the library admission and deposit.」

「Then it would be perfectly fine for you to use only that much money and just keep the rest of it for yourself. Like I said, these are your money now, and you can do whatever you want with it. But if you want my personal opinion, then not spending it on something nice today would be a huge waste, so I strongly advise you to treat yourself today.」

I also told that to Sherry to ease her worries.

But seriously now, they really thought that I would have the split just five silver coins between the two of them? In the first place, is five silver coins a lot, or not a lot of money? I am not entirely sure because I do not know exactly what the standard value of money is here in comparison to the Japanese yen. But if the price that I had to pay for our stay in the Vale Pavilion inn back in Vale is any indicator, then I guess it must not be as bad as I initially thought.

「Putting that aside for now, master, are you not going to wear a cloak?」

As I was slowly making my preparations to depart for the Quratar Adventurer’s Guild Sherry asked me that question. Why would I be wearing a cloak? That was my initial thought, but when I looked out the window, it dawned on me. She was not saying that to me because it was raining here in Quratar, but because there is a high possibility that it might still be raining in the Duchy of Hartz, which has been plagued with the floods caused by the heavy downpours of rain in the first place. That simple fact has completely slipped my mind, and if Sherry did not point that out to me, it would be entirely possible that I would have just gone to the Adventurer’s Guild and started the quest with delivering the relief supplies without even taking any clothing that would protect me from the rain along with me.

Thinking about it now, of course it is going to be raining in there. The lady at the counter of the Adventurer’s Guild did not say anything about whether it stopped raining or not, so it would be natural to assume the rain is still going to be falling there, so going on this quest without a cloak or even a hood to protect myself from the rain would be a height of foolishness, and I would definitely embarrass myself beyond belief in the eyes of the people to whom I would be delivering the supplies if I went there while being soaked to the bone myself. Now that would be a sorry sight to behold, and a perfectly good reason for me to just want to find myself a hole in the ground or crawl under a rock and never leave it for the rest of my life.

「I see. Yeah, taking one with me definitely sound like a great idea. Thank you for suggesting it to me, Sherry. Now, where I have I put it? I was sure that it was around here somewhere….」

「Here you go, master.」

Roxanne handed me the cloak that I was looking for after skillfully taking it out from the depths of the closet. She is so good at taking care of our house that she must have memorized where everything is, and so finding clothes was a simple formality for her.



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