A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 2 Part 7



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「Yeah, you are right. The number of shots that I have to fire with my magic to defeat the monsters does increase, but for the time being it is nothing that I could not possibly handle, so there is no need for you or Sherry to worry about a thing. You and Sherry can both focus on doing your own thing while I will continue to shoot magic at our enemies until they are burned to cinders, okay? Since the enemies are going to be even harder to beat the higher we go then fighting against them in the vanguard might be all the more inconvenient for you, but as long as we continue to do exactly what we were doing until now, we are going to be just fine.」

「Yes, exactly like you said, master. As long as I continue to avoid their attacks, there will be no problems with them for me.」

It is exactly like I told to the girls. The more shots of my magic it is going to take to bring the monsters down, the longer it is going to take for the battles to get resolved, and the longer the battle, the bigger the probability of us sustaining unnecessary injuries, especially Sherry, who does not have the godly dodging ability like Roxanne does.

Out of all of us, she is the one that I can allow myself to be the least worried about, because she has already showed that no matter how many enemies there are or how high their levels actually are, as long as she can still dodge all of them, everything is going to be fine. Unfortunately, Sherry and I do not have such abilities, so we have to contend ourselves with defeating the enemies through tried and true conventional means before they will be able to inflict injuries upon us. Well, I guess that if you really want to get in on the specifics, then I also do not have all that much to be worried about since I have Durandal with its 「HP Absorption」 Skill that can heal my wounds and recover my missing HP as fast if not faster than the damage can be inflicted upon me….

Which leaves Sherry as the only problem, because she can neither dodge the enemy’s attacks as good as Roxanne, and she does not have any means to constantly keep herself healed like I do. And that is why….

「How are you doing, Sherry? Are the monsters from the ninth floor not too big of a problem for you? Because we can always go back to the lower floors if you need a breather or you find yourself struggling with keeping up, you know?」

After a few more monster encounters, I asked Sherry that question. Over the course of these last few battles, she was the one who was aggroing the monsters around the most, and as a result she was the one who has sustained the highest amount of hits out of all three of us.

「Thank you for worrying, master, but I feel fine. In fact, I do believe that the battles here are not too different from the ones on the eighth floor, except for the enemies being somewhat tougher than the ones from the previous floor.」

「Okay, that is good to hear, but how do you feel about the increased number of monsters per encounter and the fact that they do seem to be attacking more frequently than before now?」

「As long as I will be able to treat myself with the Medicinal Pills that I have received from master, then there is going to be no problem and everything is going to be okay. Uhm, master? Maybe I should not be asking this, but am I….. am I being a nuisance because of how frequently I get hit by the monsters? Because if so, then do not worry, master! I promise that I am going to do my best to get better at dodging until I am going to get as good at it as Miss Roxanne is!」

「No, no, no Sherry, you are not a hassle in any way, you have my word, so it is perfectly okay for you to continue being exactly they way you have been up until now. As long as you do not feel like you are pushing yourself too hard or that the ninth floor is something way beyond your current capabilities, then everything is fine.」

I hurriedly denied Sherry’s worries and her implications that I think of her as bothersome and problematic. She is simply doing her best with the hand that has been dealt to her, so blaming her for anything at this point would not only be pointless, but also needlessly cruel. And while I know that she will most likely never be able to match Roxanne when it comes to her dodging game (honestly, I do not feel like this is something that any other person in this world could have pulled off), I do know that if given time, she will be able to develop her own unique way of handling enemies and mitigating the amount of damage that she is sustaining from their attacks. She is absolutely not to be blamed here, the monsters from the ninth floor are. I do not think any of us could have actually suspected how tough these bastards were going to be when we got here, but now at least we know what we should be improving and what se should be working on as a team.

We then decided that this would be enough for the first foray into the Labyrinth of Vale’s ninth floor and decided to call it a day there and go back home. And on the morning of the next day, we made a decision to go check out the ninth floor of the Quratar’s Labyrinth, but in order to do that, we needed to go clear the eighth floor and its Floor Boss first, which was not all that hard considering that since the monsters on the eighth floor were Needlewoods, then it would mean that we would be facing against Udowood as the Floor Boss. We also have a map of the floors of Quratar’s Labyrinth at our disposal, so the road from the safe room at the beginning of the eighth floor all the way to the Waiting Room in front of the Boss Room was a short one without all that many encounters along the way thanks to Roxanne’s supreme sense of smell leading us along the shortest path to our destination.

and since the Floor Boss guy here was basically nothing more than a bigger, thicker Needlewood on steroids, we did not have too many problems with dispatching it and advancing to the ninth floor.

「So Sherry, any information on what kind of monsters we can expect to encounter here?」

I asked Sherry for information as soon as we have emerged in the Safe Room on the ninth floor.

「The monsters here on the ninth floor should be NT Ants. They are quite big insectoids whose attacks can inflict poison upon those who will be unfortunate enough to suffer a hit from their mandibles. Water Magic should be their weakness.」

Sherry gave me and Roxanne a proper explanation of NT Ants, their strengths and weaknesses. Attacks that can inflict poison, huh? Well, I can certainly see these enemies being quite problematic without proper items to counteract the effects of the poison, so maybe we should go and buy enough of the anti-poison items and medicine to have it on us just in case? Also, it looks like this ninth floor is not going to be as straightforward and easy to overcome as I have hoped it would be, which is admittedly kind of a bummer.

「Thank you for the information, Sherry. So, Water Magic it is then.」

「Yes, that is going to be the best way of fighting against NT Ants.」

「Right. So I guess this is going to be our first time fighting against monsters that can inflict poison, right?」

「Uhm, not necessarily, master. While NT Ants have the effect of poison added to their attacks, we have already encountered other monsters who also could employ that tactic.」

「Oh yeah? Which monsters were that, exactly?」

「Spi Spiders have a low probability of inflicting poison upon their target with their attacks, and the Floor Boss of the floors where the Green Caterpillars are the main enemy, White Caterpillar can also launch Skills that hurl balls of condensed poison at their prey, and it is a tactic that they usually employ after immobilizing their pray with the Skill that spits forward their sticky threads first.」

They have a tactic like that, huh? I was then reminded of how I was hit with a thread spit Skill of a regular Green Caterpillar.



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