ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 320 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 320: Troubles Concerning Being Able to Switch Sexes At Leisure Part 2

First of all, let’s talk about that equipment conditions. What is the most important here is the fact that only women can use this weapon. Not only that, but as an additional condition you must sacrifice all of the armor you are currently wearing all over your body, and then the RIP is going to receive the attack power and stats equal to the stats of the armor that was sacrificed to equip the weapon. However, it seems that only the defense stats are going to be converted into attack power, and all of the additional effects are not going to be converted. Resistances are most probably going to be in the same way.

Next, we have the equipment release conditions. This is…… on paper it sounds pretty simple: when you want to unequip this weapon you simply need to die once, and then when you want to make it “usable” again, you need to die for the second time. I get a feeling that there may be some nuance here that I am unable to perceive for this moment, but right now we can assume that it is indeed like that. And if it was actually different, then why did they not phrase it differently?

And lastly we have the restrictions regarding the equipment of this weapon. A debuff that is equal to the Death Penalty…… Having this thing on you all the time is going to be a major pain in the ass, because the loss of stats is similar to having minus ten or even twenty percent of your actual EXP value. There is little to no trouble in the Vitality department, since it has always been garbage in my case to begin with, but having my Luck or Agility lessened is going to be somewhat problematic. I can lessen the impact with appropriate gear, but still……

Then we have the resistances. Well, the flavor text does not mention anything in here, but I am pretty sure that if we consider the source from which we have obtained that weapon, then we can assume that it is going to give me a slight resistance to attacks with “Instant Death” property. But on the other hand, do I really need a resistance to Instant Death attacks? I mean, is there going to be a monster in this game that has attacks in its arsenal that give even greater chance to instant death than that of True Quiet? Because I don’t think that we can count strong physical attacks as Instant Death moves, that would have been downright broken and borderline cheat if that was indeed the case here.

Limitations of equipping the weapon, number two. Being unable to use any sort of recovery items…… To be perfectly honest with you all, the moment I saw that sentence, my initial impression and evaluation regarding this weapon dropped for a whooping eighty percent. I mean, if I wanted to use Levin Trigger / disaster hand while brandishing this weapon, that would amount to suicide basically every single time, don’t you think? However, the final evaluation is yet to be determined here, mainly because of this: not being able to use recovery items is shit indeed, but this weapon also has the effect that is going to compensate for that.

And last but not least: the compensation effect, or at least that’s how I like to call it. Every time you defeat an opponent, you get a portion of your HP and MP refunded to you, you get a slight boost in the EXP obtained and the weapon itself grows slightly stronger. At first glance this effect really is strong and broken, but I do believe that you need to evaluate it more carefully before passing the final judgement. Everything here depends on the amount of HP and MP that you recover with every kill, and if that amount scales with the type or the level of the opponent that you kill…… In other words, if you are unable to make sure that you are going to have a steady source of fresh kills coming your way, this effect becomes virtually useless. Also, it is going to be useful only in the environment that can supply you constantly with small fries to kill, otherwise the amount of HP and MP you are going to be recovering is simply not going to be nearly enough to keep you on going from battle to battle.

General comment: the conditions for using this weapon seem way too strict. The number of the environments in which you can use this weapon is going to be way too limited. And the disadvantages of this weapon greatly outweigh any advantages it can have. That is my honest take on this scythe.

「…… So, does that mean that it’s just a glorified piece of garbage?」

I let out a deep sight while rolling the palm-sized crystal in my hand. I guess that it is not always in the shape of the scythe, huh? But only if its effects were not so restrictive, then maybe I could have made it work somehow…… But alas……

「This sucks, I won’t tell…… If only you could use it while still maintaining your male gender, then it would have been a whole different story.」

「Maybe so, so why don’t you stay in this form from now on, Sanraku-san?」

What did you just say to me, you little shit? I’m going to beat the crap out of you for making unfunny jokes like that.

However, I would lie if I told you that I did not wanted to use this thing at least once, just to see how it would look like and how would it work.

That is exactly why upon getting back into the Skull Azuchi Castle I have decided to give this weapon a go inside of the private room that was assigned to me. I guess that being part of the Church’s official entourage has its merits from time to time. (On a side note, the interior of the castle was pretty normal, without all those bones and skulls everywhere you look)

「Umm, let’s see here…… Transform! … Just kidding~.」

The next moment, the spare equipment that I have equipped all over my body turned into a fine dust. As the crystal in my hand started to activate, something black and creepy started to ooze out of it, crawling all over me and changing its shape into something that resembled a gown or a hooded robe.

Ohh, I know what this is! This is like those transformation scenes in those Magical Girls anime! What’s more, could it be the kind that leaves you naked for a split of a second!?


It felt as though there were so invisible hands that were smearing sun oil all over my body right about now. It was a disgusting experience, one that would make you want to cry and scream. However, I gritted my teeth and held it all back. When the transformation was finally over, I could see that something like a veil covered my face as well.

「Hmm, hmm.」

Spinning around in place, the hem of the skirt flutters about thanks to the inertia of rotation. But just like I thought, it makes it hard to move to some extent…… But I guess you could have expected something like that from a dress like that.

「Hmm…… Now it would be nice to have the opinion or other players or NPC, just to be on the safe side.」

Emul was already asleep now. I guess it’s hardly surprising, since today was a day that was pretty eventful, no matter how you look at it. And I guess that NPCs cannot accompany you at all times…… In that case, let’s ask someone else from around here.

A few minutes later, the whole castle was shook with the terror-filled screams of random players that would then testify that they have encountered Death incarnate roaming the corridors.

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