The Loner Who Conquers in Another World Chapter 1 Part 3



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Perhaps [Jack of All Trades] makes it harder to level up but it also makes it easier to learn skills.

However, [Muppet] only makes it harder to level up? Does it possess some sort of mental ability? Can I make people listen to me? There’s probably no mistake in deciding that this is the worst one.

The last and 5th one is [Title 10P]. It’s cheap but it’s not very effective. The effectiveness of a title depends on its correlation with a job.

However, this may be more effective in the long-run compared to skills.

But more than anything [Sword Spirit, Guardian, Magician…]. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~! You can’t tell me these are sold out too! Titles that shake my chuuni soul…even though I’m a second year in high school. It’s okay right, I’m in a different world? Doesn’t spirit sword sound pretty cool? It is pretty embarrassing to show it off. Well, good luck to the guy that took it.
[1. TN Note: Chuuni roughly translates to middle-grade syndrome. It’s a way to describe those with delusional fantasies in puberty. He emphasizes that he’s in high school because it’s mainly used to describe those in middle school.]

I went through a stage where I thought of stuff like that too in the past. Even if it’s embarrassing, shameful, or delusional, isn’t it fine! At least compared to these two!

One of them is [[Hikikomori], Your home will be protected]. Here comes the security guard killer, a NEET. Did they get kidnaped from their home and shoved into a different world? But your home is gone? Becoming a NEET in another world? There aren’t any books though~. Wait…as long as a delivery man comes? But they won’t come.
[2. TN Note: Hikikomori is a title given to those that stay within their homes and never leave. NEET stands for not in employment, education, or training. A person who is neither a student nor works.]

The other one is [[NEET] All other jobs will become invalidated]. You’d get defeated by demons before trying to work with this.

The end? The list of skills has reached its end or have I reached my end? Did this grandpa just sentence me to death?

Just what does he want me to do in another world?

[Hey~ why do you keep avoiding eye contact? Gramps, don’t you have something to say to me? Make eye contact with me and properly say it.]

After how much you rushed me to make preparations, you avoided looking at me as soon as the black plate with words appeared in front of me, right?

Not sure how much time has passed but when I look in front of me, gramps is on his knees.

I intently harangue gramps to find out just what he wants me to do.

I’m not sure for what reason but you forcefully brought a normal high school student to another world. Whether that is God’s will or the providence of the world.

I thought there would be a reason for going that far, I thought there would be a justified reason, I thought there was no other choice.

However, you can’t expect a person that was suddenly kidnapped to understand. Even then, if you forcefully threw me into another world, there’s probably nothing I can do.

That’s why you’re giving me special skills right?

If there were no purpose, then there would be no reason to send us to another world.

Even if that was an accident, your duty as a God is to give us skills so that we can survive in another world.

If it wasn’t an accident and there was some reason for summoning me then at least give me the power to survive. That is the purpose of abilities and skills, to possess the potential to accomplish the goals we were summoned for.

What exactly do you wish to accomplish?

I show the list of skills very clearly to gramps. Is this the power necessary to survive in another world? Is this the power necessary to accomplish anything? Is this fulfilling your duty as God? Look carefully and tell me what you want me to do?

As gramps tries to make an excuse, I glare at him. As he tries to break his leg, I glare at him with a furious intensity.

The gramps makes excuses with tears falling from his eyes and shaking.

[So far, I’ve only summoned at most 30 people so there were more than enough skills to choose from.]

There were a lot of instances where people wouldn’t monopolize everything as it would come back to bite them in the ass.

If a whopping 43 people come, even if the latter people will be troubled, they take it all for themselves.

There was never a case similar to yours.

Also, all of the skills here have been recognized by me as skills that have accomplished something worthy of praise.

Skills are things that have been recognized by God, become God, and overcame God. They are remnants of a soul.

Skills are souls, a way of living, and memories.

And because they have surpassed God, they are something that not even God can understand.

Gaining those skills, you feel their soul, understand the lives they’ve led, you receive those feelings to activate those skills. That is the type of power it is. And all the skills that exist right now have already been activated and have achieved something.

To remember, feel, and understand, that is what a true skill is. If you’re unable to do that then no matter how powerful a skill it is, it becomes useless, a hindrance.

The things here are certainly, things that I do not understand, things that I’ve never seen before.

But just by the fact that they are here, they have a meaning, purpose, and they are necessary.

Which is why they are here at this time.

He pleads while crying, his legs shaking.

He’s trying to explain while standing up but his legs are like a newborn deer.

This is bad, gramps, my eyes hurt.

Is it something like that? The soul of a passionate tennis player somehow entered gramps? It’s that bad. It’s just so bad.

That skill is just too dangerous, this sight is something that even surpasses God, it’s crossed a line that it shouldn’t cross. It’s some sort of soul or a form of spirituality, anyways gramps, run away~.

[As God, my duty to truth, reason, and providence, I shall surpass them both].

Ya~ba~i~, gramps is broken!! I said you shouldn’t have crossed that line.
[3. TN Note: “Yabai” means it’s bad. It’s a phrase that young people use in Japan and it’s kind of similar to saying ‘sh*t’.]

[Cliff lord, I am greatly grateful!! It’s the best!]
[4. TN Note: I just really don’t know at this point. He’s just saying random stuff.]

No-! As I expected, it’s that person-, rather than the remnant of a soul, it is the currently progressive spirit or the nature of a soul.

Even God must not touch upon it!

[It gets even hotter~!!]

Ah~there’s no mistaking it at this point. It’s over.

[You are here, that itself is the solution!].

Has gramps broken? He couldn’t bear that heat?

[Then all is your soul!!]

Huh? What are you talking about?

[I will give you nearly everything~!!]

What will you give me? By everything do you mean, a bookstore clerk? A deliveryman? Are you going to drag one to another world with me? What’s that?

[You should receive all skills!!]

[Wait a minute-!! Are you stupid gramps!! I don’t need it~!! It will be hell-mode confirmed with all those skills!!]

[Would you suffer? From the Lord? LOL!]

Are you stupid~!! Wait, that’s not something you’re supposed to say!! This is turning into a mess!!


[Don’t farewell me!!]




In a forest.

Wait, uwahhhh~, that grandpa really just transferred me after that.

Inside a forest. There’s nobody here.

I hate to see it but there’s nothing I can do about this situation, [Status Check].

[Please roll the dice.]
[4. TN Note: He’s kinder to the dice than he is to God(LOL).]

Inside my head, a voice vibrates. Huh?

Ah~that’s cheating dice~he really gave me every skill! Clearing the about to expire shelf?
[5. TN Note: He got the crap skills too which makes it harder to level up.]


I roll the two dice that appear in my hand. I didn’t throw a spear, I only have a wooden stick, you know?

Both dice stopped on a face that showed [M]. What’s the hell is that?

(Which status do you wish to increase?)

Increase with [M]? Do you add it? My attributes are all 10, what does 10+M equal?

Anyways, I can only assume that it will increase the stat. Even if M is a negative effect and M stands for minus, I won’t know until I actually use it.

[…into luck]

It’s probably the thing I need most currently, there’s not much I can do right now with my own ability.

I’m feeling like my luck is already in the negatives but it’s probably just my imagination. Even in my original world, I felt it was like that.

(Which status would you like to add to?)

My only option at this point is to add to LuK. In the worst case that it’s minus my luck might decrease below 0.

However, if I add to HP, to test it, it would be too dangerous. The other attributes are probably just as dangerous to test with.

With luck, I need as much as I get, and even if the worst happens, I can still bear with it. The future worries me but this is all I can do.

[Into LuK?]

(Added to LuK. Displaying status.)


NAME       Haruka     Race: Human

AGE 16

Lv 01

Job —

HP   10

MP   10

ViT   10

PoW   10

SpE    10

DeX    10

MiN     10

InT   10

LuK   Max (Limit Break)

SP      0

Martial Arts 「Cane Lv 1」

Magic 「Temperature Lv 1」「Movement Lv 1」「Weight Lv 1」「Packing Lv 1」

Skill 「Health Lv 1」「Sensitive Body Lv 1」 「Gymnastics Lv 1」「Walking Lv 1」
「Command Lv 1」(New)

Title 「Hikikomori Lv 1」「NEET Lv 1」「Loner Lv 1」(New)

Other 「Communication Lv 1」「Jack of All Trades Lv 1」「Muppet Lv 1」

Equipment 「Item Bag」



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