The Black Dragon and the White Dragon – Part 05

“I’ll protect you, Paula!” Pia had always said.

Paula was the most reluctant to become an adventurer, while Pia wanted to leave the village to become an adventurer the most. Pia wanted to allay her friends’ fear.

She had uttered the words countless times. But while the thought was there, the ability wasn’t. They were only a party of novice adventurers, struggling even against Forest Rats, and Pia only managed to stop them by making them bite her. For a young girl, she kept getting herself hurt.

Paula’s healing abilities had improved after healing Pia numerous times, but she didn’t want to leave any scars on her body. Deep down, she hoped they would quit being adventurers and return to being just ordinary girls, fall in love, and get married. Ordinary girls didn’t have scars on their bodies.

Paula never doubted Pia’s intentions, but she knew that her friend was incapable of protecting her—especially against a huge, powerful monster. In fact, Pia couldn’t protect her from the Goblins; Hikaru had to come to the rescue.


Paula never thought that she would stand up to the White Dragon to protect her.


Pia’s sudden appearance startled the dragon. When it realized that she was charging in with reckless abandon, it quickly stopped in its tracks.

The dragon spotted an arrow zipping straight to its eyes with deadly accuracy. It was a weak attack easily repelled by the scales on its eyelids, but it was no less annoying. There was a girl standing on top of a half-destroyed house, holding a bow in her hand. Priscilla. In her hand was the next arrow.


Pia swung her long sword at the White Dragon’s foot, but the scales repelled the weapon away. The dragon felt nothing. Pia struck and struck again nevertheless.

Unlike the human from earlier—she was no threat. Feeling indignant at itself for being cautious even for a moment, the White Dragon shook its unharmed foot casually.


Pia flew backwards and slammed hard on the ground face-down. Her sword rolled somewhere. Paula rushed to her friend and lifted her up.


Just one blow. Just one attack tore Pia’s armor off and broke the bones in her body. Her internal organs could be ruptured as well. Paula tried to use her Healing magic, when she felt the White Dragon approaching her.

“Sara, Serika! Fire!”

“Got it!”

“I know!”

A hail of arrows from Priscilla and Sara rained down, while Serika recited an incantation. Selyse sprinted to the White Dragon from behind, but a roar was all it took to send her flying. It then breathed fire at Serika and Priscilla. They had moved too close to draw the dragon’s attention, so they couldn’t dodge the attack. Their arms and legs were set aflame.

Paula, pushed away by the roar, quickly scrambled back to Pia.

“You’re okay. You’ll be fine,” she said. “This is nothing. My Healing magic can heal you. “O’ God who art in heaven, in your name I ask for a miracle. In my right hand is the gift of life, in my left the blessing of death.”


Pia opened her eyes slightly, though her gaze was unfocused. She tried to find her childhood friend, but her feeble voice was drowned out by the footsteps of the gigantic monster. The White Dragon lumbered toward Paula and Pia. It didn’t roar, breathe fire, or swing its tail; it simply walked leisurely. It was showing its composure.

“R-Run, Paula…”

“Bless us who live in this world. My mana I offer…”

As soon as Paula finished chanting, the magic spell triggered, but it barely did anything. Pia only glowed softly. Her wounds still remained, her face ashen.

It was too late.

“No! It should work! My magic will heal you!”

“Run… away… Save… yourself…”

“I’ve healed you countless times before! Every time you put your body on the line to protect me… It should work…”

Tears streamed down Paula’s face.


Tears hit Pia’s cheek and trickled down. It was then that Pia realized that her friend was there.

“You were… the greatest friend… I could ever ask for…”

“Of course. We’re best friends. We had our disagreements, but you and Priscilla are the only friends I have.”

Paula wrapped her arms around Pia’s head. Paula was aware that the White Dragon was standing right behind her, and that Pia’s body was barely responsive. But she couldn’t leave. There was no way she could leave her friend behind while she ran.

Growling, the White Dragon opened its mouth wide. Sticky saliva dripped from its fangs.

“Take back our once pure world and burn everything down to ashes.”

An incantation. Up until that moment, no one had noticed an elemental magic spell being invoked. A girl was standing still behind a rubble; there was no one there just moments ago. A huge magic circle appeared above her head, and a ball of flame emerged.

Sensing danger, the White Dragon turned its open mouth to the girl to interrupt her incantation.

Then it froze.

Selyse chuckled. “You didn’t think a roar was enough to finish me off, did you?”

She stood at the dragon’s feet. In her hand was the White Ray Blade, its tip piercing through the White Dragon’s leg and pinning it to the ground.

Selyse was not a Stealth user. She simply waited for the right moment. After eliminating the troublesome adventurers, the dragon slowly moved to devour its prey, letting its guard down in the process. Waiting for this exact moment, Selyse closed the distance in one breath. Under normal circumstances, the dragon would have noticed her a few steps ahead, but the elemental magic incantation provided the additional distraction that she needed to reach the dragon’s feet.

Her sword could only do so much, and it was unlikely that she could kill the White Dragon in one hit, so Selyse switched plans and decided to restrict the dragon’s movement instead. She believed that the enormous magic spell cast by the unfamiliar girl would turn the tides in their favor.

“Flame Gospel!”

A huge ball of flame shot out. Leaving behind a trail, it flew like a serpent, instantly closing in on the White Dragon. The monster twisted its body to escape, but its foot was pinned to the ground by the sword, and Selyse was pressing down on it with both hands.

In a desperate move, the White Dragon let out a deafening roar. The ball of flame lost its shape and burned part of the monster’s face, neck, and body.

The roar knocked back Selyse, Paula, and Pia, who were all at close range. This was a blessing in disguise, as they were spared from the spread of the fire.

“I-Is it dead…?”

Paula slowly lifted her body up. Her eardrums might’ve been ruptured as she couldn’t hear well. Pia was lying right next to her.


But it was not enough. Flame Gospel would have killed a Lesser Wyvern in an instant, but it wasn’t enough to slay the White Dragon. Severely wounded, the White Dragon surveyed its surroundings with a vicious gaze. Its skin was bubbling; its wounds were already starting to heal.


Paula prayed. How would they fight such a monster? This was far too much for humans. Even Selyse, the strongest adventurer Paula had ever known, had reached her limit when she skewered the White Dragon’s foot; she was lying limp in the distance.

The unfamiliar, young girl alone had both hands pointed toward the White Dragon.

“O’ Elementals, heed my call…”

She was reciting an incantation once more. She was still trying to cast a spell. Trying to fight.

“God, please… please save us. I don’t care what happens to me. Please save the villagers, those who are fighting for the village… Please!”

The White Dragon immediately noticed the incantation. It tried to move, but the sword stuck in its foot stopped it. The dragon pulled it out.

The girl was about thirty meters away. Only seconds away if it sprinted at full speed. It could stop her before she finished her incantation. The White Dragon bent forward.

Paula saw the girl stop chanting, lowering both her hands. Oh, she gave up too, she thought.


Praying to the gods was the only thing she could do. And it frustrated her to no end.


But Paula was about to witness a miracle.

The White Dragon let out a short gasp. Its head slid off along a diagonal cut on its neck.


The head fell to the ground, raising a cloud of dust as it splattered blood all around. Immediately after, every part of the dragon turned to ash, mixing with the dust.

“Phew… That was a close call.”

Paula saw God.

“The burnt scales made it easier to slice it.”

The young adventurer who had once saved her life was standing there, holding the long sword that Paula had dropped.

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