A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 4 Part 10



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

Spi Spiders are monsters that are native to the third floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth. Because of that, they are going to appear on the fourth floor quite often. And that means… that means….. fuck, I cannot even think straight anymore. There is not enough energy and intelligence left in my head to form such complex thoughts. And even if I had enough of it, my small, pea-sized brain would probably not be able to comprehend them.

I could have easily blamed the current situation on Roxanne and her choice of enemies that she has chosen to guide us to…. But I know very well that this is not her fault. She had no way of knowing exactly which enemies we are going to be running into, and she was simply following my command of finding an easy set of targets for us so that I could have replenished my MP while killing them all with one blow……

But there is also a possibility that she chose such targets in order to be mean to me and make the process of my MP recovery as long and arduous as possible. Of course…. But of course….! That much should have been obvious! That must be her way of getting revenge on me for having her carry that heavy mirror while I myself just stood there and watched, not even asking either her or Sherry if they wanted some help with it!

Ugh, my poor, slow, incompetent brain feels like it is going to boil over from all these thoughts that are currently running through my head. And it makes it difficult for me to aim my strikes with Durandal properly, but ultimately I finally managed to defeat all three opponents with a grand total of three swings, thanks to which the haze that has been clouding my mind gradually clears up, making it obvious that there was no reason for me to be afraid of just two Spi Spiders Lv.4, because they are so weak and the probability of them inflicting poison upon me is so miniscule that it is practically non-existent.

Instead of whining about how much I wanted to run away, the correct answer here is to stand my ground and fight. I also feel pretty bad about myself after the fact, because I realized that I have exposed my ugly, hideous self before Roxanne and Sherry, but now that it has already happened, there is nothing that I can do about it aside from accepting it and moving forward, knowing that no matter how shameful my conduct might have been, Roxanne and Sherry are always going to accept me no matter what I say or do.

I just defeated another group of enemies, thanks to which my MP has gone back to its full value, and then we were on our way back home.

「This is the Palmasque Mirror.」

When we got back home, this is what Sherry said as she peeled off the wrapping made out of papyrus that the mirrors have been packaged in. It was a pretty mirror of a good size that was just right for our personal use here at home. There was no frame or stand attached to it.

「Thanks to all of the money that Master gave us and the written commission from the Duke of Hartz, we were able to get our hands on a pretty good mirrors without any decorative frames that would only elevate the price.」

「I only ever heard stories about such mirrors and did not have a chance to ever see one for myself, but now that I look at it, this mirror is every bit as beautiful as the stories about it were telling.」

I can totally see that, however, how does a Palmasque Mirror compare to the modern mirrors that can be commonly found all across not only Japan, but also the entire world? Well, If I were to give my honest opinion, then I would have to say that this mirror is pretty… normal, and of acceptable quality. I do think that it is looking a little bit dull, but it is definitely miles ahead of the polished metal sheets that were trying to pass for mirrors like the one that we had at home up until today. It definitely shows much more than those polished metal mirrors, so for that alone I think it is definitely going to be worth replacing.

「Yes, this is indeed a good purchase that you have made, girls. I am absolutely proud of you.」

「Thank you very much, master. We are glad that you like it as well.」

「So tell me, how much did you have to pay for them?」

「The price for a single mirror was thirty five silver coins per a single mirror. However, when we were negotiating the price, the one from whom we bought the mirrors agreed to sell us eleven undecorated Palmasque Mirrors for the price of three hundred and fifty silver coins, and since we agreed to pay for all of them up front, we saved up to three gold coins!」

Oh, so they also managed to cut down on the final price? Great! As expected of Sherry and her intellectual mind! I can always count on her and her smarts whenever it matters the most!


「Making such a good purchase was only possible thanks to you, master, because you decided to trust me with the gold coins that were in your possession. We also went to order the Duke of Hartz’s request in one of the most renowned mirror workshops in Palmasque, and judging by the opinions given when we asked while we were looking around to decide which workshop we should be going to, I think it would be safe to assume that the craftsmen who work there are not going to simply take our money and escape with it, because supposedly if the word of such practice ever reached the ears of the Palmasque City Council the craftsmen who has committed such a crime would have been done for in Palmasque.」

「I definitely hope that this is going to be the case. Because if they do try to escape with our master’s money, I can guarantee you that money is going to be the last thing that they are going to have to worry about once I get my hands on them, since I had their smell memorized, so I will be able to track them no matter where they might try to run to, and when I do, then…」

Roxanne was smiling cheerfully the entire time, but her words were anything but cheerful! 「And when I do, then….」? And when you do, then what?! Roxanne, say something, because you are scaring the shit out of me when you stay all silent like that! I do not like it! Not at all!

If there were thieves and frauds who would be masquerading themselves as legitimate craftsmen, then the tried-and-true tactic of: get the client to pay as much up front and then disappear with the money without even performing the task that they have been paid for. It is a cowardly, vile and despicable tactic well suited for the absolute scum of society who are in the same boat as Outlaws and Bandits. I am sure that such deceivers and con artists are aplenty in this world, but luckily for me, for as long as I am in this world, I have yet to happen upon such schemers.

「And what about the sizes of the mirror? Is it going to be a problem to have them made in different ones, or is it not going to be the problem at all?」

「The size of these particular mirrors is the large one, but the craftsmen said that it will not be a problem to make the mirrors of various sizes across the span of that commission, and he also mentioned that the sizes of the mirrors are not going to change the price at all.」

「And with that, I think it can be said that the request from the Duke of Hartz has been successfully cleared.」

「While we were also at the workshop that is going to take care of the production of the mirrors, we also saw that they do decorations there as well, which is not at all surprising since practically every workshop in Palmasque that takes care of making mirrors is bound to be dealing with the decorations of the frames as well. The craftsmen said that they are going to add a small table mirror with a stand to our order, even though they normally do not tend to create products like that, but they said that they are going to make an exception and attach that additional mirror to the largest regular mirror that they are going to be making for us.」

「Oh really? I see.」



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