ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 321 Part 1

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 321: A System-Based Horror That the Physics Engine Cannot Fix Part 1

「Blood! Give me blood! Fresh blood of the virgin……! And meat! Fresh meat……! Life! Surrender your lives! I want to slurp on your life energy……!!!」

「Nooooooooo!!!!!! Gyaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!! Stay away from me!!! Don’t come any closer……!!!!!!」

I have come up with a great idea for funny activity. And as per that great idea, I relax the muscles in my neck, let it hang to the side and chase after the players that I happened to come across on the corridor. At first I have meant for it to be just a little and innocent prank, but it gradually started to escalate into a genuine horror show. And the reason behind this escalation? It was mainly because different people were giving many different reactions to my current appearance, and the genuine fear, horror and terror of others was something that was not growing old no matter how many times I was seeing it.

「Uuuhhh, hyyyiiiggguuuhhh, eeeuuuhhh, Waaaah, uhaaaaaahhhhhh……!!!!!!」

「What are you doing, man!? Why are you crying!? You want to cry!? I’m the one who wants to cry in here! So stop copying me! Go find your own reaction! And what even are those noises!? Is this even how a proper cry should sound like!?」

「Scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, scary, SCARY!!!!!!!!!」

「Oi, hey! You there! What was that!? What was that just now!? What the hell did you just say!?」

「What the hell is this!? Salt! Bring some salt here! We need to exorcise this thing before it’s going to be too late!!!」

Yes, those were some nice, quality reactions. I am very pleased with this performance. I see now that it was all but worth it to memorize and learn by heart those forty eight scary moves and actions of ghosts, wraiths and monsters from horror games and movies. I happened to learn those while doing a marathon of conquering shitty horror games, but who would have thought that I would get to use that knowledge in a place like this?

Not me, that’s for sure.

「Stop running and look here! This is the very first technique that I have learned! I call it “Twisting the limbs and spasming of the muscles of the vengeful spirit!” You might have seen in horrors like “The Ring” and others!!! Now witness the full glory of this technique with frame by frame detail!!!」


「Look, it’s not that I do not understand where that excitement of yours is coming from, but…… No matter how you look at it, you went too far with that prank. WAY too far.」

「Yes, Ma’am…… I have reflected upon my actions and I am sorry……」

Well, it was a good fun while it lasted. However, not surprising anyone here, the wraith that was roaming the halls of the castle was eventually captured by Joset and her people. What a shame that it happened when it happened. I was on a good streak of horror game moves and techniques, almost reaching out to the number forty eight on my list. What was the thing they have captured me doing? It was an all-time classic: “chasing the victim that is running away by walking very fast”.

I realize now that the pranks has gone too far. Some of the players I have scared looked as though they were ready to shit their pants with fear. And truth to be told, when Joset and her people managed to catch me, I almost gotten myself killed as well.

「But that being said…… This equipment. It’s rather unusual. First time I have ever seen something quite like that. What is this thing, anyways?」

「Hmm? This thing? Is it really that unusual? And as to what it is, it’s just that. You know what. That thing. It’s the mourning gown that that Grim Reaper monster was wearing. The True Quiet, I think its name was. I happened to obtain it as a drop item upon defeating the blasted thing.」

「Grim Reaper? True, what……? What are you talking about?」

「It’s that black thing that appears near battlefields and places where a whole lot of blood has been spilled, killing everyone in sight and then disappearing after sticking around for a while. Surely you must have seen it at least once. It’s really hard to miss.」

「Oh, yeah! Yes, that’s right! That! You mean that thing! Oh yes, I am quite familiar with it, it’s quite formidable of an opponent. But to think that you can actually defeat it solo…… We would usually need a whole group, and a group geared up for war, that is.」

「Nevermind that. How are you going to repay it to us? What are you going to do?」

I could hear the players that were staying behind Joset ask me that in an angry voice. It’s a little bit rude to use others as a wall when talking to someone, but oh well. I looked at them, thinking about an appropriate answer, at the same time twisting my head in a really unnatural way out of reflex.

I meant what I said. It was supposed to be just a prank. Nothing more and nothing less. I certainly did not wanted to scare anyone for real, or I did not meant any harm. However, I get it. It is certainly hard to believe someone when they did something quite like that. That is why I totally get it.

「Here. This thing here is an apology item from me for you. I hope that you will find it within yourself to accept it……」

It is for the best here. Because for as long as I am right in the middle of doing this quest for the Saint-chan, I do believe that I am going to be interacting with various people quite a lot. And since I have a plenty of those things on me, how about it? A slice of a delicious apple pie as a sign of reconciliation? It should be more than good enough here, don’t you think?

「Now that I think about, this whole situation is kind of messed up, don’t you think? Taking a slice of an apple pie from the hands of a woman in mourning. And a woman who just happened to roam the halls, scaring everyone in them shitless……」

「Sorry for that, but you will just have to deal with it. Because you see, in order to take those clothes off, I must first go and die. And since I am not planning on dying anytime soon, it seems that I am going to stay in that form for quite a while now.」

「Then if I can suggest something here, I would advise you to just go out there and kill yourself as soon as possible. For your own good, but mostly for the good of all the players that are currently staying here……」

I could see that the faces of the players that I managed to scare almost to death twisted in the expression of pure horror once more, but this time it is not my fault, alright? I’m innocent here. So you cannot hold me accountable for that.

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