ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 320 Part 1

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 320: Troubles Concerning Being Able to Switch Sexes At Leisure Part 1

「Haa…… Haa…… W-We somehow managed…… to do it, huh……?」

「Haa…… Haa…… W-We somehow managed to do it…… it seems that way to me…… Or did we?」

It seems to me that Emul was so tired and confused with the fight we have fought just now that he had no idea what actually happened here. However, the scythe that I was now holding in my hand was an undeniable proof of the victory that we have managed to attain for ourselves. It was also a proof on a truly grueling battle, one that would have been thought to be impossible for many other players. Good thing that gender does not influence the combat in this game in any way.

But, I mean, let’s be honest here, the only reason I was able to win this thing here was all because of Akitsu Akane. If it was not for his many tries that ended up in a total failure and that one win, it would have been pretty much impossible for me to win here as well. It’s only a shame that I do not know about the other drop items that could have been obtained from this monster, but oh well…… I guess that this cool-looking scythe right here will have to do for now.

As for the item itself:


True Quiet is a spirit that serves as a materialization of the concept of black death. It’s shape and appearance serve personify the sorrow and mourning that are associated with death and decay.

「Special Rules (Can Be Read by Opening Up the Appropriate System Window)」

This weapon can only be equipped by the characters whose sex is defined as female. As an additional condition, the usage of this item requires the draining of all the head, torso, hands, waist and legs armor or clothing worn by the female character. Upon activation, the parameters of this weapon is going to be equal to the combined stats of the equipment pieces that were sacrificed, minus the durability of said pieces.

「Special Rules (Can Be Read by Opening Up the Appropriate System Window)」

This weapon does not possess the Durability gauge and cannot be damaged through any normal means. This weapon is going to disappear the moment its user decides to die, and is going to become available for usage upon dying for the second time. While the character is using this weapon, the character is always going to receive a debuff equivalent to the Death Penalty. This debuff cannot be removed by any means.

While the character is using the “Lamentation for Black Death: Requiescat in Pace”, the character receives a large bonus to the “Instant Death” statistic involved with every basic attack of the weapon.

While equipped with “Lamentation for Black Death: Requiescat in Pace”, the character cannot use recovery items of any sort. Instead, every time the character succeeds in killing a monster, NPC or another player character, a certain amount of both HP and MP is going to be refunded to that character.

Upon defeating a monster, NPC or another player, the overall statistics of “Lamentation of Black Death: Requiescat in Pace” are going to be permanently enhanced.

Once upon a time, there was a black knight. And once upon a time, there was a woman who loved the black knight dearly. The black knight knew that if he was to die, he would be unable to return to the small house in the rural town where his beloved was patiently awaiting his return. That is why the black knight travelled the land, defeating many opponents and growing stronger, eventually earning the title of the undefeated warrior for himself. But on one day he happened to venture into yet another battlefield…… but this time around to never return from it.

After that day, the woman who loved the black knight waited for his return. She waited, waited, and waited patiently…… but then the grim reality came upon her and crushed her under its overwhelming weight, causing her to go crazy with despair. In truth, the black knight had been killed by the very King he had sworn to serve and his daughter, the Princess. The woman cried and despaired in solitude, wearing a black mourning gown, never to take it off again. Some time have passed…… and eventually the mourning woman took up her beloved black knight’s sword and plunged herself down the path of mad and senseless carnage and indiscriminate slaughter.

The mourning woman went on a rampage, killing her neighbors. She then killed her friends. Then she killed her parents and her siblings. Eventually, after all of the slaughter, the woman’s mourning dress sucked up so much blood of the innocent people that it turned deep crimson, and eventually turned all black.

But the woman’s mourning gown was not the only thing that changed and twisted its nature. The sword of the woman’s beloved black knight eventually chipped away and twisted itself into a scythe. It was the result of all the skin it cut through. All of the flesh it ripped apart. All of the bones it had crushed. All of the blood and guts it had spilled.

Eventually, the mourning woman continued her march down the path of slaughter and genocide. And her scythe did not stop, it did not spare anyone, no matter if woman or a child. Her fear-inducing footsteps eventually ceased to be, but not before everyone in the royal capital lay dead, and the members of the royal family were all massacred and slashed into bloody pieces. With that, the whole kingdom eventually ceased to be. The woman disappeared, but there are still folk tales that she roams the places where blood has been shed in large amounts and death was spread, an incarnation of Death itself. It appears only to bring death onto the death-bringers, wanders the fields and roads in search of something and disappears again like a fever dream.

There is no way of making sure if the personification of Death has the concept of gender applied to its nature. However, someone who miraculously happened to survive its attack said that it continuously mutters the same words over and over again: “This is the pain of mourning……” ––––––

「God damn it! It’s way too long! And it’s really hard! And depressing! And what are those requirements!? Not to mention, only female avatars can wield it!? That’s bullshit! Bullshit, I tell you!」

After reading the whole description a couple of times from top to bottom, I am finally ready to spit out all the words of anger and frustration that managed to accumulate inside of my heart. I then hold my head with my hand as I try to make sense of all the new information I managed to learn. Somehow, my head was hurting right now, and I was feeling even more tired than right after that battle just now ended.

Okay, so, umm, what was it, again? “Black Death’s Lament”? Requiescat…… Oh, fuck it! That’s too long! RIP! From this moment forward, this weapon shall be known simply as RIP! Any objections? Not that I care! And why the fuck does it have so many restrictions placed upon it!?

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