A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 3 Part 2



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I know that Mimic is a type of monster that possesses the ability to shapeshift its body into another animate or inanimate object or creature and that this is its main gimmick that it uses to catch the unsuspecting prey off guard before devouring them when they least expect it, but I would never have expected that they can also appear in the Boss Rooms instead of their regular Floor Bossess!

Does that mean that the Floor Boss version of a Mimic is going to be stronger than a regular one, or is there no distinction between the two and both of them are the same in terms of their Stats and power? I do not know the answers to those questions and it seems very unlikely that we are going to get them in the near future, but while Sherry was explaining all of that to me, Roxanne went and thrusted her Scimitar into the mound of earth that was hiding the treasure chest. When she did that, the entire mound was cut open right down the middle…..

And what spilled forward out of it was a bunch of silver coins.

「Look master, silver coins!」

「Y-Yeah, those are the silver coins all right.」

In total, there were thirteen silver coins, which was the equivalent of thirteen hundred Nars. It is a relatively small amount of money, but it is nice to have it nonetheless, since we can always use it to do some minor shopping.

It is a shame that there was not any more of it, but I guess that is as much as we can possibly expect from the treasure chests on the lower floors, so there is little else to do right now than to graciously accept what we found and move on.

Inside of the Labyrinths, which are basically living organisms that feed off of Adventurers, what is commonly referred to as treasure chests are the mounds of earth that contain either equipment or things from the Item Box of Adventurers who were unfortunate enough to die from the hands of monsters while they were exploring the Labyrinth.

And since we got thirteen solver coins from this treasure chest, then I wonder if the one who was the owner of this money was a Lv.13 Explorer, since the size of the Explorer’s Item Box and the amount of money that they can hold inside of it is entirely dependent on the Explorer’s Level. I received the coins from Roxanne while offering a silent prayer for the soul of the money’s former owner.

「All right, since I already have it out, then I might as well use my sword to fight the monsters here for a while.」

I said to Roxanne and Sherry after we left the small room and continued our exploration of the ninth floor. Since I have used a fair bit of MP, then I might as well use Durandal to recover it, seeing as I already have it out and about.

As usual, Roxanne was leading our forward advance, guiding us with her superior sense of smell. And after a short while, what she guided us to was a chamber where we happened upon a group of four NT Ants. A group made out entirely of these guys, huh? Well, this might be slightly problematic, since now the three of us are going to be facing a group of four monsters who not only have a numbers advantage over us, but all of them can poison us with their attacks as well.

「Here they come!」

「All, right, let us do this! Here we go!」

First of all, I swung Durandal at the leftmost NT Ant.

I parried its incoming attack and then made my own counterattack swing to counter its counter. The NT Ant on the left side got defeated easily. With one of the enemies out of the picture, I moved on to face the NT Ant that Sherry was fighting with.

Taking advantage of the tunnel vision that the enemy had which made it focus its attention entirely on Sherry and no one else, I sneak my way behind its back and then attacked it with the element of surprise backing me up.

In the meantime, an orange magic circle lit up beneath the NT Ant that was in the center. That is a sign that this NT Ant was about to unleash its Skill. In that moment, I remembered that Sherry told me that the Skill possessed by the NT Ant allows it to shoot poison over large distances, which makes it quite dangerous, so I quickly turned around and extended my body and sword-wielding arm towards that NT Ant in the center and swung Durandal horizontally in order to reach that NT Ant in time with my attack.

This is definitely a bad position that leaves me wide open and vulnerable to attacks, but if I want to stop that NT Ant from using its Skill, then this is the risk that I have to take, whether I like it or not. Thankfully, Durandal’s blade manages to reach the monster’s body and come into contact with it just in time for its 「Chant Interruption」 Skill to kick into effect, cancelling the NT Ants Skill activation. Haha, too bad for you, you stupid ant! No spitting poison for you today!

I was feeling relieved and quite satisfied with myself……. But then I felt sharp pain in my right leg. And when I looked down to see what was wrong with it, I noticed that one of the remaining NT Ants managed to deliver a blow to my right thigh.

Damn it! Which one?! Which one was it?! Looking around in a small panic attack, I finally noticed it. It was the rightmost NT Ant, one of the two that were now left behind. Taking advantage of the fact that we were distracted with fighting against its other two companions, it made its way behind me and attacked in the moment when I let my guard down, because I never expected that I am going to be sneak attacked by a monster when I was the one who sneak attacked one of them literally not a minute before!

But that is not the worst thing about it. The worst thing about it is that I can feel the impact of that one attack, or rather, its effects that it is having on me now not only in the place that has been attacked, but throughout my entire goddamn body, and it is causing me to feel quite a strong shock. What exactly was that attack just now if it ended up causing me so much pain even with the 「Plating」 Skill active, which was supposed to protect me from the enemy attacks!

I do not understand it! Even though the wound itself does not look all that bad, the pain that I am feeling right now is horrible and unlike anything that I have ever felt before…… of my fucking God, and…. And apparently this shit is just keep on spreading!

Khh….. ghhh…… Uwaaaah!

The shock that I am feeling right now reaches my heart, straining it to the brink and the limits of its endurance! Yes, it is more of a shock than an actual pain, the shock that feels as if something was grabbing directly onto my heart and kept on squeezing it repeatedly in tandem with its increasing heartbeat.

This…. This might actually be the worst kind of feeling that I felt ever since I have arrived in this world. And I really mean it. Nothing else can possibly compare to this: not the pain of being smacked with the branches of a Needlewood. Not being scared and confused after finding myself on the receiving end of Green Caterpillar’s Web Spit Skill.

Not the horror of a Kobold grabbing onto his rusty knife with that demonic Smirk on its oversized head. Not having my finger injured by a Mino’s horn when I was a few seconds too slow to didge its attack properly, and definitely not being splashed to the face with a Needlewood’s 「Water Ball」 Spell when I discovered that even Needlewoods will be capable of using magic attacks if only their level is going to be high enough. Yup, this is like….. at least a hundred times worse than all of the above feelings combined into one, no two ways about it!

「「Master! Are you…… What is…….」」

Sherry and Roxanne seem to be saying something to me, but to be honest, I cannot hear them all that well anymore, because my head is getting filled with that dull, high-pitched noise that seems to be muffling out every sound that is being registered by my ears.

This is bad. This is really, really dangerous. I do not know what is happening to me, but I cannot just stand here and take it like a little bitch!



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