Chapter 81




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At the innermost part of the temple of the god of business in the holy city.
The second match of the day, the fifth round, was taking place there.
Only two women and two men remained. It could be said as a semi-final match.
If the win or loss here is biased toward either men or women, the tournament will end in the fifth round.

「The only women-team left from our country are those two, huh」

I said to The tough-looking old man.
We, the men-team that had been beaten watching the match while drinking ale and eating some snacks.
Cool-san appeared for the first match.

「She looks very fired up aren’t she」

The guild master said cheerfully.
In fact, Cool-san is so excited that her fighting spirit seems to distort the air around her.


The referee’s voice rises and the match starts immediately.

Cool-san’s offensive is exceptional. After overwhelming her opponents with her first strike, she will never give the lead.

「It’s here, Tauro-san!」

The tough-looking old man said to me, spilling out the remains of jerky from his mouth.
I nodded while holding my beer with my hand.
Cool-san straddles the opponent who is pushed down and starts rotating in lotus position*.
While making an expression like a Maitreya bodhisattva, together with a cross-legged Buddha statue posture makes me think is the time for enlightenment is near or something?
But I know.
「*TL Note: Lotus position or Padmasana is a cross-legged sitting asana originating in meditative practices of ancient India, in which each foot is placed on the opposite thigh.」

(Eating shota’s first time)

No matter how tranquil the atmosphere is, that should be the only thing that filled her mind right now.
She’s now at the farthest from enlightenment.
And that desire filled her with strength.


The surrounding shouted at once.
At first glance, Cool-san seemed to start hitting the brakes.
Cool-san’s brake pads strongly hold down the spindle.
Probably due to friction, both the pad and the spindle become quite hot.


The guy below is screaming painfully.
Probably because he couldn’t withstand the temperature, rotation and brake pressure, and he seemed to explode violently inside Cool-san.
After a few moments, Cool-san’s rotation stops completely.
Perhaps because of the aftermath after the explosion, Cool-san’s body is trembling.

[*TL Note: Basically Buddhist version of amen. I really hold back my urge to write Latom here.]

Cool-san murmured with a serious expression.

「Winner, Kingdom woman B!!」

The referee declared.
Cool-san looks happy from the bottom of her heart.
Her facial expression doesn’t seem to change at all. However, at close inspection, it could be seen that both corners of her mouth are slightly bent upward.

「It’s finally time for the match with Lightning as the opponent huh」

The tough-looking old man’s eyes are sparkling like that of a child.
Another match of the fifth round is a battle between Lightning and explosive onee-san.

「She won against that grim reaper. Someone like lightning should be easy for her」

To The tough-looking old man, the grim reaper is stronger than Lightning, so it seems he thought that Explosive onee-san who beat the grim reaper is stronger than Lightning.

(I don’t think that it will be that simple)

I couldn’t agree with The tough-looking old man so I gave an ambiguous reply.
The tough-looking old man opens his mouth to say something to me but it’s drowned out by a loud cheer.
Explosive onee-san and Lightning appeared on the stage.

And the match started quietly.
Explosive onee-san lavishly exposes her naked body like the marble statue of Venus De Milo.
The audience keeps an eye on her golden ratio-like proportions.
Lightning is the same as before, he’s using an en garde stance.
As if counting for the timing, he’s moving his body up and down slowly. And the ribbon wrapped around the base of his fleur fluttered by the wind.

(He moved)

Lightning’s figure is slightly blurred.
He moved instantly, leaving behind an afterimage.


Immediately after that sound echoes, a sound like something fell followed after.
Lightning fell on his back in front of Explosive onee-san.
He immediately gets up while rolling backward and takes some distance.
His expression is severe. His breathing is also rising.

「What just happened?」

The tough-looking old man who didn’t understand what just happened asked me.
So I explained as far as I could tell.

「She tried to catch Lightning with her hand, the moment he penetrated」

She abandoned her defense to catch her opponent. And the moment she did, she would lock him up without letting him escape.
That’s what Explosive onee-san is trying to do.
This is possible because she had a high base defense stats.

「It’s a good method against a hit and run opponent」

The guild master agreed as he drank his beer.
Lightning wipes his forehead as he looks for an opening on his opponent.
But it doesn’t seem like he can find any.
Well, that’s obvious. She will catch you if you come, besides, it’s Explosive onee-san we’re talking about here, there’s no way she will leave an opening.

(But even so, he’s still coming!)

I applaud Lightning’s decision.
His specialty attack is sealed off, but he still bet on it.
You can still believe in your own skills and the effort you have spent on it.
He took a huge leap towards the trap that awaits him.

「He got caught!!」

The tough-looking old man shouted in excitement.
Lightning was being squeezed by Explosive onee-san.
It was like seeing a prey trapped in a spider web.
Reality is ruthless. No matter how hard you practice, if you can’t exceed your opponent, you will be screwed.
Lightning struggles violently to escape, but Explosive onee-san doesn’t allow it.
She swallowed the fleur, giving him some damage.

「Looks like he already thought of something」

As the guild master said, Lightning stopped rampaging and switched to poking inside her.
From here on, it’s a contest of strength.
The tough-looking old man is convinced of her victory.
The lightweight Lightning versus Explosive onee-san the battleship, the result is obvious.
The guild master also thought so.
But that’s what the stranger sees.
I know too well about Explosive onee-san. And that raises my anxiety.

(It’s here, the lightning sword)

Lightning activates his sword.
A characteristic Kakaka sound could be heard.
It can unleash three thrusts in a single breath. And all of them poke the opponent’s weaknesses.

(……She has no weakness)

Cool-san that’s somehow already sitting next to me, said to me who looked worried.
The guild master, who should have been sitting there, has disappeared.
When asked where he went, she said he went to the toilet. Well, it’s natural if you drink that amount of beer.

(Certainly, she has no weakness)

I knitted my eyebrows slightly.
Explosive onee-san ability is Averaging. It eliminates weaknesses by distributing the damage received throughout the body.
Therefore, there is no way to make her lose by breaking one place only.
It’s useless no matter how Lightning tries to dig up the opponent’s key points because that key point itself doesn’t exist.
And the evidence of that showed on Lightning’s impatient expression. That’s because the desired effect he sought has not appeared yet.


When I was about to open my mouth to reply, the sound suddenly changed.
The frequency of the clicking sound is higher than before.
I listened hard and squinted my eyes.

「Don’t tell me… five times!?」

The number of thrusts in a single breath has increased to five.
It must be his last resort without thinking of the consequence that came later. His face distorted in agony.

(Damn, the compatibility with her opponent is bad)

I clicked my tongue.
Explosive onee-san certainly has an overwhelming defense of solid body armor and damage averaging.
However, at the same time, if a single shot enters through a gap in the armor, it has the characteristic like a bullet that ricochets and jumps around inside.
Though the probability of that happening is low.
But lightning sword which increases the number of attempts may exceed the probability barrier.
Explosive onee-san is like a gacha with abysmally low chance of getting a jackpot. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to get that jackpot.
You can’t stop once you start, it’s such an attractive gacha that could make every gambler’s heart race.

(I hope she can hold on somehow)

I watched as I prayed.

(Please, endure!)

I prayed to any god I know.
But, unfortunately, that hope didn’t come true.
Suddenly, Explosive onee-san exploded.
It even splatters outside the stage.
And she let out a long sweet scream.
It was such a sweet voice that made you feel like your brain melts.

(It was useless huh)

With that in mind, I squinted my eyes to burn the adorable figure of Explosive onee-san into my memory.
The image of the esteemed sister has blown away and become a writhing girl instead.
That was when I noticed that Lightning’s state was strange.
He foamed and his eyes turned white.

(……Did they both came at the same time!?)

The memory of my first fight with Explosive onee-san floated in my mind.
At that time, the same big explosion occurred, but at the same time, I was also dazed, squeezed, and landed together on the seabed.
And after thirty minutes later, they didn’t move at all. That shows how exhausting it was.

(There’s no escape for the lightweight ship that floated in the vicinity of gradually sinking battleship)

Explosive onee-san who sank to the seabed of joy, and Lightning who got dragged in without escape because her legs crossed tightly on his back.
If he had been conscious, I bet he would be terrified by the hallucination that makes him feel as if his internal organs got sucked out. That’s just how great her suction power is.
The two ships continued to convulse quietly on the stage mat.

「……..It’s a draw!!」

In this quiet venue, the referee declared.
And at that moment the hall is filled with loud noises.

(What will happen in a draw?)

I turned my face to the tough-looking old man who had the same thought as mine.

「With this, the matches ends」

The guild master who already came back before I knew it, said from the top of Cool-san’s knee. When I unconsciously stared at him, he said that that was the seat where he sat in the first place.

「She’s the winner for the women’s section」

He said while lightly hitting the side of Cool-san’s thigh.

「As for the men’s section, Lightning is the winner」

「…….Right, considering the men and women who remained until the end」

People with different genders fight in one tournament.
And I heard that it ends if the remaining gender is biased towards one side.

「……..Calm down」

I reproached Cool-san.
It was because she began releasing these pheromones, so much that you can almost see it in the air, while maintaining her expressionless face.
She then starts laughing eerily with a small voice.

「This is quite something…」

The guild master who was on top of her knees sniffs around with his nose. He looks happy while smelling the pheromones.

「Tomorrow’s closing ceremony is the last one, so have fun while you’re here」


Even while replying the guild master she keeps laughing quietly.




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