ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 277 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 277: Sword Wolf Turns Out to Be a Thunderfire Beast Part 7 Part 2



…… Ahh, it pains me to admit that, but it seems that you are well ahead of us…… No, well ahead of ME when it comes to fighting against Nightprowler Luukan. That being said, I would be delighted if you could elaborate on that for a bit.


I unequip Regalex Cestus and withdraw it to my inventory. There was still some time left on the gauge there, so it was really a waste to not use it, but under those circumstances it couldn’t really be helped.


This is no longer “Curse of Luukan”, but rather “Luukan’s Scratch Marks”…… After managing to beat that freaking wolf, I carelessly demanded it to lift the curse it placed on me, only to get it upgraded to an extreme degree. You see, right now I can wear armor and clothes on the body parts that are afflicted by the wounds, but those are going to be turned to dust after three minutes.


Other than that, nothing else has changed. Weaker monsters were still running away upon seeing me. And strong monsters were still approaching, eager to kill me. At this rate, I am afraid that even Little Miss Saint would not be able to lift that curse off of me even if she tried her hardest.


But it turns out that while I was advancing a certain unique quest, I have come across a certain way to not get rid of the curse, but rather to offset it.


Offsetting the curse? That’s certainly interesting.


And now for a little demonstration. After all, actions speak louder than words.


Saying that, I take out a very peculiar weapon. How should I even call this thing? “A dagger with its blade removed”? Because honestly, right now it was but a stick. You could not call it a normal weapons, since it did not have about ninety percent of the things that would make dagger a dagger. Or maybe a butterfly knife before the blade was ejected?


However, upon closer inspection you would see that there was a small gem attached to the stick’s handle, right in the place where the base of the blade would normally be. And needless to say, it was one of the “Component Crystals” that I managed to obtain during our death battle with the Unique Monster “Goldunine the Inexhaustible” inside of the tunnels below Rabbitz.


According to the weapon’s description, its name is “Bone Shatterer”. This is something that I have obtained from another Unique Monster…… a weapon holding the curse of the “Goldunine the Inexhaustible”.


The facts behind those simple words are really straightforward. As such, there could only be one reaction. Since I just declared that I am already on my way to fight another Unique Monster, the eyes of everyone present open wide in shock. Well, everyone except Rei.


And this here……


Holding the stick firmly, a non-material blade starts to form from the handle, in place where the usual blade would be. It was a cursed weapon, one that would drip curse of poison simply by holding it or shaking it slightly. I then turned the non-material blade towards myself and thrusted it without hesitation.


And then some of it here……!


I pull out the Bone Shatterer from my chest and right after that I thrust it against my right thigh. And it seems that stabbing your right leg also affects you left leg, so there is no need to stab yourself three times. Props for that!


This may call for a drastic change of schedule……


And, what does that supposed to mean?


You…… Just how much information about Unique things are you hiding away from us?


…… Heh.


I smirked at Saiga-100’s question. But thinking about it in a calm manner, it seems that ever since I have begun my adventures in the world of this game, it was one unique experience after another, be it either a good or bad thing.


You’d better go all out against me, Miss Sword Saint. Right about now I am no longer the same that I was just a moment ago!


…… This, this appearance.


There was a sound of loud cracks, obviously something that human body would not make under any normal circumstances. Then the cracks started to appear all over my legs and torso, originating from the points where I stabbed myself. Next I wore the fish head again, not wanting to give out what I was about to do in a moment. However, it was slightly annoying that my field of view was being obstructed ever so slightly. Then I wore the helmet used for controlling Suzaku, and flames started to spew from the crack on my body, stopping the poison spread just before it managed to reach my waist and face.


Did you know? In the past, bones were the materials that was used frequently for the purpose of fortune telling.


A primitive way of fortune telling, in which you burn the small bone and the shaman would interpret the way it broke to pieces, either predicting good things to come to you, or bad things befalling you. One curse is being offset by another curse, and the way in which my body is about to break will determine if it will be good or bad. Is it going to be good? Or is it going to be bad? Or is it going to be something else entirely……?


I did it. I finally did it, Meiki. You are no longer going to be an industrial waste after all.


I knew it, I’d rather prefer a fighting style that forces me to give it everything I have instead of the one that makes things go way too smoothly! Now I wonder, which one of our respective fighting styles is going to give out first? Let’s give it our all and find out!


In the end, the way to deal with Saiga-100 and her powerful and variable hand turned out to be surprisingly simple and easy.


Even if you have one hundred aces up your sleeve, if someone manages to get rid of them before you can actually use them, they are rendered useless. As for me, even though I may have but a one trump card here, it is the one that is going to count.


If your opponent is someone who acts and plays like a uber boss character, then that only means that if you want to defeat that boss character, you need to stop holding back and start to act like a boss character yourself.


Now, be prepared to see how my equipment is going to get even higher! But don’t be sorry if it proves to be too much for you!



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