Chapter 346 part 2

(To treat genuine compliments as lies, just what’s wrong with him? And isn’t he trusting his Spicy Mama a little too much?)

I may have been complicating things in my long life as an office worker.
Not wanting to feel bad on my way home from work, I kept my distance, following the example of those around me, after about two months of socializing.

(Does he has the same preference as that old senior of mine?)

I looked at the gentleman with chest hair on the other side of the seat with this thought, but I was wrong. The old man spread out his hands, shrugged his shoulders, and let out a big breath.

「And oh boy am I exhausted. It was no different from being with my wife. If it’s Big Mama, I’d rather go with the sweet course, since I showed up just for the sake of chatting」

Tired of his personal life, he went to Big Mama in search of healing. What awaited him there was a woman of his own age, with a raised eyebrow and reproachful look in her eyes.
Certainly, it would be no different than at home. There was no point in going all the way to the red-light district.

(Perhaps Big Mama’s bitter course is going to perish. However…)

The spirit of inventing new things and trying them out without fear of risk. I think this is what is so wonderful about the royal capital’s red-light district.

『The variety of entertainment in the red-light district is one of the best on this Ost continent.』

It’s precisely because of this reputation that the city is known as the 『City of Flowers』. The name is supported by a group of business leaders who are not content to settle for the status quo, led by the industry’s Revolutioner.


As I prayed for the store’s well-being in my heart, the gentleman with chest hair said a surprising conclusion.

「I didn’t think it would last long, but there seemed to be a good number of customers. Just as some insects like to eat bitter grass, so do people’s tastes vary, I suppose.」

I was first surprised and then convinced.
Even if it is a small percentage, there must be people who like it as much as that gramps does. And since the market in the royal capital is large, small stores may be able to run their business just fine.

(As expected of the royal city. The numerous flowers are made to bloom by the various butterflies and bees that fly about.)

I said in my mind as I felt impressed.

「I wonder what if it was a young woman instead of Big Mama? Even if they throw a piercing word right through your chest, the customers might be happy instead.」

What comes to my mind is the 『Queen’s verbal abuse』.
If it was from a beautiful woman with big breasts and hips, a thin waist, and sweltering sexiness, like Explosive onee-san, then…

(Wouldn’t it be a reward instead?)

As I thought about this, I realized.

(But then the play will be similar to the one in 『Sin and Punishment』.)

It was hardly a new idea. I raised my eyebrows, and the gentleman with the chest hair told me in a light tone.

「Yes, there is. It is as you say, Dr. Slime-dono.」

Facts sometimes go beyond the imagination, it seems.

「Originally, I liked being treated that way better and tried Big Mama’s Bitter course.」

He then continued, 『If you like, I can guide you there now』.

「Yes, please.」

I gave an instant answer because I had nothing planned for the rest of the day and was wondering how to pass the time.
I stood up from the couch with the smiling chest-haired gentleman and walked out of the restaurant.

「It’s near so let’s just walk there.」

It was as he said, we arrived at the store in a few minutes. It was a middle-class store, one street away from the main street of the entertainment district.
I had passed by it many times before, but I had no recollection of seeing it.

(It seemed like a different kind of place.)

The selection for middle-class and lower is intense. This building too has probably been left as is while the tenants have changed.
Following the gentleman with chest hair who proceeded as if he knew the building well, I proceeded to the lobby. At the end of the lobby, there was a reception counter, and for some reason, there were two separate stands on either side of the counter.

「This way, please.」

As I was urged, I went to the left to face the platform.
Women in blazers and sailor uniforms were sitting on the steps, arms folded and chests outstretched.
I admit, I froze a little when I saw them.

(They’re way younger than I expected.)

I assumed they were in their early twenties, but they are probably twelve years younger than me.
The gentleman with thick chest hair picked out a girl with long hair in a ponytail.
As soon as the slender girl came out from the platform to the counter, he hugged her below the waist like a tackle.


A sudden assault and a sudden display of shamefulness. Where did the gentlemanly atmosphere of a few minutes ago go?
I was flustered and looked around, but no one raised a fuss.
The elderly concierge smiles gently, and a few of the customers don’t seem to be bothered by it.

(Is this a store that would at least allow this kind of behavior?)

The old man tucks his head under her skirt and the girl with the ponytail hanging down to her waist bangs her fist onto him while yelling, 『What are you doing, you idiot!?』.
Her blushing is adorable.

「I’ve decided. I’m going back inside Mommy. Please let me in!」

The former gentleman with chest hair grinds his head from side to side while saying nonsensical things.
The concierge, who must have reached his limit, approached him and whispered in his ear.

「Please continue in the playroom.」

Such words drifted through the air.
After that, the old man releases the girl and stands up, then he coughs before returning to his normal expression and flashing a gentleman-like smile at me.

「Well then, I’ll be going first.」

Even though the girl scolded him, the two of them still looked like they were getting along well with each other as they walked up the stairs.
I regained my composure and swept my gaze over to the platform again.

(….Each of them looks very aggressive.)

I did say I’m willing to give it a try, but I just can’t make up my mind at this point. Some of them clearly looked annoyed with me.
I can faintly hear some of them saying things like, 『What an indecisive guy』 or 『What’s he doing just standing there』.

(Haa…. this is a bit…)

The wall was getting higher and higher with time. I thought about turning back, but it would be rude to the gentleman with the chest hair who brought me here.

「If you don’t mind, dear customer, we have another course available.」

Before I knew it, the concierge was standing behind me and made a suggestion in a whisper. Perhaps he is accustomed to customers who shy away at the last minute.
I asked him what kind of play is it, and as I thought, it was the sweet course.

(The younger version of Big Mama, huh.)

At least it seems to suit me better than the bitter course.
When I decided to take the offer, I was taken to the other side of the counter right in front of the entrance.

(They’re not that different from earlier.)

It’s almost the same as the magical girls in Cionne. I wonder if it’s possible for those who are old enough to play the role of the daughter in Oyakodon to do the 『Motherhood Play』.
I was worried for a while, but then I regained my composure and looked up.

(Well, it’s fine I guess. This is also a form of experience.)

Noticing the assertive gazes, I told the owner the number on the plaque on the girl’s chest.
A lively-looking girl, only as tall as my chest, gets up from her seat and walks over to the counter.

「Please leave it to me!」

After making a declaration full of energy, she pulls my hand and we head for the stairs. I can’t help but smile at how earnest she is.

(Well, I think this is also a form of healing, although a different one from Big Mama.)

Thus I was taken into the playroom with my arm being pulled by both of her hands.

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