Chapter 272 Part 2



Translator: “Hakou”                             Editor: “Weasalopes”

It was almost evening in the royal capital.
After defeating a pack of small, wolf-like magic beasts, I returned to the hangar of the merchant guild Knights through the east gate.

(So they’re beginning to appear near the royal capital, too)

It was a commuter golem carriage that was attacked. It was on a trip to and from Awoke to the west.
No one was hurt because the passenger cabin was solid. If it had been a canopy, which private merchants prefer, it would have been dangerous.

(Although a C-class Knight would’ve been enough to deal with it)

This time, I was in the royal capital, so I was able to get there quickly. But if I were far away, it would be difficult to deal with.
I would have to think of some countermeasures.
As I was thinking about this, I was approached by Herbivore mechanic. He said that the guild master had something to talk about with me.

(I wonder if we were thinking the same thing)

With that in mind, I walked to the merchant guild that stood facing the central square.
In the guild master’s office on the third floor, a small, elderly man that looks like a goblin was waiting for me.

「I’m sorry for calling you here while you’re busy」

He smiled and offered me a seat, and I sat down.
What he told me was completely different from what I had expected. He told me that the son of the heir to a big store was having marital problems.

「Apparently, the wife can’t feel good」

The young master said that he had suffered a lot.

『I don’t know who has the problem, myself or my wife. That’s why I want to have the most renowned doctor in the royal capital take a look at it』

He and his wife agreed on the idea and the task somehow fell on me.

「Certainly, my nickname is Doctor Slime, but I’m not an actual doctor you know?」

He shrugged his shoulders, but the guild master’s smile remained on his face. 『You should have more confidence in yourself, Tauro-kun』 he says something that doesn’t sound like him.
Please do something about it. He put his hands together and I agreed.

「Right now?」

As he replies, Goblin Jii-chan begins to make arrangements for the golem carriage. He also sends a messenger to say that we’re on our way.
I’m a bit taken aback, but I also feel that this is just the usual.

「Our destination is the residence of the 『Imperial Store』」

I listened to the details while preparing for the trip.
It’s called the Imperial Store but it’s actually a merchant of the kingdom. The name was apparently given to the company because its main business partner is the Empire.

(That feels pretty common)

In my previous world, many store names have the character 『屋*』 after the name of the country they were doing business with.
「*TL Note: “Ya”, a Store/Shop, like アメリカ屋 (America Shop).」

「There’s a golem mine in the Great Pit, isn’t there? Apparently, he struck a good deal with them」

Now that the value of minerals has dropped, the profits are small. However, because of the large amount of money they handle, the profits are quite high.
It is said that he is one of the biggest merchants in the Kingdom merchant guild who competes with the first and two places.

「That’s why we mustn’t let them down」

While we’re talking about that, the golem carriage arrives. I climbed in with the guild master and headed west across the central square.
The Imperial Shop is located in the shopping district east of the central square. However, the residence is said to be in the upper town to the northwest.

(North of the red-light district)

It’s on the other side of the main street that runs west from where I live. An area I’m not familiar with.
After turning north from the red-light district, the landscape is full of marble buildings with elaborate carvings. And the mansion of the Imperial Shop was a little different from the rest.

(Hmmm, so this is the 『Imperial Style』, huh)

A mansion made of sand-colored stone with an emphasis on the horizontal line. It was rugged but had a solid, sturdy feel to it.
Looking around, I followed the guild master and a man who seemed to be a butler.
We were guided into a large room with a king-sized bed in the middle, where three pairs of men and women were waiting for us.

「Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come here!」

One of them greeted me and I returned the greeting.
They were the same age as me. A young husband and wife, a little over thirty years old. The two couples on either side of them were friends of theirs.

「Actually, these two also have the same trouble as me. I was wondering if you could also take a look at them」

The young, fat, well-educated husband bows his head apologetically. There was no reason to refuse, so I agreed with a smile.
I immediately shook hands with the wife and activated my magic eye. First I should examine her.

(Hmmm… It’s very underdeveloped)

Normally, even if nothing is being done to her, there should be lights glowing faintly on and off. But there is none.
The problem probably lies with his wife.
I crossed my arms and thought about what to do about this. There, a thought crossed my mind and I whispered to the guild master next to me.

「Isn’t that fine」

With the approval of my predecessors, who had a lot more experience in life, I called the butler and asked him to get me something.

『Brushes, paints, and paint plates』

What I asked for was immediately delivered to me in a tray with a jug.
There were dozens of brushes, but this was probably due to the fact that I hadn’t properly specified the items I needed. I reflected on the situation and gave instructions to the wife.

「Okay, ma’am. Please strip naked and lie on your back on the bed」

Seemingly prepared for it, she obeyed honestly. It’s quite nice to see a classy woman looking so shy.
I got up on my knees on the bed, looked at the skin-colored canvas with a serious expression, and picked up my brush.

(Let’s start from her chest)

I place a dry brush on the cleavage of her chest. Once released, it lands on the lower left side and then slightly to the right.
From there, I run it in a straight line down the middle of her abdomen toward her lower abdomen.


When I made the brush bounce on the jewel between her legs, the wife squealed and tensed up.

(It’s not that it’s dull. This must be because the husband’s attack is too weak for this spot)

He is a plump, 30-year-old man with a gentle demeanor. He’s probably being too careful with his wife.
As I analyzed her, I drew a large letter 『永』 stroke from her chest to her crotch.
By the time I had applied all my strength to her side and swiped her right side, dots, and streaks of light appeared in various places.

(As expected of the 『Eight Principles*』)
「*TL Note: “永字八法”, principles for writing the eight basic brush strokes in Chinese characters.」

Back to the basics is sometimes the way. I nodded and let out a sharp voice with a grim expression.


The butler immediately handed me a brush filled with red paint.
I use it to paint the tip of the wife’s breast and explain.

「I’m going to start painting the good spots of the madam using the paint」

My magic eye can see the sensitivity of a person by their color temperature. From the lowest to the highest, the colors are red, orange, yellow, and white.
These are the four colors that I can perceive.

「Nnn! Kuh!」

Every time I ran my brush under her armpits, behind her ears, and over her jewels, she would turn her head and show me the nape of her neck. I stared at her sweaty, flushed skin and said.

「Cloth! And orange!」

The tip of her breast had changed color from red. I wiped off the paint and used another brush to paint the tip, which was now standing upright, many times from the bottom.

「A cloth again, please! And yellow paint this time!」

In the process, the temperature rose even higher.
A little while later, in front of the wife, who had become completely like avant-garde art, I told the husband.

「The painted area is her weak point. Trace it over and over again, and remember it well. If you do this, your problems will be solved!」

The slightly plump husband takes the dry brush I handed to him, swallows his spit, and goes up to the bed.
He gently and carefully strokes the colored area with the brush.

(With a brush, he doesn’t have to put too much strength into it to be effective. If he has a personality that doesn’t allow him to be rough, this should be more suitable for him)

As if to prove that I was correct, the wife let out a shrill and writhes at the color temperature. The husband, on the other hand, is breathing hard. He relentlessly pursues her with his brush.
It seems he’s enjoying it.

「Um, the paint just ran down」

As I watch him corner his wife on the headboard of the bed, the husband turns around and tells me with a troubled look on his face.
When I take a look, at the base of the spread legs. It had been completely washed away by the intermittent gush of spring water.
It was a bit unfortunate that he had never had his wife in such a state before.

「It just means that you no longer need the help of the paint」

I tell him with a gentle smile. The husband, on the other hand, makes an expression as if his eyes have been opened.
Then, he took off his pants and covered his wife.

(It’s good to see them on good terms. As I thought, a happy marriage is wonderful)

I thought with a sense of satisfaction as I watched the couple work together.
Then from behind me, someone requested with a reserved tone.

「Um… I was wondering if you could help us as well」

They were two sets of friends along with their wives. All of them were blushing, probably because they were struck by the current scene.
When I examined them, I found that they were in the same situation as the heir apparent of the Imperial Store.

(The husband has a kind personality. So his friends must have similar personalities)

If so, the solution should be the same. I waved my brush again over the friend’s wife.
I drew a letter 『永』 and painted it. In the middle of my work, a doubt suddenly appeared in my head.

(If only they had a lot of experience in a brothel, this kind of thing wouldn’t have happened)

I’m sure someone somewhere will teach them.
Or could it be that they have done it with the maids in the mansion? If the maids were trying to be considerate towards them and overreacted, a similar situation could happen.


I was at the third woman as I made such an unfounded guess. But here I tilted my neck.

(Elbows and knees, huh?)

The best spot is different for each person. There have been people who have had similar areas light up.
The problem is that the light doesn’t intensify when I run my brush over it.

(This is strange)

When in doubt, consult your superior.
Before I knew it, Goblin Jii-chan was undressing a mature maid and playing with her using a brush. I grab it from behind and ask him.

「What, that’s all? You just have to do it like this」

He answered as if it was a simple matter, though he showed a displeased expression for being disturbed.
The small old man jumped on the bed and suddenly bit the wife’s kneecap.


A scream as if a cloth had been ripped apart, and her legs that were hanging in the air as if she had cramps.
Goblin Jii-chan was kicked straight up and then fell head-first between her thighs. Then the wife’s water gun was fired at him.
Surprisingly, she seems to have come with only that one bite just now.
The old man got up and licked his soaking wet face with his tongue and said.

「That’s how you do it」

The husband and I bowed deeply.
Thus, one problem of the merchant guild was solved.



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