The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 5 Chapter 3 Part 1



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Volume 5 Chapter 3 Part 1

「I have marked the locations of the orphanages on the Imperial Capital map for you」

I looked at the map given to me by Dalish.

I felt relieved as I saw the marked areas, mostly near the outer walls of the Imperial Capital. With this, I will not wander around.

「Thanks, I’ll be leaving now」

I declared, putting on my usual adventurer’s robe and tucking the map away in my Dimensional Storage.

I did not have a need for an escort as I may very well be the strongest person in the country.

The hero himself could not faze me now.

But if I do decide to bring someone along, I think Lumina would be a great companion.

With my feet as my trusty transportation, I set off through the commercial district and beyond the noble district until I reached the first orphanage near the outer wall.

The building was not much to look at, with patchwork repairs evident all around.

But as I got close, I saw children playing in the yard, their faces alight with happiness despite the ragged clothing they wore.

Boys were kicking a ball-like object that was held together with patches, laughing and shouting as they played.

The children noticed my sudden arrival and looked at me with curiosity. I went up to them to talk to them.

「Hello. I’d like to take a look around. Is there someone in charge?」

「Yes! Yes, there is. Wait here! Sister! There’s a strange man here!」

…… Strange man?

Moments later, a nun in an apron emerged from the door. She appeared to be in her thirties and while she may have looked a bit weary, she looked well.

「What can I do for you? I’m not sure why you’d want to look around a struggling orphanage like this……」

I flashed a warm smile as she suspiciously looked at me.

「The truth is, I have a friend who is looking to run an orphanage here, and they wanted to know how other orphanages worked」

「I see…… That would be helpful, I am sure that every orphanage in the Capital is at full capacity by now. Many of the children here have lost their parents to the war」

「Yes, but I have heard rumours that His Majesty is increasing subsidies to such facilities. It should bring some relief」

I heard it straight from His Majesty that he has ordered for more subsidies to be put in place.

And a considerable amount of money has been raised from the reparations from the Generate Kingdom.

「Is that so? Our orphanage did receive some small increase, but it is barely covering our expenses…… Anyway, please come inside」

The nun welcomed me and showed me around the building, which was in desperate need of repair.

I had my suspicions that although a lot of subsidies were supposed to have been alloted, they were not being used for their intended purposes.

I was taken to a simple reception room and made myself comfortable on the old sofa, which let out a creaky sound as I sat down.

「I apologize for the sudden visit. My name is Touya, an adventurer right here in the Capital. As I said earlier, I am here on behalf of a friend who’s planning to open an orphanage of their own. I just wanted to have a look around and see how things are done」

「I see, but you showed up at a difficult time. A few years ago we had a good amount of grants and donations, but after the war ended, the grants were lowered at once, and this small orphanage is not even able to provide enough food for the children…….」

The nun looked down apologetically. It seemed she was also barely eating, as her cheeks were sunken.

The nun not only manages the orphanage but also selflessly takes care of the children.

「We are responsible for twenty children here, which is the capacity of this building. When they turn fifteen, they either become adventurers or merchants, and we receive some support from them. But unfortunately, we lost contact with some of them during the last war」

As the nun spoke, I felt tightness in my fists.

I feared that they might have lost their lives in the conflict.

The war had already reached the Imperial Capital by the time I became involved, and the number of casualties was incalculable. I imagine that some of the children from this very orphanage were among them.

「…… I understand your pain. This may not be much, but I hope it will help with the children’s needs」

I said, placing a small bag containing three gold coins from my Dimensional Storage on the table.

「Thank you. With this, we can provide the children with a decent meal」

The nun made a sign of the cross and bowed deeply to me, and placed the bag on the small altar in the reception room.

「It’s almost noon, may I borrow your kitchen to prepare something for the children?」

「Of course, but it looks like you have no supplies」

「No worries, I have Dimensional Storage」

I pulled out some large loaves from the market and placed them on the table.

The nun’s eyes widened in surprise, but then she lowered her gaze, made the sign of the cross again and bowed deeply in gratitude.

「I have nothing but gratitude for you, Touya-san. Please follow me, I’ll show you around」

I followed her to the kitchen, which was simple but well-equipped for cooking for the children in the orphanage.

「You can use this place freely」

「Okay, the food will be ready in moment」

I took out two hot and steaming pots from my Dimensional Storage and placed them on the table next to the mountain of bread.

「…….!? So much?」

「This is all I can do」

「Thank God for your generosity」

The sister said as she got down on her knees and started to pray.

I felt a bit embarrassed, knowing that this was all I could do to help. I helped the sister up with a hand.

「Please, don’t thank me too much. I’m just doing what I can. Let’s just serve the children」

「Oh, yes, of course」

Just then, voices echoed from outside the kitchen.

「Mmm, something smells delicious!」

The children gathered at the kitchen entrance, eager to see what was cooking.

「Wow, look at all that bread!」

They were getting more and more excited by the second.

「Please, children, behave properly」 said the sister. 「Go wash your hands before helping me set the table」

「「「「「Yes」」」」」 they replied, scampering off to do as they were told.

「I apologize for their behavior」

「No need to apologize. They’re just full of energy. Let’s get everything ready」

The children helped carry the plates and bread to the dining room and got everything ready. They were all eager to see what was in the pots.

It was a creamy stew filled with monster meat and vegetables. I served it to the children, who were absolutely beaming with excitement.

I passed the bread around, making sure everyone got a piece of bread, and there was still plenty left over.

「Touya, the adventurer, prepared this meal for us today,」 said the sister. 「Let’s all thank him」

「Thank you, onii-chan!」

「「「Thank you!」」」

Words of gratitude from the children echoed in the dining room.

「Now let’s say grace,」 the sister added.

I joined in, even though I don’t actually believe in God. But I didn’t want to ignore their sincere prayers.

「「「「「Thank you for the food」」」」」

And then we started to eat.

The food was delicious, a result of the hard work of the mansion’s cook. Every time I asked him to make a lot of food, only to store it in the Dimensional Storage, I felt guilty.

I should tell Dalish to give him a raise… but I’m not sure he would agree.

「This is so good!」 The children kept praising the food as they ate, with smiles plastered on their faces.

They had lost their parents to war and other circumstances, but they were all so full of joy and life, thanks to the loving care of the nun.

「There is plenty to go around, eat as much as you like」

The children’s voices raised at my words as they rushed to have some more.

Soon the bowls were empty, but the children were smiling, satisfied with their meal.

Just looking at them made me happy.

After the meal, I washed the dishes with the children who were on duty and put the now-empty pots away in Dimensional Storage.

They still had plenty of leftovers for later.

「I cannot thank you enough」

My plan is to visit other orphanages, so after our meal I left.

「I’ll come back to visit if I have time」

「Come visit us again, onii-chan!」

「Bring another delicious food!」

The children all waved goodbye as I left.



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