The Depths of the Dungeon – Part 01

As Hikaru said, it was a close call. The White Dragon, like its Black counterpart, could only be killed by destroying either its head or heart. However, with the Blade Bomb being a one-time-use weapon, targeting the heart was not an option. This left Hikaru with only one choice: he had to go for the head.

But even if he leapt, Hikaru knew that he wouldn’t be able to reach the dragon’s head with just his dagger. As he sprinted towards Cotton Elka, he pondered his next move. The devastation in the square told him it was too late, but Lavia’s spell had just unleashed a blaze of fire that burned the dragon’s scales. It was the chance he needed.

He picked up a long sword that was lying on the ground; who owned it, he didn’t know. Using Mana Detection, he confirmed that there were no mana threads in use

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